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October 20 2006


Is the hyperwave signal , a wave upon the resonant wave and it dances inward toward resonance and out of it ...

is common to looped systems as battery goes out of OU overcharged then discharges and goes into OU as it charges & discharges in


As is common to uneven pole generators , you get TOTAL frequency modulated by a sine integral or compound hyperwave result of the

differential within the charge potential of all separate waves forming a wave of a lower frequency .. (Ema 4 stepped discharges,

Newman plasma discharges , teslacoil hi frequency stepped stream discharges , natural lightning volt as some more complex samples .


October 24 2006


Relative to schematic ,

werever you resonate the linear nodes there is a NEW aspect

of amperage you must know ..

mass or ampere load were amperage in unit of mass = concentration of

electrons per square centimeter of unit mass that equals a virtual

linear impedance to the linear flow of RF signal as A VECTOR signal

across a medium (mass ) "conductor" R lightbulb is the cross node

were as LAW of resonance Voltage must be 0 but within the cuttoff

region of MAX current (Standing Wave) (search RF antenna dipole

electrical propertys) .

This current is capacitive in nature and has NO voltage component.

It is an ELECRON DENSITY linear wave .

"Elektron" with K defines it, as a PART of RF Radiant energy


WERE R takes the LOAD and flux increases speed the energy is released

as HEAT due to the lesser mass junction (filament) that restricts the

electron waviton flow .

So free wire end is REVELANT to tuning a radiant one lightbulb system

See also Tesla single wire energy transmission (Colorado lab notes).

All this Applies...

How many Miles he lit a lightbulb away ? 600 hundred ? OPPS ! and in

the PROPER NATURAL frequency standing wave the lightbulb lit

perpetualy ! so his transmitter was USELESS ! Not nessesary to get

FREE power from the "medium" ( he ran his car on it).

But took the secret to the grave ....(not me!)

I gave it away (And I am getting screwd for doing it)

like they erased Tesla they will try to erase me ..

Not if people fight for this and keep it free domain.......

So From My grave (if I ever die) I will raise my middle finger

at the power elite world .

Wile people will built ELF wave Radios detecting and taping the ZPE

natural energy fields .

Hector :)

December 26 2006

Hector made reference to varactor tuning, VCOs Voltage controlled oscillators, amplitude (that is voltage) determines an impedance

relation of a signal on a given impedance value of a resonant load "LC".

Voltage then vecomes a VARIABLE parameter in TUNING , this is where most scientists fail in ZPE R&D as they work on FIXED parameters, while lab-experience shows all variables within a ZPE system must be adjustable parameters in order to REACH predetermined constants

needed to aquire OVERUNITY transformation.

Check Varactor tuning theory (RF) VCOs & others.

December 30 2006

:::On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Bruce A. Perreault wrote:

:::Hello Everyone!

:::a charged electrolytic capacitor will only run the solar motor for a few short seconds. After an almost equal size crudely made capture capacitor is charged for the same length of time, from the same battery source,

:::it will run the solar motor for several minutes.

::So why isn't this over unity?



:It is overunity in the sense electret tends to remain CHARGED constantly AS A POLARIZED QUANTAL DIODE , Such diode is manufactured by subjecting polymer to HI melting temperatures within 2 DC HI voltage plates as the polymer is cooled down fast the charge tends to remain LOCKED in the polymer becoming a free electron diode or static rectifier acumulator ...if there are not practical applications other than self-sticking paper covers (Nasa holds the darn patent ) I see no progress in it ... You can buy any of this at Office max (Self-sticking transparent paper covers ) they are randomly charged so no use in plate charging is posible unless you map and polarize all charged spots ....

:or you can prepare and treat electret as to do this thing yourself just require a 40KV dc source a controled oven ,plates conductive ,plates glass polymer roll, and lots of luck and expertize.... a normal oil capacitor can be treated in this way to a near melt point once treated must be used for DC only as it becomes elestrostaticaly polarized and semy rectifiying, do not exceed breakdown voltage .... the effect is interesting but as VTA it decays., with the current resources i just put R&D on the subject in hold...

:It requires big money (A persistant problem in OU quantity)so it stops there...


January 2 2007

: Rotoverter issue is a working prototype in a bench drill using. 40W and giving 1 HP at demand with less that 780W input Max..

Compared to normal RV 1HP 890W constant draw of a normal drill .

:Rotoverter as a reverse dynamometer to test lubricants and gear designs & as R&D tool .

:(AS basic start) RV is the most POWERFULL CHEAP and simpler to made ALTERNATE ENERGY TOOL EVER ! (And is Open sourced) AS always my answer IS built one "do the lab do the math"..

January 4 2007

RV Tips:

:It is possible to make 120 from 230VAC with a tranformer, variac or autotransformer(even dimmer circuits can be used to lower the

effective voltage, but not recommended)

:For RV, it is optimal 1:4, i.e 120:480, 230:920 (grid 230VAC and motor wired to 920VAC). The latter requires rewinding the motor, but the positive side is that you need lower run capacitors as the inductance is much higher.

:Running motors from 230VAC wired to 400VAC is also quite practical in terms of energy savings, but something interesting happens when you decrease the input voltage, while maintaining the torque and optimal run capacitor.

:Amperage remains roughtly the same (all depending on circumstances), and you wonder where the energy was lost in higher voltage drive mode. I assume the PF=1 on both HV (230VAC) and LV (120VAC), so we may have 50W difference (in my real life example). Where did the energy go - heat? No, the current was only 0.5A, that does not explain heat losses.

:The possible explanation is that energy has gained in high impedance mode (120VAC).

:More hints:

:You may use two 400VAC+ rated motors in series (WYE) on the same rotor and drive them from 230VAC to have 1:4 proportion.

:Or increase the freq 2x ->100hz to have RV mode. When motor is wired to 460VAC (50hz), by increasing the freq 2x, it is virtually wired to 920VAC (100hz). So you need a 230VAC freq tunable inverter.

:That is the whole idea to have the voltage and freq increased proportionally to have very powerful RV's. You may use low RPM motors

(980RPM) and rotate those at 1960RPM

January 11, 2007


> I tried to determine the natural resonants of a transformer using a signal generator set up, but it was just too broadbanded.

>Obviously I wasn't driving it enough.

One way to test is Pulsing it with a short pulse & read the way it resonates ...

There you can find the natural ferroresonance of your Trafo core

If you see jinis page scope shots you see some spikes , thoose spikes

are the natural resonance harmonics of the transformer , the resonant

slope indicates also its resonant point is on a sub harmonic as spike

is verry narrowbanded (compressed in time so Pulse feeding in

intermitent pulselenght matched to true fundamental increase its

potential ten fold ( Read Norman wootan work on MRA ) hiper Q modes.

Resonance is the fundamental base of ZPE energy transformation .

OU is transformation.

On an unproper heat treated & aged transformer laminate plates at resonance a phenomena occurs called Iron loss ..

(core looses weight) & no one wants to touch the issue with a ten

meter pole ...

Seike reported weight loss in his ferroxplana cores ...

E = MC©÷ and I state M = MC©÷/¡îT to explain certain anomalic

issues goin on here .

proper resonance with nature open door to Unforced sea of energy .

Working with nature is the issue ,not agaist it ...

Back to resonance , (we seek what power engineers want to avoid ) as there is were ZPE resides . on the utility transforming burning

noise making ferroresonance ....

everry transformer (as well as any motor) have specific states of self resonance were its performance goes avove the normal parameters .

Its just designing proper aplication of this discovery (sample as RV) and change the engineering waste dynamics to power saving power

management ones . as Tesla stated Tuning the source to the load needs ...

I say Also tune the load to the source in a resonant unison (music)


January 12 2007

Remember a 3 to 7.5 HP 3ph 230/460VAC motor is best to make 1 to 1.8 HP RVs in 60CPS ..

(5 to 10 HP in 50CPS )

AND ANY motor can be run using adaptive electronics in FULL HP range using .

TAKE BIG NOTE as this is OPEN SOURCE BASED in Expired Patent Off shelf items and RV open sourced ones.

Amplitude control Voltage from 120VAC to 460VAC

Frequency control from 0 CPS to Infinite

Pulselength control From 0 to MAX frequency lenght pulse

Determined by sinewave or square dc wave lenght in time (modified sinewave) & sinewave or any wave slope angle saw tooth, incrememtal logaritmic , stepped pulsed , quadrature modulated or phase modulated or any compoud modulation or amplitude form , power or RF current & voltage phased angles (power factor).

(this tecno-blabertalk is to prevent patents on the stuff to be filed (now is public open sourced) based on previous posted compiled

information also open sourced & copy-right (publication) .


Power supply of variable parameters ( amplitude control )

Voltage regulates Impedance as if it were VARACTOR tuned LC.

This REGULATES HP output and energy saving Impedance states

Frequency control (this regulates speed and Horsepower output as in combination with amplitude .

Pulselength control This regulates as in case of MODIFIED sinewave 3PH inverter (already Tested in H19 ) the ZPE power recovery modes in relationto other parameter adjustments (optimizes best performance states within range of HP and motor loading )

ANY frequency drive can be MODIFIED to do this

specialy the 480ACV ones adding VOLTAGE amplitude control

That is regulating its final drive voltage from 100 to 480VDC as to be switched by the 3 PH transistor or IGTBs 3x3 network.

the drive can regulate motors in full range of parameters given in RV disclosure with the advantage of having FULL rated horsepower at demand .

Any modified sinewave inverter can be modified to operate in Amplitude , frequency and pulselenght control , Optoisolated drives

being best option and 12.7VDC operated electronics also Optoisolated & computer driven as Extra option .

Any number of inverters can be ganged to create multyphase array . Computer used as drivers using optoisolated stages.

Sample 3 10KW inverters can drive 30KW 3 phase system with same source and using computer driven 3PH triger, pulse & amplitude

generation .

(xxxx (ed:see deliverance circuit) can play with thoose toys ) as it is EASY Off-the-shelf simple mods , the inverter first stages can also controlled to drive inverters to ZPE states ... (requires a bit more labor intensive mods but is also over the counter simple )

This is the Compilation of compilations of what I had given public on RV Rotoconversion and it's final aplication on level one .

All you need is the parts the system provides to beat the system .

(werever they like it or not ) It ends with the power waste deceit

opens door for truth ends denial , as now opens gate for full motor HP usage and way to exede normal motor HP by increasing its speed

over the normal parameters .

Raivo tested part of this , this is old , I am simply giving instructions to put the things into a what it realy means package.

final puzzle solution....

(and it means you can do whatever you like with electrical power )

That is true meaning of ROTOCONVERTER technology ...and it took 35+ years to be infiltrated into the "system" .

If it was not for collective greed I might have given better things , but with no R&D big funds small toys have to do .

Keep the freaking Open sourced Notes!

Hector :)

January 17 2007

Hector further info about rotoverter disclosure dates

The dates RV was First disclosed & the revision stages .

That is 1969-1980-1984-1999-2007 Public disclosures .

January 29 2007


overunity transform resides in the potential transfer of core energy or energy from the "medium" in hi states of natural resonance,

atomic resonance and thermoelectric - electron spin transformations ... (Refer to stochastic resonance as a sample and confirmation ) OU comes from energy transformation..

April 11 2007

32 ways of getting OU using RV 16 electrical ones in alternator 16 electrical ones in primemover

Thanks , what matters is RV OU can be gotten by rewiring standard motor for extra impedance than the normal impedance a normal motor

requires sumed to the 3rd phase generation...

AND it SUMS to be simpler than building kits or other devices based in general alternative devices claiming overunity ..

With the CORELOSS issues of standard motors resolved using THIS cores in NORMAL OU design can also give gains as GOOD as RV ones or better, or this devices IDEAS like the use of special coil & winding configurations can be asplied to AC RV use .

My question and my comments to your answers is to inspire people not to get fixed to a SET of IDEAS but to go OUT of BOUNDS to get results as Kone did, rewiring to a higher impedance then finding the optimal load without killing the power amplification overunity effect. There ARE 32 ways of getting OU using RV (that is one) 16 electrical ones in alternator 16 electrical ones in primemover... Is OK and nice to intuitively work trying to find one that works for you, forget about getting prizes or keeping your findings secret , pass it on put it out in the public eye... use for yourself and get a bit of more freedom from the petrol and utility enslavement.

Its TIME to free the slaves of this century...


April 11 2007 #2

where does the excess come from - book references

Where does the exess come from?

Amplitron theory , antenna multiplication factor , RF transformation theoretics (Magneto Electrical Rotary Amplification ) MERA to name a few BOOK substainable justifications.

Read about stochastic resonance to understand OU already is book proven as a transformation phenomena ...

energy is gained from other source than the power source...and added combined exess product is obtained... (Overunity)

Power in + (power added ) = power > than input divided by input= OU

Simple , in aplication then OU is effective as POWER USED versus minus power input or .382 of 1.618 gain over isotropic resonant

magneto electric transform element in OU machine, Requirement to loop a basic stable OU machine ...

Just remember this is not theoretic bullshit but a simple key on true lab tested machines ,like a primary rule of thumb to follow in basic "art" class.


April 15 2007


VIRTUAL power means RF were POWER factor equals 0 yes (0) power factor were in power engineering the meter is suposed to read o and

the generator is suposed to explode in flames because the power represents a total loss...

But as you see is not reflected to source... and does not go up in flames as is COLD electric circulating power (Pure radiant energy)

generator does not heat up or burn .

"ZERO" POWER factor seen from the Radiant energy perspective is used to increase energy ,,were in standard engineering must be 1 to

optimize efficiency and increase energy..

Aplied to ZPE energy modes to optimize (Resonance)= 0 PF.

ZERO point Energy Equals ZERO power factor ....

As circuit is loaded then it reflects opposely to standard power, With power factor increased radiant energy is lost OU transformation and magnetic amplification is lost.

It may be virtual energy but it lights 1000W bulbs and runs motors with near 0 power loss...

Apply radio engineering method and practice..

Here are some good basic lessons you can reference ..

(Built one and test for yourself) it off shelve no bullshit simple lab verificable stuff...

(I know)

(I designed it that way)

For right brained minds out there with limited resources.

Hector :)



IT SEEMS quite amazing all this years of telling, that most people are still fixed in the PULSE theory and havent grasp the RESONANT

energy production of the RV alternator ...

RADIANT ENERGY is RF energy were AS explained a ZILLION times is composed of 2 nodes within a virtual dipole (antenna) were in one

NODE you have MAX CURRENT and ZERO Voltage were in the OTHER node you have MAX voltage AND 0 current (Known as RADIATING element ) and the Current NODE known as grownd plane( NODE , ANTY-NODE).

A perfect RESONATING condition creates an STANDING wave were this NODES are fixed within given points...

In a LARGE wave imposed in a LARGE resonating ambient such wave fixed within a given area points is called SCALAR wave that impress energy TENSORS within the mentioned points... tap a natural one you harness endless power ,(Using a tuned receiver and non reflecting extraction method ) diode plug transverter technology.

The avove means 90% of what is said about scalar waves & standing waves is pure bullshit ...

AND that Whoevers understands what I am saying can light bulks with a single wire resonating it from a given mass (short piece of wire) as if it were RF energy. GENERATOR ,(SOURCE)-WIRE TO LIGHTBULB TO PIECE OF WIRE WITH GIVEN MASS.. = LIGHT !





TURNS THEIR TOYS & BULLSHIT OBSOLETE (FACT I HAVE TO LIVE WITH DAY TO DAY),SHIT HAPPENS! ~_~ it screws a lot of Caltec , NASA and NSA asses out of their doctorate office seats.

They shit on their pants as RV is lab verified..



FACT:(Sinse 1979)

RV alternator generates PURE AC Radiant energy at pure resonant condition (lab tested & verified ) radiant energy is RF energy.

And that is the end of the bullshit issues.


Solution... built & test yourself like hundreds have done .. then OK ? you got radiant energy you got OU ...

What the heck are you goin to do ?


1001 aplications...

start with energy savings ones...


Now can you people fix the shit out there ?

Hec-thor !


April 19 2007



Resonance is given in 3 aspects as this physical dimension has 3 dimensions 3 basic particles 3 primary colors 3 primary musical tones 3 primary states of matter

SO resonance can be as in a long cord "Reactive" , can be as in a flat surface "Capacitive" and can be in a given volumen of MASS "ACUSTIC" Compound resonance (tensor), (density)Or state of density ..

Is an aspect of electricity and power engineering quite NEW not known in university circles yet (Belongs to area 51 dungeons) if I have to be more specific.

In resonance the nodes can be resonated on Equal mass relative to the intended design , if you need to RADIATE from an ACTIVE end the

NON radiating ANTY-node can be specific mASS resonant in current node as to permit RADIATING element to transmit energy to SPACE "E" field.

A lightbulb having specific voltage drop can become a virtual segment of transmision element in resonance (resistive resonant

element) PURE LOAD ...if 2 mases in conjuction form specific node-anode at same AMPERE load value of bulb, it will light with no voltage from ELF RF = (RADIANT SCALAR STANDING WAVE source) current.

Using that method you can get power anywere from natural standing RF waves..

Remember 60CPS AC wavelengt is somewhat like 50 million meters SO we play with ULTRASHORT segments in uL (Pico landa)were MASS in

more important than lenght aspects (Electroacustics "RF" mix)

In reality is simple , is not that complex to replicate what I descript.

IRON can be POWER source TRANSDUCER to transfer energy from the atom to the electric field if its treated like a CRISTAL mass of specific electroacustic resonant value.

From specific mass of iron you can tap hyperwave at 1.5 CPS provided by a supernova standing wave signal resonating within the earth

orbital path. Scalar wave = RF standing wave but verry large wavelenght and verry LOW frequency that exert a given energy component in matter as if it were a series resistor.

Iron is a series resistor within a LOT of scalar waves (hypersignals) (MEGAMETRIC ELF RF standing wave radio signals..) = (scalar waves)

Give IRON an specific value and you can tap any energetic scalar wave signal and "transvert" it into usable power...

COPY this and keep dated & printed as I dont want BEARDEN remaking history and claiming this toy was his.

YOU HAVE Norman WOOTAN MRA , you have the TRANSVERTER resonance tested by Jinis that CONFIRMS this energy state alike MRA .. Go HYper Q get proper recovery circuits like thoose in the compilations and you got it!

VTA is nothing more than a LINEAR amplifier working energy out of a MAGNET combined polarized microatomic scalar waves that form what we call MAGNETIC flow (vitrons ) "marnetic" energy afixed to a greater MEGAkilometric ELF standing wave within a megametric magnetic field. (like fish in the water we dont see it )

Note VTA changed output relative to MOON phases & daytime (sun) & others. READ Sweet Papers.

The beauty is that now is posible to built this all from off the slelve components.

I like to REPEAT this as is our group "thing"..

We no longer Question the reality of overunity or discuss its theoretical aspecs to prove or disprove its existance ...

We allready Got overunity, Know its justification is a phenomena of enery transformation ,and are currently on APLICATIONS of the

technology .

Werever academia & goverment neantherthals can accept a quantum leap OUTSIDE their control has occured or not remains to be seen .

But fact is Idols with clay feet are ment to be destroyed and will not survive change.


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