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Image:Pyramid power prototype macelyne 300.jpg

Thomas Trawoger (aka Flavio Thomas?) demonstrates that a fairly simple set-up of a home-made capacitor and two home-made coils, stimulated by a magnet, positioned at the geometric center of a metallic pyramid will produce appreciable amounts of current, enough to run a small fan. Output is measured at 12 volts, 1/4 amp, or 3 watts.

He has been approached by a well-funded group to develop this technology. That groups required him to remove his website from the net.


Official Website

None at present.

Formerly, which was taken down in June 2006. No copies of the site are available at

Last Statement on Website Before Being Taken Down

Mr. Trawöger's last entry on his website June 2006:

(Machine translation with editing by Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger)

: "Ladies and Gentlemen

: Unfortunately we must communicate to you that we deliver our project and all results resulting from it for further processing to an internationally active enterprise.

: The reasons for this are very easy. On the one hand we have the problem not to be able to bear the immense cost of resuming research, on the other hand we were assured by this enterprise that inconceivable resources for resuming research will be made available.

: This new co-operation has worked well now for weeks, and brings clear advantages for both parties.

: Naturally we must observe certain restrictions with regard to media contacts and data preparation, which are contractually agreed upon, and which on our part we intend to keep.

: A substantial point of this contractual agreement is also the closing of our Website

: We follow this request naturally, and are closing our Site as of 15.06.2006.

: We have contractual assurance that our innovation will not finish in a dusty drawer and will be working naturally up to the production stage of our project.

: The actual marketing is incumbent however on our new contractual partner.

: In some Mails of people already informed I was even called a traitor, since we bent to the wishes of industry, and now take money for our work.

: I can only state that we reached the end of the line with our financial means. Examinations, tests and right certificates cost money, and there wasn't any left of that.

: Now we are however in the position to be able to fall back to an unrestricted pool of specialists we can acquire new materials and measuring instruments of undreamt-of precision, and do not have to deal with self appointed technicians, cranks and would-be spies.

: There is still so much to discover, and therefore we see our further activity not here at the keyboard, but where genuine work happens…"

(end of site transcript/translation)

Latest Developments


A video in German is available from a number of sources: (4.4 Mb download) - about 43 MB - German video - English transcription/translation of German video.

The person in the video (identified as Flavio Thomas - is that Thomas Trawoeger?) says he has made several versions of this device and has found that the form of the pyramid is not very important for its function. The important thing is that the energy capture circuits are positioned in the geometric center of the pyramid.

The converter he uses is a condenser plate and a stabilizing frame. There is also a magnet, necessary for the conversion to work. The magnet can be removed and the conversion stops. When it is re-attached to the frame, the conversion starts again. Thomas runs a small fan with the electricity the pyramid set-up produces. The fan runs on 12 volt and has a maximum absorption of 1.1 Ampere. In the demonstration video, Thomas says that the fan has been running for more than 30 days, fed by the pyramid energy. His meter shows tension of 8.4 Volt and the extracted energy used by the fan is 0.8 Ampere.

The orientation of the pyramid is important. Exact north-south orientation leads to daily fluctuations of 5 to 8 % in the energy output. A slight adjustment in the orientation of the pyramid will correct the loss of energy production. The pyramid delivers DC electricity.

At 12:59 minutes into the video, another version (also commented by an Austrian) - describes what seems to be a copy of the first device, similar but a different kind of pyramid consisting only of metal tubes. After connecting two measuring instruments to the coils of the transforming unit located in the pyramid, and showing no activity, he attaches a magnet and measures 22 volts, 0.5 Ampere. Disattaching the magnet, activity falls to zero. At the end of the video, he says the resonant circuits are put at the center of the pyramid, at 1/3 of the pyramid's height.

A machine translation of the interesting text on the referenced site (with some necessary corrections) is copied below.

Current from the pyramid - myth or reality?

The fact that a pyramid has special characteristics is well-known. Razor-blades sharpen themselves automatically, grain, which one found in Egyptian pyramids, were still germable after thousands of years. This inventor undertook attempts to convert the pyramid energy in electricity - with success obviously! Austrian Thomas Trawöger had investigated over years, what you will see in this video. About his research and results he had informed the public on his Website This disappeared in June 2006 from the net, just as Mr. Trawöger himself, as we were informed by telephone on 16 May.





Company: TBA

Presently is under the radar.

Inventor: Thomas Trawöger



Pyramid Power--Is this it? A simple free energy device? - It seems that a quite simple set-up of a home-made capacitor and two home-made coils, stimulated by a magnet, positioned at the geometric center of a metallic pyramid will produce appreciable amounts of current, enough to run a small fan. (ZPEnergy May 20, 2007) Forum

Topic: Pyramid (August 14, 2005)

First electrical power output from a Pyramid - Here is a documentation video of a pyramid delivering a few Watts of power via a special magnet- copper-capacitor-coil converter in the center of the pyramid! (January 18, 2006)

Image:Pyramid conductor drawing by Macelyne 350.jpg
Image:Pyramid power prototype heart macelyne 334h.jpg,1259.0.html

Topic: Pyramid Power--Is this it? A simple free energy device? ( forum thread commenced Oct. 29, 2006)


See Talk:Directory:Pyramid Power:Thomas Trawoger


no official contacts yet known

NEC Specialist

New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger is somewhat knowledgeable about this technology, and has German language skills.

: I have relatively little data. The video itself (linked in the article) shows two different devices, apparently one a replication of the other. I don't know whether there are other replications, but the information has been on the overunity forum [mentioned above] with a simple design and some pointers to further information. That's really all the data I've got, apart from watching the video.

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