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Directory:Replications of the Perendev Magnet Motor

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Index pertaining to replications of Mike Brady's Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd).

Commenced as a separate index page Jan. 30, 2010.


Directory:Antanaslt on Perendev Magnet Motor - compilation of photos and videos by YouTube user, Antanaslt

Alleged Successful

S. American

I've been in touch with an inventor in S. America who claims to have created a 30 kW, load-following Perendev-like design that powered a house continuously for several years. He stopped communicating with me because I'm too much a blabber mouth. He wanted $100 million for a buy-out from someone who wants to take it to market otherwise, he's taking his time to raise the finances to do it himself, and he's making great progress in that direction. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Wasif Kahloon
Image:Wasif-Kahloon magnet-motor closed 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Wasif Kahloon's Magnet Motor - On December 14, 2013, Pakistani inventor, Wasif Kahloon posted a video showing rotation with output through a generator that he said was 3.5 kW. It powered two heating elements as well as a fan. "It will be available in the market shortly for personal, industrial and public uses to produce electrical and mechanical energy." (PESWiki January 27, 2014)
Michael MacInnes
Image:Mike-MacInnes magnet-motor XuFPezT1WJ8 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) > Directory:Replications of the Perendev Magnet Motor > Directory:Michael MacInnes' Magnet Motor - Michael MacInnes and Amir Abyaneh of Canada have designed what appears to be a working all-magnet motor. A video shows a walk-around of the unit before turning it on. The acceleration is not huge, but it does accelerate. The video title mentions "2500 rpm", which is probably where it reaches equilibrium. (PESWiki March 28, 2013)


(YouTube November 18, 2012)

Image:Perendev patent fig9 full assembly 95x95.gif
Memo: We pulled the Feb. 17, 2009 PESN story about the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]-like magnet motor Directory:Replications of the Perendev Magnet Motor in order to wait until validation has taken place. Thanks for understanding. -- Sterling.
Image:Torian magnet motor July2011 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > The Torian Project Overunity Magnet Motor - An inventor from Argentina has posted a video showing a prototype motor that is claimed to produce more power than it consumes. A video he has posted demonstrates the device in action, and seems to show there are no obvious hidden power sources. (PESN and BeforeItsNews July 29, 2011)
Image:Ubozkurt1 Perendev anim 95x95.gif
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) > Directory:Replications of the Perendev Magnet Motor > OS:Ubozkurt1 Replica of the Perendev Magnet Motor - In a YouTube video, user ubozkurt1 gives the rotor on his Perendev replica a push by hand to get close to what appears to be a resonant speed which then appears to be maintained by the magnetic interactions alone. Visual and audio analysis conclude "constant speed". (PESWiki Jan. 30, 2010) (Comments)


(10 seconds)

Magnetic motor - This motor runs on perendev concept. (YouTube December 27, 2007)

Video by Amit Kumar is not long enough nor does it show enough angles to be convincing.


On August 02, 2010 4:22 PM mountain, J.W. wrote:

Hello Sterling,

In response to your message requesting elaboration on my knowledge of the Perendev design, I'd like to clarify that I have never met Michael Brady and did not witness his machine running first hand. Though, I have built several magnetic motors including one very similar to the Perendev design, and I know how little they actually output when connected to an alternator. The nine kilowatt output rating, as stated by Brady in another video, is way too high, less than 1 kilowatt being far more likely, even for such an optimized system, but is still a high estimate.

On August 03, 2010 10:09 AM mountain, J.W. wrote:

Hello Sterling,

Unfortunately, most of my projects are salvaged for parts to be used in other projects. My lab is very ill equipped, as proper equipment is incredibly expensive, so I try to make do with what is available to me in an effort to save money and time. Luckily, the parts required for these particular projects are very inexpensive and readily available.

I am a --- by trade and have recently been accepted to work at ---. Though, the tremendous workload will prevent me from pursuing my extracurricular activities, engineering being just one of them, I will try and rebuild the original working magnetic motor whenever time allows me to do so. If I get to finish it, I'll post the end product, with an in-depth description of it's inner workings, onto and perhaps or similar.

I realize how much interest there is in magnetic motors, which was mainly why I myself became interested in them. There is a lot of misinformation being spread about them, perpetual motion related nonsense mostly, Brady's claims certainly didn't help matters, casting a bad light on the people doing honest work. The design is very basic without frills, the Perendev design is just an extension of the same basic design, regardless of what all of these "internet people" say, it works.

I'll let you know sometime in the future when the project has been completed and where you can find the video. It's good to see people who actually care about alternative energy. Thank you for your interest.

Jeff Lacroix
Image:Jeff Lacroix magnet motor video still 95x95.jpg

Directory:Perendev:Jeffery Lacroix - Jeffery Lacroix came up with an idea for a magnet motor in 2004, then in 2006 he saw that Mike Brady's Perendev motor integrates the essential design, minus some particulars which Jeffery has recently implemented in a working prototype. (YouTube March 04, 2007)

Screw Magnet motor
Image:Screw Magnet motor by XPenzif 95x95.jpg

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor - Four rows of screws, off-set around a cylinder, appear to cause the cylinder to spin when a holder of four neodymium magnets is brought close to it. Resembles the Perendev arrangement.

"My perendev motor did work. I made a small scale of it and modified it so it would work (seemed simple in principle my modifications). I had no speed control, just trying to see if it would work. Eventually went so fast it flew apart. Is it worth spending $1000.00 in supplies to make a bigger one that will work and can keep at one speed? Or is it really already been done and I would be wasting my time and money?" (Patrick Caster , Jan. 19, 2006)

: It was not a replica , but used the same basic design. It was a halfbaked design made out of not-strong-enough material to withstand the spinning. Sorry no pictures, but waiting to buy more materials and use same concept to make larger, lasting one. I found flaws in the logic of the perendev so made what I thought would be sound to me. My motor was less than 8" in total size with 1/2" X 1" permanant magnets. When I get the next one working, and not flying apart, you will all know. (Patrick Caster Jan. 22, 2006)

: I am looking for cheaper, weaker magnets now, to try reproducing same model with better material for bearings and such. Just want to make a cheap version that goes around to see if I can make one that will keep running and see how long it runs. Will take time, I have a lot of other work to do, but will keep you informed if I can duplicate and sustain one. I [...] want to see if I can reproduce same first and make stable. Maybe if I get it running in cheap version I will go for the expensive version and need help. (Patrick Caster Jan. 23, 2006)



(1.32 Minutes) Working on Replica - Unsuccessful

Replica of Perendev magnet motor. This is first step. Not working. Next is to create other two parts and to add magnets shielding. (YouTube October 10, 2008)


(4.26 Minutes) TeslaTech demonstration by Sterling D. Allan - Unsuccessful

Replica of Perendev magnet motor demonstrated by Sterling D. Allan at the TeslaTech 2005 Conference. Video by Tim Ventura. Allan describes a flaw in the magnetization process that he attributes to the unsuccessful replication. (YouTube March 7, 2010)

- - - -

Doug Furr

See Directory:Douglas K. Furr

Douglas K. Furr received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College and University, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He owns and operates a production facility in Orem, UT USA, including lathes, injection molding machines, EDM, CNC machines.

He has been listed at the PES Network, Inc "Mechanical Engineer" since their founding in November of 2003. Before that, he was involved in the parent company, PerenTech, which was founded to help manufacture and market the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] magnet motor. With the inventor, Make Brady's permission, Doug built a 1/4-scale replica of the Perendev Magnet Motor, which they were not able to get to run. Many people have seen photos and a video of that motor. PerenTech subsequently left negotiations with Brady.


Image:Perendev Replication by PerenTech 95x95.jpg

Video of Perendev Magnet Motor and Bedini Motor replication - Whatever you might call it, the Perendev & Bedini Motors that Sterling brought to TeslaTech 2005 certainly caused a stir. Neither motor self-runs (harnessing external energy). (American AntiGravity Jan. 12, 2006)

Google Video

Image:Furr close up distort 120.jpg

Video of Perendev Magnet Motor and Bedini Motor replication - "I don't like the term perpetual-motion", says Sterling D. Allan. Whatever you might call it, the Perendev & Bedini Motors that Sterling brought to TeslaTech 2005 certainly caused a stir. (American AntiGravity Jan. 12, 2006) video

Tom Valone

Directory:Thomas Valone has also replicated the Perendev motor. It didn't work for him either.

Mike Schuckel

"I have built several Perendev motors with no [positive] results thus far. I have several small rotors and one small set of stators that I built to try and verify this technology about 1.5 years ago. The motors are mere little toys that I built to try and validate the data we had to use at the time. Even though Mike Brady has cried wolf several on several occasions. I still believe that he has something." -- Congress:Member:Michael Schuckel, NEC (Feb. 18, 2007)

Thomas of Slovakia
Image:Perendev replica by Thomas of Slovakia 95x95.jpg

Perendev Replica by Thomas of Slovakia - Single-rotor replica based on patent does not rotate on its own. (May 15, 2007)

Robert Rowley


"Robert Rowley Searches for the truth about the Perendev Magnet Motor. Just because I did not succeed does not mean that the other Perendev Videos are a fraud. Another configuration of magnets will be tested... If you look at my favorites on this same page you will see a drawing of the perendev cofiguration it shows that the magnets in the stator are magnetized through the diameter and not the poles. After doing hand tests I discovered that when the stator magnets are magnetized like the drawing shows the most powerful negative forces are reversed and become positive forces. The negative forces are shortened to almost nothing. Based on observation I would say this motor will work if built properly!

: I believe that the video of the Perendev Magnet Motor is authentic and that my attempt failed because I used the wrong configuration of magnets. In this video the magnets are all magnetized through the poles. When I did my research on the perendev I ignored a drawing showing magnets magnetized both ways being used. So apperantly I did some preliminary testing on what configuration might work and found that if the magnets in the stators are magnetized through the diameter that it causes something very different to happen as the magnets pass by eachother. It looks promising...

: At I welcome partners to join me for this and other interesting projects because when we partner on discoveries it costs less for everyone. (YouTube user: magnetmotortv March 21, 2009)


email []

phone: 310-266-7574

- - - -



(23 seconds)

Perendev Magnet Motor Copy Its a GREAT BRAKE! - I built this magnet motor before researching about the Perendev design. My experience is that it is an EXCELLENT magnetic brake! (YouTube November 16, 2007)

- - - -



(15 seconds)

Magnet Motor - Search for Free Energy - (YouTube January 17, 2008)

- - - -



(YouTube January 22, 2010)

See also


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Revealing what I know about building the Perendev magnet motor - Sterling Allan comes forward with insider info in hopes that it might help the many people out there trying to replicate Michael Brady's all-magnet motor. (PESN July 31, 2010)

Blueprints that Brady conveyed

Photos while in Johannesburg, showing the motor from various angles and in process of being assembled.


Brady's House - including a shot of the kitchen table I was sitting at when a witness confirmed he had seen the motor running

Around Johannesburg - including the machine shop we went to to pick up the newly fabricated motor components (rotors and stators) neighbor Nielson Mandella's home opulence/poverty contrast street vendors

History Snapshots - of various iterations also tried and claimed to work

Aluminum Version (pre-dated the polypropylene version seen in the video)

Plans for the 1/4-scale version by Doug Furr

Pre-Perendev Patent (Expired) - most likely pirated by Brady, with no credit

Witnesses - three people who said they saw it running

Johannesburg Trip Report


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