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Directory:Ralph Ring and Blue Star Enterprise

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June 21, 2013

Adam Abraham wrote:

: Ralph Ring, has embraced, explored, and realized that the gateway to the Infinite is through alignment with Nature, not through its suppression. Indeed, the suppression of Nature remains an unacknowledged problem for humanity which, fortunately, can be solved by opening our eyes and hearts.

: Ring was part of one of the shortest, but most profound journeys into quantum possibility imaginable in the late-1950’s, and early 1960’s building with Otis T. Carr, a 45 ft. diameter disc craft that could safely transport its occupants from point A to point B at virtually the speed of thought. In fact, it succeeded in its first and only voyage, of a mere 10 miles.

: The journey was more like teleportation, occurring in an instant, than conventional transportation. It required no fossil fuels to be burned, produced no pollution. It was not reverse engineered from ET’s. It was created by intelligent men who observed, respected, and employed the Laws of Nature, or Creation.

: A protégé of Nikola Tesla, Otis T. Carr guided the project. Ralph Ring is the lone remaining member of the crew that took its only voyage.

: Rejected by General Motors, who feared that this craft would disrupt or destroy the world economy, their plans to introduce their craft to the general public through a series of flights around the country were shut down when government agents arrived unannounced at their facility and seized everything.

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Directory:Anti-Gravity > Directory:Ralph Ring and Blue Star Enterprise > Ralph Ring and the Infinite Power of Natural Law - "Back in the 1950s and 60s, Ralph Ring, with others, including Otis Carr built a flying saucer that worked. But then, governmental agents came in with guns blazing and seized all of their materials. Now he and others are trying to rebuilt the craft using material via 3-D printers. This technology is based on zero-point energy ..." (News:Pure Energy Blog June 22, 2013)

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