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Image:RevoPower bike wheel 250.jpg

The RevoPower Wheel is brand new patented technology, incorporating the engine and gear train entirely within the front wheel. It can be installed on most existing bicycles around the world. You simply replace your existing wheel!


200 mpg

12 lbs of added weight

20 mph top speed

very quiet operation

low emissions.

The Wheel stops when you stop, eliminating idling and emissions caused by idling. Automatically engages when engine is running. Motor started by user pedaling.

Official Website - "Reinventing the Wheel". Highly professional site, well-presented, but does not allow specific url linking.THIS WEB SITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, NOR IS THERE A PRODUCT AVAILABLE NOW.

How it Works


The Wheel is driven by a series of sprockets & chains which drive the engine (and the wheel) around a fixed axle.

Image:RevoPower wheel diagram.gif
Image:RevoPower wheel insides hj85.jpg
Image:RevoPower wheel diagram b hj85.jpg

Source: Machine Design (July 21, 2005)



RevoPower is protected by a strong patent position.

The initial patent, which includes 23 claims, was issued in

the US on December 6, 2005. It is set to issue in 42

additional countries, covering 65% of the world’s


A second series of patents, with an additional

25 claims, was filed in September of 2004.  


patents are currently being filed to cover many new

features and functions.  Imitation of this unique and

patented product will be difficult, and infringement of

the intellectual property will be vigorously defended.

US 6,971,467 (PDF) Dec. 6, 2005 Hub Motor Formed in a Wheel and a Method Associated Therewith

Abstract : Disclosed herein is a hub motor formed in a wheel for assisting in the movement of a vehicle and methods associated therewith.

PCT World Patent WO 2006/026208 A2 (PDF) Hub Motor Formed in a Wheel and a Method Associated Therewith

Abstract : Disclosed herein is a hub motor formed in a wheel for assisting in the movement of a vehicle and methods associated therewith. The present hub motor and methods provide simple, inexpensive and reliable transportation. The hub motor consumes minimal amounts of fuel, yet provides ample power for moving people and/or objects.



• 200 + mpg

• 20 mph top speed

• Easy installation - less than 15 minutes

• Intuitive operation – single throttle/starter interface

• Customizable

• Easily storable

• Lightweight – adds only 12 pounds

Stage of Development


From a raw idea in early 2003, the team of engineers at RevoPower has developed breakthrough technology to incorporate an entire engine and gear train into the width of the normal bicycle wheel. Many early sceptics are now believers in the product.

A number of prototypes have been constructed and tested, and the final design is close to completion. Extensive testing and refinement are planned prior to proceeding with high volume manufacture.

A number of patents are pending, the first of which was issued in early 2005 (see Technology : Patent Protection).

The product should be available in early 2007 with an expected MSRP of $399. "Not available anymore. All link are none functional. Too bad, it is a great idea."

In the News

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Pedaling is SO 2005 - (Popular Science June 2006)

Motorized Bike Wheel (Machine Design July 21, 2005)


Contact Form"No Contact is available for this company.Use the address on the PDF patent info to see if you can find the patent holder."


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