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Directory:QMoGens by Energy Systems LLC of Russia

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Image:EnergySystemLLC-Russia collage-by-SDA stolen 400.jpg

: 'Directory:Buyer Beware / TOTALLY BUSTED: Sept. 23 14:00 GMT update: Four commenters pointed out that at least five of these photos (1-2 kW | 4-5 kW | 10, 20, 50 kW | 50 kW | 100 kW) are stolen off the web. Given that five photos are obviously lifted, and given that all the generator combinations are different from the others, it's pretty safe to conclude ALL the photos are lifted, and this operation is a fraud.'

: Sept. 23 17:45 GMT update: Alexander Frolov reports: Many people try to ask administration of Moscow VDNH (largest soviet period exhibition centre) about the planned 5-6 Oct. 2015 demonstration of generators... Admin said "here is no planned demo event".

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 23, 2015 1:30 GMT

Jonas Matuzas brought to our attention a company in Moscow, Russia that appears to be selling QMoGens, ranging from 1 kW (enough to power the average home's average usage, with net metering) to 100 kW output, with several deliveries made.

[For those of you not familiar with what a Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over is, that is a name I coined for a self-looped motor-generator system in which a smaller motor powers a larger generator, which loops back energy to keep the motor turning, while producing excess energy for practical use because in the process, it somehow harnesses the wheelwork of nature. (The shape of the letter Q conveys "self-looped with excess energy left over.") We've encountered more than 50 of these claims from around the world in the past three years.]

This Oct. 5, 6, they will be doing a public demonstration of some of these systems

: "ranging from 5 to 50 kW. You are free to make all your measurements on our equipment. All are invited. Also at the exhibition you will be able to conclude contracts for wholesale supply."

If it weren't so soon, I would have liked to have tried to get over there for this. I've contacted a couple of people I know in Russia who will be checking into this. Alexander Frolov, of Faraday Labs, who lives outside of Moscow, plans to attend.

If this company and product checks out, and their alleged products are real and being delivered, they will go to #1 spot in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing.

According to my other Russian source, the website posts two Certificates of Quality issued by a state agency. The certificate is given to the EnergySystem firm stating that their manufacturing processes fits high quality standards. They don't specify which product they are referring to.

The pricing is very reasonable. The 5 kW system, for example, is selling for 70000 rubles, which at today's exchange rate amounts to around $1060 USD. A fuel-based gen-set of that size in the US costs around $800 - $1000 USD, and with it, you have to purchase fuel to run it. Of course there are going to be shipping expenses, which could double that price until local distributorships are set up.

Even thought the website shows images of coils, it appears to me that the motor and generator components are off-the-shelf, perhaps modified, not manufactured by the company.

The website shows several alleged testimonials of people who have purchased one of these systems recently, who are happy with its function. Here are some samples:

: Irkutsk Slavik September 22, 2015, 8:03

: Good day! Generator 25 kW got here I test has five days. All the indicators are normal, the power of their giving. I will be ordered now on the production of more powerful. All the best and prosperity. Sincerely, Vyacheslav.

: Renat Kazan September 16, 2015, 9:58

: Yesterday received a 4kW. Everything works now. not noisy. thank

: VERTU September 13, 2015, 9:45

: Good day! So I got my 10 kilos. generator. I exploit a week until everything is OK. Good luck and prosperity. Anapa Krasnodar region.

: Murat September 10, 2015, 21:18

: I'm from the city of Chelyabinsk. Orders received three days ago. The container was cracked. The generator works great. Thank you for the order.

Official Websites




Certificate(2) - Forum created by company for customers.


???? ????? (Yuri Tesla) YouTube channel - "Fuel free power generation in the near future the market will master the global economy, which will go to a better way of life of every person, anywhere in the planet.We modernized and innovative power units other than the lack of use of the fuel, polluting the environment. Today, fuel-free electric power theme opens advanced features for an effective transition to a healthy society, reduce the deficit of electricity, both at home and in the workplace. We offer strategic implementation of our units today."


BTG on Reels


(YouTube August 25, 2015)


: The principle of BG mid-2014.

: 1 motor on high-voltage coils.

: 2 asynchronous generator

: 3 or the battery charger is used only to start

How it Works

The website states:

: The principle of operation of the generator and the engine

: 1. The general principle of operation of the generator

: Production of electrical energy. The magnetic generator comprises uniformly distributed around the circumference and is fixedly mounted in the housing of the stator working winding. Their cores are composed of an H-shaped magnetic core and mounted at its ends two fixed electromagnets DC and movable electromagnets DC mounted on the rotor, with electromagnet poles DC rotor are oriented alternately similar and oppositely to said electromagnet poles DC H- magnetic, while during the approach when the rotor rotates, at least one permanent magnet rotor current based bipolar, single solenoid DC H-shaped magnetic circuit of the stator working winding, a magnetic flux between the poles of their closed and induktirovanie [back?] emf Working on the stator winding is provided by the other two electromagnets DC rotor and stator of the unipolar oriented, with the simultaneous interaction of electromagnets DC rotor and stator of the unipolar and bipolar been oriented, creates the effect of a magnetic balancing.

: The magnetic generator formed of a non-magnetic material on which are fixedly mounted and evenly distributed around the circumference of the cores and the working windings of the stator, at least one core of the operating winding of the stator consists of a magnetic core and a bipolar permanent magnet, and between the double-pole permanent magnet and the yoke has a clearance to enable movement therein magnetic screens attached to the ends of two pole permanent magnets mounted on the rotor made of a magnetic material, wherein on the rotor, unlike the stator, the number of bipolar permanent magnets are smaller or larger than one unit, the poles of which are oriented towards the poles of the bipolar permanent magnet stator oppositely.

: 2. The general principle of operation of the motor.

: The engine operates as follows. In the high-voltage electrodes applied AC voltage. As a result, the working space having a capacitive motor tangential forces acting on a rotor located in an electric field created by a plurality of charge and distributed randomly in the air gap of complex shape. Furthermore, a workspace is created capacitive engine rotational electric field which is a source of additional rotating forces having a certain direction of action. Thus it is driven to rotate the movable member.

: The advantage of the design of the engine is the capacitance developed the ability to control the gap between the electrodes and the rotor, which allows to regulate the torque of the capacitive EMPE and angle of rotation with respect to the electrode surface of the rotor, which in turn allows adjusting the rotational speed of the rotor and to provide reverse.

: The engine has the simplicity of performance, reliability, manufacturability, small dimensions and weight.

: Capacitive motor comprising a movable element in the form of a hollow dielectric cylinder, metal electrodes arranged around the rotor, characterized in that the introduced adjustment ring gap having through arcuate slots installed on end shields and protected from external influences bearing caps interconnected slats and the tilt ring electrodes mounted on the front bearing shield.


They show units in the following outputs:

1 kW

2 kW

4 kW

5 kW

10 kW

20 kW

25 kW

50 kW

100 kW

Here are a couple of samples, showing the specifications and range.

Image:EnergySystemLLC-Russia BG-1000.jpg

Quoting from translated by Google, with some editing

Price: 35000 rubles. [~$530 USD]

: Fuelless generator (BG) generates electric power without consuming any fuel. To generate electricity is also not necessary in the external wind, solar energy, water, etc. Description: Working time is not limited (no fuel required)

: Motor 500Vatt

: Generator elektromagnitah- to 2000 watts

: Converter 12v to 220v

: • The maximum power of 1.2 kW

: • Rated power 1.0 kW

: Magnifier power

: • Weight: 80 kg

: • Battery 2-pc

: • Power 2 x 220v

: • For Size x Height x Width 800 x 900 x 900 mm

: • Noise Level (7m) 40 dB

: • Electric start

: The general principle of samozapitki BG: work rotovertera + multiplier energy.

: The battery serves only to run BG. When disconnecting the battery can handle. Hours indefinitely.

: Error 8-10%

: The maximum current of 4.5 A

: No-load current, 0.3 A

: The reaction rate of 20-35 / s

: The distortion sinusoid 0%

: Overload protection

: Rated frequency 50 Hz

: Air Cooling, convection

: The number of correction levels 6

: Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-96 IP 20

: Relative humidity 95% (at 35 ° C)

: The operating range of ambient temperature, -35 ° C ... + 40

: The noise level in the time adjustment dB