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Directory:Romain Bloon's QMoGen

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Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen inside 350.jpg

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

January 28, 2014

Tony Z from the UK brought this one to our attention.

On Dec 22, 2013, YouTube user Romain Bloon posted a video of a QMoGen (self-looped motor-generator with energy left over for use).

However, this one is not a new QMoGen, but is a derivative of the Directory: Vitaly Shilov QMoGen out of Russia that is allegedly available for sale, and now allegedly being centered in China: "Production of fuel-free power generator from 300 to 10,000 watts. Sales in China. Additionally, the company will report in China." Note that the last portion of Romain's video shows the same components that are shown in Shilov's video: same battery, same rack, same grinders. Note also that the same QMoGen components are contained in a cabinet in the first part of Romain's video: same motor, generator/alternator, two flywheels, same belt ratio.

Romain's video description says:

: The energy from the void is now accessible 24/24, 7/7.

: You just have to choose the right size for your house and you can run any appliances for free.

: Price without delivery cost:

: 1 kwh generator : $3300

: 2 kwh generator : $4800

[Note: should be kW, not kW-h]

: Soon 5kw, 7kw, 13 kw

: Contact : []

The prices are listed in USD, but according to ICANN WhoIs, the website, is registered in Australia.

Halfway through the video, this text explanation is posted:

: "The energy from the battery goes through the inverter and runs the motor. The motor runs the alternator. The alternator recharges the battery and the energy excess can be used to run any electrical device." (1:59)

That's a variant of a QMoGen. The battery and inverter make it more versatile as a stand-alone generator since it doesn't have to be brought up to speed from the grid.

Image:Dec22 2013 Merry-Christmas Facebook rd.jpg

On his sacredvortexgeometry Facebook page he said: "Free energy generator for Christmas."

I've sent an email to Romain asking several questions including:

: Questions:

: - How many of these have you sold?

: - Could we talk to some customers?

: - Regarding installations of these devices, do you have photos, videos, before/after power bill statements, witnesses?

: - When do you plan on getting UL / CE safety certification?

: - Where are you located? (According to ICANN, your site is registered in Australia)

: - Are you running one of these things in your own home? In what way?

: Regarding your best prototype ... Approximately . . .

: How long has it run

: - continuously in one setting?

: - all together (sum running time)?

: How much energy did it produce?

: - How did you measure the output energy?

: What is its size? (dimensions and weight)

: Was there any input energy required?

: - How much?

: - How did you measure it?

: Have you had it independently tested?

: - Who did the testing?

: - Where did you get the idea?

: - Do you plan on doing patent or other IP securing?

: - Would you consider open licensing the design? See

: (make plans available for small fee [e.g. $100], and request royalties [e.g. 5%] be paid on any commercial sales, whether for plans, translations, kits, components, completed systems, installation, service, franchises)

: - Do you plan on licensing out the manufacturing?

: - Do you have a track record of successful inventions?

: - Are you self-taught, or do you have a mainstream education?

: - What is your company name?

: - Do I understand correctly that your name is Romain Bloon?

: - Are you the primary inventor?

: - Are you open to having it tested/validated?

: If we can validate that you are actually selling these, and they perform as you claim, we would be interested in helping you sell/distribute/manufacture, etc. At a minimum, we could have people mention that they heard about you from PES and get a 2.5% discount and we would get a 2.5% commission for the referral.

: Would you be willing to come to the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] to demonstrate your technology?

On January 28, 2014 4:10 PM [Mountain] I received the following response:

: Hi Allan

: I'm sorry but I can't answer those questions now.

: I'll recontact you in a few weeks.

: Many thanks :)

My wife doesn't geet a good feeling about this company/group/individual.

Official Websites


Free energy generator


(YouTube December 22, 2013)

Photos from Video

Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen side 350.jpg
Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen side close-up 350.jpg
Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen inside battery 350.jpg
Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen inside capacitors 350.jpg
Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen inside b 350.jpg
Image:Romain-Bloon QMoGen no-case 350.jpg

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email: [] - Mention you were referred by PES for a possible discount.

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