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Powercorp is based in Darwin, NT, Australia and provides systems for the control of isolated grids including diesel automation, wind/diesel intergration and flywheel storage.

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Flywheel Systems

Powercorp PowerStore


The PowerStore is a compact, versatile and robust electrical energy storage device. Its main purpose is to stabilise power systems and to provide peak demand lopping of cyclic loads. The system consists of four main components. The four main components are:


Flywheel Grid Interface and Flywheel Drive


Control System

Each PowerStore has an energy storage of 18MWs and is available in two power ratings:

500kW peak

1,000kW peak

Automation Systems

&nbspThe Commander is a full featured generator control and monitoring system for automatic operation of wind-diesel, diesel, gas power stations applications with up to 8 generators and up to 6 outgoing feeders.


The MICROLINK generator control system comes complete with all the basic features needed for automatic operation of small diesel and gas power stations with up to 3 generators and up to 2 feeders.

Wind-Diesel Systems

Bremer Bay Power Station


The Low Load Diesel (LLD) is a specially configured diesel generator and control system capable of operating at very low loading rate to which effectively increases the wind penetration rate of the wind turbines.

Excess system capacity is dissipated through an electric water heater connected to the jacket water system of the engine and controlled by Powercorp Dynamic Grid Interface (DGI). Wind penetrations in the order of 60 - 70% can be consistently achieved using LLD systems. This translates to substantial savings in diesel fuel costs and lower green house gas emissions.

Mawson Antarctica Project


POWERCORP was established in 1988 to develop Intelligent Power Systems (IPS) for remote diesel power stations in the Northern Territory of Australia. IPS are microprocessor based control and automation systems. But the management of remote area power stations is significantly more than just computer automation.

Over the years POWERCORP engineers have developed management systems for all levels of power station operation including demand side management and integration of fuel saving plant such as hydro and wind turbines. Systems are modular in concept and flexible in implementation of customer specific needs.

This has been achieved through innovative company management which has encouraged engineers to work closely with customers in the formative stages of the project. Detailed proposals and designs are prepared well ahead of placement of an order. By facilitating the close working relationship early in the project POWERCORP engineers have been able to achieve a much clearer picture of the customer's needs. Through this partnership approach the customer has been able to achieve better understanding of potential problems and consider alternative solutions prior to making a commitment.

Electrical, electronic, software, mechanical and civil engineering disciplines are supported by POWERCORP. As a result, project management of entire power station rehabilitation and automation has been undertaken. In-house software engineering means that the customer can expect complete attention to specific needs and full on-going technical support and training. With customer involvement in the selection of hardware platforms and system specification POWERCORP offers maximum compatibility with existing control systems and long term system security.


Company Name: POWERCORP Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 009 647 081

ABN: 48 009 647 081

Address: Export Drive,

Darwin Business Park

Berrimah, NT Australia 0828

Postal Address: PMB 88,

Berrimah,NT Australia 0828

Telephone: +61 (0)8 8947 0933

Facsimile: +61 (0)8 8947 0925



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