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Directory: Ralph A. Davis: Whirl Power Turbine

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Allegedly using principles of a tornado or Directory:Vortex Technologies, the WhirlPower rotor invented by Ralph A. Davis is propelled by continuous combustion using any compressed fuel, including hydrogen or compressed air. When oxygen enriched air is combusted with hydrogen a discharge of H2O2 hydrogenperoxide could improve the atmosphere we breath.

This engine is said to capture most of the energy in flowing gases and delivers power to a rotating shaft in proportion to the fuel input. The engine has only one rotating part, and does not need a transmission hence the pollution and cost in manufacturing the motor will be reduced to one tenth. A similar reduction in pollution and cost is expected in the device performance.

Also called: EcoMotor, EcoEngine, WhirlPower (not exclusive names for this product)

: "This is a True Rotor Power utilizing centrifugal force as well as compression and velocity for various RPMs and torque output." -- Ralph A. Davis (Oct. 2, 2007)

Status : No decent prototypes have yet been built to fully prove this concept. Prototypes thus far have been crude and inadequate.

Disclaimer : Any person or company who attempts to build and test any variation of this invention does so at their own risk. The inventor is not liable for any damages or mishaps.

Request : When anybody or entity produces or sells any part within the scope of the claims of this invention, they are expected to pay reasonable royalties (e.g 5%) to the inventor or his assigns without an issued utility patent.


Official Websites

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Whirlpower Turbine - This unique invention captures energy very efficiently from the velocity of any compressed gas which rotates the housing delivering power to the shaft at various RPMs regulated by the pressure input. (YouTube October 14, 2008)


Schema and Description (pdf) Copyrighted plans, formerly only available under confidential terms for a pre-purchase amount of $30.00 are now, with permission, being made available here. It would be appropriate that if you use these plans to build a device that you send a $30.00 donation to Ralph Davis. He requests a 5% royalty from any commercial applications derived therefrom. His patent information is not yet disclosed here.

Latest Developments

October 14, 2008

Video posted at YouTube.

Oct. 3, 2007

Ralph Davis agrees to make his plans available for free here at to facilitate the research and development of this technology. He is now making good progress on a prototype #3 for testing efficiency with air.(Marc