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Directory:Ray McConnell's Magnetic Spin Generator

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February 4, 2015

US inventor, Raymond McConnell has posted a couple of videos showing an effect that turns out to be readily explainable.

He shows that when a diagonally-magnetized cylindrical neodymium magnet that is on the end of a bolt (so it can rotate) is placed within a pulsing coil that 1) it begins to spin (no surprise there), 2) a bank of LED lights gets much brighter with a corresponding increased in voltage shown on the oscilloscope, and 3) the input wattage to the pulse generator goes DOWN. You would expect the input wattage to go up from the increased load both from spinning the magnet and increasing the brightness of the LED lights.

At first blush, it would seem that the spinning magnet is serving as a free energy generator in some way.

Here is the explanation that Directory:Aaron Willis gives:

: Unfortunately, this is a common misconception -- a very common measurement error.

: Adding a magnet into the circuit is not adding more power, it is simply getting the circuit closer to impedance matching the load. Or, to put it plainly, the circuit without the magnet is running very inefficiently adding a magnet helps tune the circuit to run better. As the circuit runs better, it draws less power.

: Using the square wave signal makes this effect easier to see, but if the circuit was properly tuned to start with, it would run far better without the magnet.

: I gave Ray a test to do that should let him see for himself where the measurement issues are occurring. If he still gets the same results with the test parameters I outlined for him, then it is exactly as I described. If he gets worse results, then he may be on to something.

: I forgot to mention to him that if he wants to stop the blinking of the LEDs, he can add a bridge rectifier and a cap, and it will smooth that out.

: He is only running the LEDs on one side of that signal. Half the power is already being wasted.

Ray is grateful for Aaron's input, acknowledging that he nailed it. This was definitely a case of a false positive. He doesn't mind us posting this as an illustration of how to avoid making measurement errors.

Official Websites

raymondslab - official YouTube channel


Ray's Magnetic Spin Generator 2


Generator motor - spinning neomagnet producing rising voltages (YouTube February 1, 2015)

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Ray's Magnetic Spin Generator 1


Neomagnet spinning inside coil generating increased voltage (YouTube February 1, 2015)

Circuit Diagram

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Profile: Ray McConell

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In the News

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Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Measurement Errors > Directory:Ray McConnell's Magnetic Spin Generator - The reason adding a diagonally-magnetized cylindrical neodymium magnet rotating into a coil caused an LED light bank to glow brighter and the input watts to the pulse signal generator to go DOWN, was that the circuit was inefficient, and the rotating magnet improved on the impedance mismatch problem. (PESWiki February 4, 2015)


Ray McConnell

Pennsylvania, USA

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