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Directory:Rawlemon's Spherical Solar Energy Generator

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Pure Energy Systems News

April 14, 2015

Adapted from Alt Energy News:

: German Architect Andre Broessel believes he has a solution that can “squeeze more juice out of the sun,” even during the night hours and in low-light regions. His company, Rawlemon, has created a spherical sun power generator prototype called the beta.ray. His technology combines spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system, allowing twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area. The futuristic design is fully rotational and is suitable for inclined surfaces, walls of buildings, and anywhere with access to the sky. It can even be used as an electric car charging station.

: The modular collector system charges and stores energy during daylight hours and can even collect energy from the moon during night hours.

: “The beta.ray comes with a hybrid collector to convert daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. While reducing the silicon cell area to 25% with the equivalent power output by using our ultra transmission Ball Lens point focusing concentrator, it operates at efficiency levels of nearly 57% in hybrid mode. At nighttime the Ball Lens can transform into a high-power lamp to illuminate your location, simply by using a few LED’s. The station is designed for off grid conditions as well as to supplement buildings’ consumption of electricity and thermal circuits like hot water.”

: What do you think? Does this technology have potential? Leave your comments below…

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Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator


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Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:Rawlemon's Spherical Solar Energy Generator - A German company has created a spherical collector with dual axis tracking that allows twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area, able to harvest solar power even during the night and in low-light regions. Several products are available. (PESWiki April 14, 2015)

THE SPHERICAL SUN POWER GENERATOR - (Alt Energy News April 13, 2015)

Rawlemon's mesmeric solar energy generator could be suitable for electric cars - Harvesting solar energy is cheap and sustainable, but one thing it requires more than anything else is space (more than direct sunlight, even). ( Mar 31, 2014)

beta.ey spherical glass solar device charger by rawlemon - for the past three years, our friend, german architect andré broessel of rawlemon has developed efficient concentrated solar energy systems. (DesignBoom January 16, 2014)

These Beautiful Solar Orbs Are So Efficient They Even Harvest Moonlight - Photovoltaic panels aren't the most glamorous technology: They're usually tucked away on a roof, and when you can see them, they're ugly. And inefficient. But what if they made architecture more beautiful? (Gizmodo January 13, 2014)



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