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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

July 20, 2013

Revolution Green is a breakthrough clean energy technology news service started by Kenneth LeBrun in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It was later joined by Congress:Member:Mark Anthony Dansie.

Official Websites

About Us - Ken Lebrun's YouTube channel - Forum

About Revolution-Green

Quoting from (Slightly edited)

My name is Ken LeBrun. I’m an electronics technician with a background in RF transmission theory and RF propagation. I spent 12 years of my life in the US Airforce as a radar maintenance tech and a radar evaluation expert and received my education and experience almost solely from that journey. I started tinkering with electronics and programming when I was 10. I could never keep a toy in one piece, because I was always curious how it worked and what I could pull out of it to build something else. I consider myself very open minded and I love all things science and tech. I’m very well educated in electronic principles, electronic theory, radio frequency physics, and computer programming. I do not have a degree related in this field however, just 12 years of experience. I chose to put my education into being a commercial helicopter pilot.

I started this website with a goal. That goal is to educate and help spread the knowledge that so many people ignore or don’t understand. We need to be better stewards of our planet and we need to fight for clean, abundant, and affordable energy! By discussing current projects and breaking energy news around the planet, I am afforded an avenue to make a difference.


Our goal is to bring you the latest news regarding green energy developments and provide a mature blog for discussion. We will cover topics such as wind turbine farms, solar cell technology, bio-fuels, etc… We will also have a discussion area for non-conventional energy technology such as LENR, Vacuum Energy, HHO, and Semiconductor Thermogenerator. We wish to spread awareness of our current energy crisis and shed some highlights on those who are bringing us closer to being free from the bonds of fossil fuels.

Coming soon, Revolution-Green will provide a dedicated forum, web store, and rating system for all DYI kits available for purchase. We will never promote a known scam and we make it our goal to validate, provide the sources to replicate, and eventually bring to market new innovative clean energy projects.

Coverage by PES

Image:Hidro diagram 95x95.jpg
Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory: Hidro -- Water Pressures Energy Conversion (WAPEC) > The Hidro Buoyancy Machine 2013 Review - A European free energy researcher has given another update, providing his view of a scientific explanation about how the Hidro device works by essentially harnessing thermal energy from the environment. He also expresses his opinion that the device is not likely to succeed because of the difficulty of maintenance and cost of construction. (News:Pure Energy Blog July 16, 2013)
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Directory:Fuel Efficiency > 110 MPG V-8 Ignored by the DOE - Douglas' technology utilizes variable cylinder displacement in a standard or hybrid automobile engine. To keep it simple, by skipping a firing cycle in a piston every other fire, you effectively cut fuel consumption in half for each cylinder with the skipped cycle. When the power is needed, then the computer senses it and... (News:Pure Energy Blog May 29, 2013)

Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Revolution-Green News - Launched as a protest against our news coverage of both conventional and unconventional free energy modalities, we nonetheless wish them well. More perspectives is healthy. It decreases the chance that good things will be overlooked, and increases the speedy detection of bogus or fraudulent operations. Nevertheless, beware of divide and conquer effects. We need unity, not schism. (PESWiki May 5, 2013)


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