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Image:Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard 95x95.jpg

The Story of Stuff - Brilliant, entertaining, must-see, 20-minute video/cartoon by Annie Leonard describes the problems with the status quo linear supply chain, driven by consumerism, which is unsustainable and self-destructive and encourages a renewable, responsible, self-sustaining, cyclical approach. (

Image:Story-of-stuff Leonard sq.jpg
Directory:Pollution > Directory:Conservation > Directory:Recycling > Overconsumption is costing us the earth and human happiness - Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard's new book examines the unsustainable, high price of the western world's obsession with all things material. She points out that our equating personal value with the number and type of things we have has been adopted to fill the void of actual meaningful relationships, which are the remedy to consumerism, which is polluting the Earth. (Guardian UK June 21, 2010)
Image:Water-Cycle recycling cartoon 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water / Directory:Pollution / Directory:Recycling > Review: The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water - The Surfrider Foundation has produced an excellent 20-minute video (2-min. trailer) explaining the insanity behind how we've come to handle water in modern society. It addresses such things as our concrete and pavement preventing aquifers from being replenished and how we spend so much money transporting water great distances when we could do more to conserve and recycle it close to the point of use. (PESWiki April 10, 2010)
Image:Think Green bulb 95x95.jpg
Directory:Recycling > We didn't have - An email has been floating around the web pointing out past practices such as repairing things rather than throwing them away, returning milk bottles to be used again, cleaning diapers rather than tossing them, doing simple tasks by human power, using old newspapers for padding packages, getting exercise by working. (Above Top Secret March 30, 2011)


Image:RFID trash recycling 95x95.jpg

Smart Trash Cans - Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) chips embedded in household recycling bins. The bins are scanned and weighed right at the curb, and the system tallies credits for households that are above average for recycling, issuing "recycle dollars" that can be used at participating businesses for discounts. (Science Daily Oct. 1, 2006)


Image:Story of Bottled Water 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water / Directory:Recycling / Directory:Pollution > The Story of Bottled Water - Annie Leonard creates another hit animation depicting the cost, pollution, treachery and waste involved in using bottled water. In most places, it is not superior to tap water, it costs 2,000 times more, and the plastic it requires is hugely detrimental to the planet. (The Story of Stuff March 2010)


(6.39 Minutes)

Conserve New Delhi Recycling plastic bags in New Delhi into beautiful consumer goods brings jobs and dignity via There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]. (YouTube August 06, 2007)

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Image:Tapped cover 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water / Directory:Pollution / Directory:Recycling > Review: Tapped - The makers of the excellent, landmark documentaries There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] and I.O.U.S.A. have produced a documentary about bottled water, called Tapped. In it, they address the high cost -- to both the environment and our health -- of bottled water. They enlist activists, environmentalists, community leaders and others to expose the dark side of the bottled water industry. (PESWiki Oct. 29, 2010)
Image:To-goware 9x95.jpg

Reducing Ware and Tear on the Earth One Utensil at a Time - To-Go Ware has produced stainless steel food carriers, cotton carrier bags and ceramic cups since their start in 2004, but has recently also added a utensil set made of bamboo along with a 100 percent recycled plastic holder. The bamboo utensils are produced by CONSERVE, a non-governmental organization that employs rag pickers in Delhi, India. (Conscious Choice Jan. 5, 2008)


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Battery Disposal Guide - Whether you have a AAA, AA, C, D, watch, button, hearing aid or car battery, there is a solution.

Battery University - Current battery recycling methods requires a high amount of energy. It takes six to ten times the amount of energy to reclaim metals from recycled batteries than it would through other means.

Smart Battery Recycling Made Easy

Big Green Box

Earth 911 Battery Recycling

Open Directory - Battery Recycling

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation - Lists by city, state or zip code the locations voluntarily accepting rechargeable batteries.

Recycler's World - Battery Section - Links to Associations, Publications, Traders and Recyclers.


Image:CO2 capture Illustration 95x95.jpg

Strategy Could Lead to Emission-Free Cars - Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a strategy to capture, store and eventually recycle carbon from vehicles. Georgia Tech researchers envision a zero emission car, and a transportation system completely free of fossil fuels. (NewsWise Feb. 11, 2008)



Junk Computers Could Fuel Cars - Scientists in Romania and Turkey employ a special combination of catalysts, high temperatures and chemical filtration to destroy flame-retardant additives, so these electronic scrap materials can be safely recycled, resulting in oils that could be safely used as fuel and also recycling rare metals. (Live Science May 14, 2008)

Image:Dell Earth 95x95.jpg

Michael Dell challenges PC industry to go green - Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Inc., issued a challenge Tuesday to the entire PC industry to adopt free recycling programs for customers as he announced that his company would offer to plant a tree for every PC sold. (MITTechnology Review / AP Jan. 9, 2007) (See Dell Earth)

Image:Appple recyclingchart 95x95.jpg

A Greener Apple - Apple started recycling in 1994 and today they operate recycling programs in countries where more than 82% of all Macs and iPods are sold. By the end of 2007, that figure will have increased to 93%.

Electronics - Recycle Electronics

Image:Story of electronics 2 95x95.jpg
Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Recycling > The Story of Electronics - This new fabulous cartoon video by Annie Leonard exposes how electronics have been "designed for the dump", with planned obsolescence, externalizing the costs and polluting the planet. She calls for a movement to "design to last" so that devices have modular components that can be upgraded without replacing everything. (Story of Stuff Nov. 9, 2010)


See also Directory:Plastic and Energy

Image:Chevy Volt Recycling booms 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles -- PHEV / Directory:Recycling > Directory:Plastic and Energy > Chevy Volt Parts Made From 100,000 Pounds of Gulf Oil Booms - GM has announced that it plans to outfit Chevy Volts with parts recycled from 100 miles of oil booms used to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill. The used booms will be transformed into plastic parts under the hood, and GM says they can recover enough material to supply a year’s worth of production. (Inhabitat December 20, 2010)
Image:Blest system Be-h b 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Plastic and Energy > Directory:Oil > Directory: Blest Machine recycles plastic back into oil - A Japanese device converts certain plastics into oil -- and it is presently commercially available in sizes ranging from a tabletop version for a home to larger continuous feed versions for small industrial use. The plastic is boiled, not burnt, and the gaseous fumes are vented into a water bubbler, which cools the gas into oil. (PESWiki December 17, 2010)
Image:Plant 3-leaf 95x95.jpg
Directory:Recycling / Directory:Plastic and Energy > Directory:Plant-Based Plastic > IBM Creates Plant-Based, Highly Recyclable Plastics - IBM researchers announced yesterday that they discovered a method of creating highly recyclable plastics from one of the most eco-friendly materials around – plants. Not only are the material’s components greener than traditional petroleum-based products, the production process uses significantly less energy. (Inhabitat March 10, 2010)
Image:Plastic to oil 95x95.jpg

Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil - Global Resource Corporation can turn plastics back into the oil they were made from, and gas (and a few leftovers), using a finely tuned microwave that uses 1200 different frequencies within the microwave range, which act on specific hydrocarbon materials. (New Scientist June 26, 2007) (See Slashdot discussion)

Image:Pumping gas95x95.jpg

Making Diesel from Plastics Waste - A Dutch environmental technology company plans to build 15 plants that will produce diesel fuel from plastics waste in 14 European Union countries. (Reuters Feb. 8, 2006) (

Plastics Recycling Industry 'Starving For Materials' - Consumers have unknowingly put the plastics recycling industry in the United States on a starvation diet by failing to recycle sufficient quantities of soft drink bottles and other waste. (Science Daily Oct. 16, 2007)

'Plastic oil' could improve fuel economy in cars, chemists say - Recycled plastic bottles could one day be used to lubricate your car's engine. These polyethylene-derived oils could help improve fuel economy and reduce the frequency of oil changes. (EurekAlert June 12, 2005)

'Recycling Directory' International B2B directory of scraps, recycled materials & recycling equipments. (Econceptinfotech Oct 11, 2008)

Waste Plastic Becomes Clean Burning Fuel - Penn. State University has developed PlastoFuel pellets from dirty waste Agri-plastics. GR Technologies of Korea has patented burner converting same to alternative energy. (Blogspot June 6, 2005) (Thanks Robert George) - Reuse and Recycle Eco Community


Image:US-flag pollution 95x95.jpg
Directory:Pollution / Directory:Recycling / Directory:Solar > Solar’s Dirty Little Secret - "Green" solar panels can have their dirty side in terms of disposal and manufacturing. A report by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition ranks solar manufacturers on environmental health and safety, and urges solar companies to start investing in recycling efforts. (GreenTechMedia March 23, 2010) (See Citizens at Risk, a 15-minute film about the dangerous electronics recyler industry in India.)


Image:Styrofoam cup 95x95.jpg

Eat Styrofoam - Scientists at the University of Dublin have found a way to break down Styrofoam, the bane of recyclers/composters everywhere. Bacteria have been found that eat Styrofoam and turn it into useable plastic. (LiveScience Mar. 7, 2006) (See Slashdot discussion)


Image:Tires 95x95.jpg

Make A Water Filter From Old Tires - Crumb rubber, chewed up old tires, is used on athletic tracks, playgrounds, and increasingly as an alternative to mulch. Now, Dr. Yuefeng Xie, associate professor of environmental engineering at Penn State Harrisburg, has found crumb rubber makes an excellent water filter. The rubber keeps the large particles out on top, and thus creates a much higher throughput. (TreeHugger Nov. 21, 2006)

Image:Tyre graveyard web95x95.jpg

Innovative Tire Recycling Process Named as Australian New Invention Of The Year -The innovative process, known as Molectra, reclaims all of the components that make up a tyre cleanly and efficiently without waste, residue, or emissions while extracting various products for re... (AZOBuild Nov. 2005)

Government & Politics

Image:Promise-and-perils-of-ewaste 95x95.jpg

The Promise and Pitfalls of E-Waste Takeback - The challenges of funding, developing and ingrainingextended producer responsibility (EPR) into a corporate structure are daunting. And in the U.S. especially, states have addressed a failure to map an e-waste solution on the federal level with a patchwork of varying laws, making the process all the more difficult. (Greener Computing May 14, 2008)

Image:Empty trash Eddie House 95x95.jpg

City sues man for canceling trash service - A man who claims to have reduced his waste to nearly nothing out of concern for the environment now faces a lawsuit from San Carlos for canceling his garbage-collection service. Eddie House recycles paper, metal and plastics, regularly hauling them in his pickup truck to a recycling center and collecting the refund. What little backyard waste he generates is ground into powder by his wood chipper and food scraps are either pulverized by his garbage disposal or eaten by his dog. House’s larger items are either sold or given to people on Craigslist. (Examiner Jan. 29, 2008)


GreenStar Recycling - Offers recycling services including paper, plastic, glass and metal recycling, document shredding, and managed recycling solutions.

Recycles Trade - Offers simple, easy and transparent system to connect buyers and sellers of recycling industry from across the world.

Darling International - America's leading provider of rendering, recycling and recovery solutions to the nation's food industry.

Image:Lohrmann turbine blades 95x95.jpg

Directory:Lohrmann International -- Supplier of New and Used Power Generating Equipment - Company focuses on the worldwide mobilization of power components and complete plants (including renewable) for power generation of all sizes (from 1 - 1000 MW) electrical/thermal output and all configurations. Used equipment is more inexpensive, is available quickly, and has a proven performance record.

Recycling Products

Image:Brac sump w-325 95x95.jpg

Directory:Brac Systems, Inc., grey water recycling - Collects water from shower drains, bathtubs and laundry, then filters and pumps it through a dedicated supply line to the toilet tanks for flushing, reducing average household water consumption by a third. It is designed into the plumbing of new construction and existing residential homes.

Research and Development

Image:Rotten lemon 95x95.jpg

Rotten Lemon, Waste Paper Help Recover Precious Metals - Hidetaka Kawakita developed a technique to selectively recover precious metals from the fluid of melted electric/electronic parts by using adsorbent made from biomass waste. The new method can reduce the environmental load because it does not use any harmful organic solvents. (Tech-On! Nov. 19, 2008)


Image:Color green drop 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nature > Directory:Pollution / Directory:Recycling > The Color Green is Toxic to People, Contaminates Recycling - Ironically, the pigments used to create the color of nature are not all that healthy or environmentally friendly. Many green pigments are actually quite toxic. “The color green can never be green, because of the way it is made. It’s impossible to dye plastic green or to print green ink on paper without contaminating them.” (Inhabitat April 5, 2010)
Image:Radioactive cheese grader 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Recycling / Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Recycled radioactive metal contaminates some consumer products - Thousands of everyday products and materials a across the U.S. and around the world have turned out to contain radioactive metals. Things like common kitchen cheese graters, reclining chairs, women's handbags and tableware, at least in some cases, have been manufactured with contaminated metals. (PESWiki June 9, 2009) (Comment at
Image:Recycling bin 95x95.jpg

Is Recycling Utter Rubbish? - Consider the energy consumed during the recycling process: householders driving their empty wine bottles to the bottle bank, lorries collecting the bottles and taking them to the recycling plant, the washing in hot water and the removal of labels, all before the reprocessing can even begin. (Financial Times / TreeHugger July 13, 2006)