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Technology invented to create energy from nothing by harnessing zero point energy

Image:ZPointEnergyGeneratorLabeledSmall 300.jpg

: September 17, 2013 2:45 pm [Mountain GMT-6] Update

: It would appear that the scope readings Shalender is getting are merely electronic smog, and not indicative of ZPE or any other exotic energy input. With that "AC" component ruled out, it would seem that the energy that lights the LED is merely from the metal battery effect, which is seen in all kinds of combinations of metals. In the demo I saw, you could barely see the LED with the lights turned out (inside a building with no external lighting coming into the room). It was tiny.

Shalender has responded to these questions, but it is over my head. I'm waiting for those more qualified to weigh in.

Also, what is still unsolved in my mind is why they would get the shocking sensation when near the box. But I don't yet have a good description of that, so it could be classic static electricity discharge. -- Sterling

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 14, 2013

Priza Technologies, Inc. "creates energy by splitting zero point vacuum into negative and positive components", in a proprietary process they call Z Point Energy. This means that they can "create energy without any fuel, from nothing" (another phrase for the zero point).

Z Point Energy has been developed by a husband and wife team, Shalender and Vishnupriya Singh of India, now located in Silicon Valley. After 12 years of theoretical work, six years ago, Shalener was joined by Vishnupriya who helped him in an until-now-stealth lab to develop experimental evidence to embody his theories. Now, on their website, they say: "If needed, we can organize a tour to our lab and a live demo for all the skeptics."

Together, Shalender and Vishnupriya formed Priza Technologies Inc. as a way to raise money for their energy research and development. Priza is a software and hardware R&D and production company focused on innovative projects and products, including: the world's most accurate facial expression transfer the world's highest density color code with software to decode it in real time standalone bluetooth dongle for payment security fundamental techniques in pico-projectors Press4 app, which integrates Facebook, Twitter & coupon generation with voice response and a very accurate natural language processing system. Thus far, they have dumped all of their profits into this Z Point Energy venture, totaling around half a million dollars, being 100% self-funded thus far. And in the last 5-6 months, he and Vishnupriya have been putting a full-time effort into this technology.

On September 11, they launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds to take this technology to market. They want to raise $2 million USD for the further development of the technology into commercially viable products.

In response to people balking at the high price, Shalender wrote in his news:

: "People do not understand that a single high end oscilloscope is $100K and then we also need to develop semiconductor at our lab to make [it] super efficient and take it to the world. In the current form it cannot be give to the world."

: "There is big gap between a lab technology and real world product. People need electricity at 110/220 Volts at 50/60Hz pure sine wave/DC, NOT 10,000 Volts at 40,000,000,000 Hz with discreet jumps. If you wish, kindly donate at least $1. We will not disappoint you. We will deliver something amazingly unexpected."

Their crowdfunding campaign video has already achieved over 270,000 views since being posted five days ago on September 9. I don't recall having ever seen an exotic free energy technology video get that kind of traffic. The computer voiceover they use was developed by them.

Yesterday, they published a press release. Here is an excerpt.

: The concept of zero-point energy was developed in Germany by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, as a corrective term added to a zero-grounded formula developed by Max Planck in 1900.

: Zero-point energy, also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy, is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have it is the energy of its ground state. All quantum mechanical systems undergo fluctuations even in their ground state and have an associated zero-point energy, a consequence of their wave-like nature. The uncertainty principle requires every physical system to have a zero-point energy greater than the minimum of its classical potential well. This results in motion even at absolute zero. For example, liquid helium does not freeze under atmospheric pressure at any temperature because of its zero-point energy.

: Priza Technologies has proposed a more complete space-time theory named as "neo unification theory", using which they have come up with a method to harness zero point energy.

: Z Point Energy technology is poised to have a momentous impact on the energy scenario of the world because it enables the generation of sustainable, infinite and anywhere of electrical energy in an most environment friendly way.

: Z Point Energy technology removes the notion of constrains and finiteness of available energy thus enabling mankind to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life. This is especially important for the people and areas of the world which do not have access to adequate electric energy or cannot pay for it thus living in a sub-standard living conditions.

: Z Point Energy enables fuel free automobiles, very low space travel, self-charging mobile phones and many more things limited only by the imagination of the people using it.

: Z Point Energy achieves this by splitting 0 point space energy into negative and positive components. This leads to infinite non-destructive generation of electricity anywhere, anytime at any scale for usage and distribution.

: A by-product of the Z Point Energy technology is negative energy which is a cooling energy that can be transported over long distances through electric wires. Thus a new business case of “cooling transmission lines”, using existing power distribution infrastructure, can be developed. It can also enable energy-efficient, very low cost space travel.

: Z Point Energy main technology is a trade secret but Priza has revealed parts of it through two extremely fundamental papers.

: In the first paper with the title: "Conservation of energy extended: Existence Of Super Inertia" [link presently disabled since the paper has been submitted for publication in the Physics Review D], they derived conservation of momentum from the conservation of energy using existing relativistic energy equations. They have further derived infinite higher order linearly independent conservation equations directly from the conservation of energy. The number of conservation equations turn finite only when the conservation quantities form a finite group corresponding to the roots of unity.

: In the second paper with the title: "Z Point energy elaborated", they have discussed Z Point Energy in a qualitative way. The significant thing they claim in this paper is that Zero Point energy can only be harnessed if the particles can be pushed through from speeds less than the speed of light to speed greater than the speed of light. The paper further states that particles cannot accelerated from speed less than speed of light to greater than the to speed greater than light BUT they have another method to do push particles from speed less that light to greater than light.

: -- End Press Release --

Image:Priya ZPointEnergy-Lab 300.jpg

I corresponded yesterday with Shalender to get more info.

Q. Regarding your prototype(s), approximately how long has it run continuously in one setting?

: A. We did a testing for 7 days continuously driving out approximately 0.5 Watts without any battery or any chemical or any other thing. If left alone, we predict it could have run forever.

Q. How long has it run all together (sum running time)?

: A. We have done years of testing of our prototype.

Q. How much energy did it produce?

: A. The total maximum energy we derived out of it in [on] one go was 302.4 Kilo Joules.

Q. How did you measure the output energy?

: A. Lightening a super bright LED.

Q. How much energy did it consume?

: A. The process of “setup = super charging” was done with around 40 – 50 Joules of energy.

Q. How did you measure the input energy?

: A. Oscilloscopes, millimeters. We actually used a small battery with the rating 6 V, 0.5 Amps.

Q. What is its size? (dimensions and weight)

: A. Being a prototype, it was around 12 inch x 4 inches x 8 inches. BUT we can make it super small in the range of millimeters/micrometers/nano meters.

Q. Have you had it independently tested?

: A. Yes by the angel investors. Other than that, no, because we are afraid of people stealing it.

Q. Who did the testing?

: A. Me, my partners, and another 2 angel investors, whose name I cannot disclose now.

Q. How many working prototypes have you built?

: A. Two.

'''Q. Have other people been able to replicate it?

: A. We replicated only ourselves.

'''Q. Patented?

: A. A part of it is “patent applied” for but still to be granted.

: The patented part is titled: “.” With number US [removed to preserve confidentiality]

: The main technology is trade secret. That is also because the technology, other than having good intention uses, also potentially has destructive uses. A patent is only for sane people.

: An output of the system is negative energy, which negative frequency photons. For the technical people it’s left hand electromagnetic wave in space, where the flow of energy is in opposite direction of the wave propagation. The negative energy photons excite the electrons in any atom to an un-stable negative excited state. In that state all metal atoms become insulators and come back to normal ground state only when an equivalent positive energy photon strikes the atom. This also leads to cooling as this traps the infrared photons BUT this can also be used to stop electronics and do a lot more bad things.

Q. Are you open to having skeptical people test it in person?

: A. Of course we are ready. The person has to give us a few days’ notice because the prototypes are not always in the demo ready states.

'''Q. Do you have a track record of successful inventions?

: A. I am actually a versatile person. I submitted a paper to a nanotechnology conference in 2003 about self-replicating, self-assembling robots. I have [also] done inventions in:

# Computer vision (with a few patents pending).

# Data Mining Algorithms.

# Telecom signaling and bandwidth allocation when I was a Scientist with Indian Defense Research. These innovations I cannot disclose.

# Cryptography – algorithms to find encrypted string inside an encrypted text.

# Mathematics – I gave a new paradigm of generalized discrete geometry, which does not require the triangle equality to hold (contrary to the metric spaces) in BTech thesis.

# Physics – Space-time and relativity.

: I generally do not work on publishing the papers as it’s too much of non-research work and not creative. I cannot publish for the sake of publishing it. It has to have some powerful impact on the society.

: I am more of theoretician/mathematical physics person than a experimentalist. My partner, Vishnupriya Singh, is complimentary to that, she proves everything experimentally.

: By the way I have submitted one landmark paper in Physics Review D recently with a fundamental derivation about conservation of energy and conservation of momentum. I have proven with 100% mathematics that conservation of momentum can be directly derived from conservation of energy and there exists infinite such conservation quantities (other than the energy and the momentum). The proof derived directly out of relativistic energy, so experimentally, the proof rests on Z Point Energy. I do not know whether they will publish it, but I really do not care.

In a phone call today, he was trying to explain further about how the technology works, but his accent is too strong for me to understand very well. It involves There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], right-hand rule versus left hand rule, causing electrons to go one direction versus the other, in the opposite direction of light. He also said something about two sheets of metal of a particular thickness setting up a harmonic between the negative and positive components of this process.

He did send some clarifications by email, explaining:

: "Cherenkov radiation in space means particles have speed greater than light: tachyons. CERN has tried it but failed because they are trying to accelerate upto or beyond C, which is impossible. It has to be quantum tunneled to speeds greater than light. The great inventor Tesla talked about harnessing energy from tachyons 70 years back!"

Before that clarification, Shalender had told me: "We have achieved Cherenkov radiation in space, and left hand radiation in space."

I wanted to know what he meant by "in space", to which he said: "Space means medium where the refractive index is 1." And he said something about "in a vacuum", but I missed that explanation. He also said: "Left hand radiation in space is equivalent to negative energy photon."

This is the first individual or company that I know of that has created an actual device with measureable output using zero point energy. It's not yet ready to contend for Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies classification because it isn't close enough to market, but it certainly will be added to the runners up listing.

I'd like to go see what they've got, but I realize that most of us have a good case of breakthrough burnout, and some of you have grown weary of seeing fundraisers for my trips. So I've created a poll to get your input on this: Should Sterling do a fundraiser (~$400) to visit Z Point Labs?. It's only about a one-hour flight from Salt Lake City. Shalender said I could stay at his or one of his associates' homes to save on hotel costs.

Official Websites

Image:Z-Point-Energy logo.png

About Us



Mailing List - subscribe

Registration - "Register to get latest and exciting updates about zero point energy, preview of demos, special offers and invitations to conferences showing creation of energy from nothing."


Z Point Space Travel - "Z Point Energy Space Travel technology allows us to build space ships which are extremely fast and very low cost travel on making space travel affordable to the people, ...very soon!

Z Point Car - "... ideally does not need any fuel to run. We plan to start with an extremely efficient car and progressively move towards a completely fuel free car."

Z Point Generator - "Z Point Energy Generator is the proposed generator for the small scale and power plant use. The generator has 3 outlets, one that generates AC for the power-plan. Second one generates the cooling power, which can be stored or transmitted for the environment/housing cooling purpose. The third one is the neutral line. Z Point Energy Generator works a part of a power plant, which not only supplies electricity but also the cooling power for special low cost air conditioners. The overall cost of electricity and cooling using this technology comes out to be 80 – 95% lower than the current generation and reduces with the scale of the generation."

BREAKTHROUGH: Technology invented to create energy from nothing by harnessing zero point energy (press release) (ClickPress September 13, 2013) - joined Facebook September 4, 2013

Research Papers

Infinite conservation equations: Existence of Super Inertia - ("This Paper is removed temporarily as it’s under consideration from a science journal, which prohibits us from revealing it before it’s published. It will come back once it’s published in the journal.")

Z Point Energy Elaborated - "We discuss the technical side of Z Point Energy in a qualitative way. A quantitative approach is not disclosed for the protection of intellectual property. ...Relativistic momentum is a derivative quantity of the energy and vice versa. In fact as per our neo unification theory quantum mechanics, matter, energy, space-time and electro magnetism are tightly related. We have been able to also derive the in-completeness in the De-Broglie theory and understand why it is not correct for speeds v = 0. As per our research Zero Point energy (pending patent) can only be harnessed if the particles can be pushed through from speeds less that C to speed greater than C. Of course the push of particles from speed less than C to speed greater than C CANNOT be accomplished by accelerating them. The correct way to do it and the theory behind it is our trade secret."

Matter-light duality and speed greater than light

Existence of infinite conservation equations

Are all photon frequencies a result of Doppler Effect? - In the article with title “matter light duality and speed greater than light” we demonstrated that there exists a duality of matter and light. As per a of theorem in that article, a photon can be represented by a particles going below the speed of light and another particle above the speed of light. In this article we conjecture that every photon is composed of an electron with speed less than light and an electron with speed greater than light (positron as per the matter-duality paper). We validate this prediction with the equations and further conjecture that all the frequency shifts of photons are due to Doppler Effect of the source. Then we take a case of zero energy vacuum where we show that the vacuum is composed of pair of electrons with each pair approaching speed of light from below c and above c. We further demonstrate that the speed of one electron out of electron pair with respect to the other electron is infinite. We call them as “blind pairs” because one cannot see the other. (submitted to Nature Septeber 22, 2013)

Zero energy non-zero momentum particles. Abstract: In the article with title “Matter-light duality and speed greater than light” [1], we formulated energy and momentum equations for particles with speed greater than light. In this article we see a special case of it where the energy becomes zero and momentum is non-zero for a particle (we named them as ZEN particles). These particles have infinite speed and thus exist only for an instance of time, being omnipresent at that time. These particles when present in any system can take away or add momentum without taking away or adding energy to the system. When these take away momentum, they lead to conversion of kinetic energy to mass. When these particles add momentum they lead to conversion of mass to kinetic energy. We conjecture that these particles form space component of space time and also the binding force in the atom nucleus.

Fallacy in Einstein’s 2 blackboard derivation of mass energy - In the article with title “existence of infinite conservation equations” we derived that there are infinite conservation equations to be satisfied for any energy transaction. Using the results of that paper, we hereby prove that the Einstein’s 1934 two blackboard derivation of mass energy was wrong. This has a greater significance because it means we need to re-consider all the derivation we have done using momentum and energy conservation to satisfy the new finding. (submitted to Nature Septeber 22, 2013)


Zero Point Energy harnessed for creating energy from nothing


"Donate $1 at for our better future with fuel-free energy. Z Point Energy is a breakthrough technology from Priza Technologies Inc in energy domain by which energy can be created by extracting usable energy from the zero point vacuum, which means energy from nothing! Z Point Energy technology is poised to have a momentous impact on the energy scenario of the world because it enables the generation of sustainable, infinite and anywhere of electrical energy in a most environment-friendly way. This is especially important for the people and areas of the world who do not have access to adequate electric energy or cannot pay for it thus living in a sub-standard living conditions. Z Point Energy enables fuel free automobiles, very low space travel, self-charging mobile phones and many more things limited only by the imagination of the people using it. It also enables energy efficient very low cost space travel. Priza Technologies has proposed a more complete space-time theory named as "neo unification theory", using which they have come up with a method to harness zero point energy. Their main technology is a trade secret but Priza has revealed parts of it through two extremely fundamental papers. (''YouTube / Shalender Singh September 9, 2013)


Company: Priza Technologies

"Z Point Energy has been invented by Priza Technologies. Priza Technologies is a 6 years old firm engaged in various innovation and has a team of brilliant and versatile individuals." (September, 2013)

According to,

: Priza is a software and hardware R&D and production company focused on innovative projects and products. Priza has an exceptionally talented and competent team and tieups to execute and deliver production quality software and mass production hardware. Priza is based in 3 key global locations, Silicon valley in USA, Hong Kong and Mumbai, India.

Priza has developed world's most accurate facial expression transfer.

Priza has developed and created world's highest density color code with software to decode it in real time.

Priza has design & delivered standalone bluetooth dongle for payment security.

Priza has patented a few fundamental techniques in pico-projectors.

Priza has developed and delivered Press4 app, which integrates Facebook, Twitter & coupon generation with voice response.

Priza has delivered a very accurate natural language processing system.

That technology is demonstrated in their crowdfunding campaign video. I would agree that it is very "natural" in its sound. And given the very strong Indian accent that Shalender has, I can see why they chose to use this method to voice-over their spoken expressions in the video. I had to revert to email in order to understand him.

Be sure to check out a video or two on their Demos page, especially their nightclub light show tech. It's awesome.

They are hiring for several positions.

Inventor / CEO: Shalender Singh

Quoting from

: Shalender Singh is the President and the CEO of the company and has been working on the technology for last 18 years. He is the champion of Z Point Energy.

: Shalender has a unusual combination of free abstract thinking and mathematics and he likes playing with the equations and physics. Shalender has a keen passion for Physics and Mathematics since his school days. In his early childhood he was taught Mathematics by his mother and at the age of 11 Shalender studied a book by Jayant Narlikar on the theory of relativity. In his school days Shalender used to attempt physics problem in an unusual way. When once he tried solving electrodynamics problems at a exam paper using relativistic electrodynamics, his teacher Prof Kohli commented “remember you are writing an answer to a exam problem and not a thesis”.

: Along with his 12th grade Shalender passed Indian IIT JEE exam with a good rank and got admitted to the Electrical Engineering course at IIT Bombay. As he describes: “The IIT JEE 1994 Physics paper was unusually easy. I did not attempt a few questions because they were not intellectually challenging”.

: At IIT he was known for his unusual style and bend of mind for solving problems. At one of Chemistry exam he tried proving reversibility of quasi static isothermal process by quantum theory but failed to do so in the stipulated time. He was awarded no marks for the proof but bonus marks for the attempt. As he describes his period at IIT: “The course pattern at IIT was extremely restrictive. For getting good grades one needs to do as well at workshop welding as in physics.”. At IIT, Shalender had a privilege to be taught by his BTech project guide Shiva Shankar, who cultivated the rigor of mathematics in him. In his BTech thesis on “Singularities in Robot Mechanisms” he added his own paradigm in discrete geometry.

: After his BTech he decided to join Indian Defense Research as a scientist and did some fundamental work in telecom signaling and CDMA efficiency. His next job was as a Software Engineer at Hughes Software System. After that he joined Texas Instruments as a design engineer. Around the same time he submitted a paper on self replicating nano robots at nano science technology institute: In parallel Shalender kept working on space-time and neo unification theory in the stealth mode. His life turned around when he met with his current business partner Vishnupriya Singh 6 years back. Being from experimental physics background Vishnupriya helped Shalender to start a new company and pursue the research more aggressively in a stealth lab, while working on the projects of Computer Vision. After 6 years of intensive research they have now been able to give the world the game changing technology: Z Point Energy.

: Besides being a physics scientist, Shalender is a very good mathematician, electronics engineer, prolific software programmer, a specialist in computer vision and also a painter.

Here is some additional biographical information that was included in one of Shalender's responses in the comments below.

: I am a scientist, not a "15 Minutes of Fame" person.

: I am a theoretician, physicist, a mathematician, an algorithm / software programmer, a computer vision expert, a robotics person and also electronic designer. I am a graduate of IIT Bombay (no. 1 technology institute in India). I have worked as scientist in Indian defense research working on physical layer satellite communication, where I did 2 important innovation for them. I have worked on satellite communication Network layer at Hughes Network Systems. I have represented Texas Instruments at cable labs in standards committee. I have worked as a scientist in Adobe advanced technology group. I have paper in nano robotics, patents in computer vision domain.

: The recent project I did for funding Z Point Energy was with NIH. I helped a company which had a grant from NIH to improve accuracy of voice to text results (in some cases increase was from 50% to 100%) using post-processing Natural Language Proessing. I did a breakthrough high efficiency algorithm for them. Following is a snippet of it:

Word level Nbest Order Optimization: Word level nbest scores enabled us to have a very high entropy data where the total number of combinations increase exponentially with the section length. The algorithm enables us to manipulate the ranking and the probability distribution according to the domain. Assuming R candidates per word and K words per section, the total number of possibilities are K^R. Our algorithm can do the same thing in the order N log N algorithm to find the top N candidates from the data.

Co-Inventor / COO: Visnu Priya Singh Parmar

Quoting from

: Vishnupriya Singh is the COO of the Company and the co-inventor of Z Point Energy. Vishnupriya is a real world physicist who believes proof by experimentation.

: In her early days, she was a prolific science student at her school and at her school she won district level science project competition for 3 years. But being from an extremely conservative Indian family, her higher studies were not a cakewalk for her. Her parent did not allow her to try for engineering or give IIT JEE exam because they did not want her to get a job outside of the local town. Frustrated she joined a local science college and in parallel started teaching IIT aspirants Mathematics and Physics. After her BS in science her parents allowed to take up a Masters course in Computer Science near the home of her elder sister.

: After her masters she joined Prestige institute of management as a faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Striving to do something impactful, she in parallel started her own institute of Mathematics and Physics coaching. At the age of 22 she started her own business in data conversion using Optical Character Recognition as the CTO of Visualflex Pvt Ltd. The company saw phenomenal growth in 3 years starting from $2000 initial capital to $8 Million.

: But being inexperienced in corporate handling and facing competitive jealousy from colleagues she was forced to resign from her position at the age of 25. She was devastated and worked on a few small businesses before she met with Shalender Singh, with who she started Priza Technologies. She is instrumental in putting experimental rigor to the Z Point Energy discovery.

Regarding Comments

When we posted this page, and for 2-3 weeks after, Shalender was quite good about taking time to try and address some of the comments and questions that were being posted down below. He was good about not responding in kind to rude remarks, but merely addressing the point being raised.

Then, on October 01, 2013 11:48 PM [Pacific], he wrote:

: Hi [Sterling],

: Sorry, I am super busy now so may not be able to respond to people at your news item. I am working with some faculty and also working on a nice demo for a VC who has promised to invest once I show the demo. That demo will be tested by a expert faculty.

: Actually at peswiki it is impossible to convince people and a lot of them do not even want to understand. Moreover the tech is not at a level to convince a layman, so it is a hopeless situation. Furthermore I think even if I prove it on peswiki it will not translate to any funding.

: So I think for the sake of the tech I would rather focus on the VCs. If it turns out to be a strategic investment so be it!

: Best Regards,

: Shalender

In the News

Google News >

Z Power Seminar Tomorrow Online (Free Energy Blog September 27, 2013)

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Image:IMG 20130916 223819 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Zero Point Energy > Directory:Priza Technologies Inc.'s Z Point Energy > Z Power Energy Demo: - Shalender Singh has invited me to Silicon Valley to see a demonstration of his "zero point energy harvester" that outputs in the milliwatt range to light an LED as well as creating a shocking sensation when you come within the field of the unit, which is an empty metal shell of an old electronic gadget. (PESN September 17, 2013)
Image:ZPointEnergyGeneratorLabeledSmall 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Fundraisers / Directory:Zero Point Energy > Directory:Priza Technologies Inc.'s Z Point Energy - For six years, an Indian couple in Silicon Valley has been working in stealth mode to embody into a prototype a zero point energy technology Shalender Singh has been theorizing for 18 years. Their third-party-tested prototype, can output out 0.5 watts continuously. Now they've launched a crowdfunder to develop the technology to market readiness. (PESWiki September 14, 2013)

BREAKTHROUGH: Technology invented to create energy from nothing by harnessing zero point energy (press release) - Priza Technologies Inc, a small Silicon Valley company has been able to create method and technology to harness zero point energy. This means that they can create energy without any fuel, from nothing. They are running a discovery-of-scienc crowd funding campaign to raise funds to take this technology to the market. (ClickPress September 13, 2013)

Technology invented to create energy from nothing by harnessing zero point energy (StarDrive September 13, 2013)


Priza Technologies, Inc.

1525 McCarthy Blvd, Ste 111

Milpitas, California 95035 USA

Phone: +1 (408) 466-8195 (Shalendar has a very strong Indian accent)

Email: Shalender Singh: []