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Directory:Rhino Hydro

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Rhino Hydro, of Ontario Canada, plans to manufacture a 4' X 4' X 7' foot home electricity generating plant. Estimated cost for 200 amp service unit ~ $8000.00 virtually maintenance free, with just two mechanical parts. Waiting for patents.



Company ceased operations in 2005 due to lack of funds.

Official Website

Their website is currently unreachable. is listed as the contact for the website. If Sterling still has Pierre's email address, it would be good to try to reach him.

A copy of their website dated 2004 can be viewed at: - "This site is designed to make people aware, that the product exists, what the product is, and some idea of functioning."

Technical - "This electro generating plant employs magnets and springs to help create a perpetual motion which drives a generator."


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A Word from Rhino


The company was asked about the following:

- Working prototype?

- Data?

- Independent Replications?

- Stage of development?

Email Reply

From: Pierre Belliveau


Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 9:05 AM

Subject: Prototype..rhinohydro


Thank you for your inquiry, we are at present in the patent stage. I am sure you understand that we are keeping this idea very close to the vest at this time. The unit does work, and only one is in existance. The gentleman has been working on his idea for 20 yrs, and at present has a product set for home use. This unit is set for a 200 amp output, I am sorry we have no pictures, or independant tests at this time to pass on to you. Once the patent is ready, we will be happy to pass on any info you would like.

Please visit the site for updates, we will be in touch with you in the near future.

Yours sincerly


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