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Directory:Recuperated Energy

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: See also PowerPedia:Recuperated Energy

Directory of technologies and resources relating to recuperating energy such as from the motion of tires on roads, regenerative braking, etc.


Image:MotionPower jeep-slates 95x95.jpg

MotionPower energy system testing expanded - Generating electricity from vehicles driving over small plates, MotionPower can be put to use anywhere that traffic flows. The company behind the MotionPower system, New Energy Technologies, has taken the next step toward real world implementation by expanding durability field tests of the device to include the Holiday Inn Express in Baltimore. (GizMag August 3, 2009)

Image:Dickson Piezoelectric generator diagram 95x95.jpg

Directory:Piezoelectric > Directory:Dickson Piezoelectric Generator - Richard Dickson proposes using the piezoelectric effect for generating electricity, where pressure turns into electricity, from environments such as wave action or roadway impact. The question is one of cost and feasibility, not whether or not it would work.


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