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Directory:Polyflow LLC converts polymer waste to valuable aromatic chemicals

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Page first featured June 19, 2009

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Akron, Ohio company, Polyflow LLC, says they can convert all forms of mixed contaminated polymer waste into valuable aromatic chemicals thus diverting the polymer waste going into landfills and reducing dependency on foreign oil. The Polyflow Process is said to offer an end of life solution to previously 'unrecyclable' polymers, such as tires, carpeting, and e-waste, which would otherwise typically be discarded in landfills or incinerated. This eliminates the need for sorting and enables the recycling of polymers that have been difficult to recycle in the past such as Plastics #3-#7.

Products of this process are gasoline, diesel fuel and most importantly, monomers and solvents that are viable feedstock for engineering polymers as alternatives to those normally made from crude oil and natural gas. They say that 1/3 of the product from their process can be used as chemical feedstock for making plastics, while 2/3 of the product from their process is gasoline and diesel fuel.

As of June, 2009, the company says they have run processed over 4 tons of waste in a pilot plant in Akron Ohio over the last year, and that they are now ready for commercialization at a larger scale.


Official Websites

Industrial Benefits

Polymer Recycling

Sustainable Model



Polyflow Process Video

Demonstration of Polyflow Technology


An example of a Polyflow process run with mixed contaminated polymers representing those going into the world's landfills each day. (YouTube May 11, 2009)


Quoting from

Polyflow accepts all plastics from recycling facilities and industrial and commercial generators.

Polyflow allows recycling facilities to focus on higher value materials.

Polyflow recycles items previously abandoned in landfills and incinerators.

Polyflow simplifies recycling decisions for consumers.

Polyflow puts more material into the recycling stream.

Polyflow handles complex products such as carpet, tires, electronic waste, ASR, and C&D waste.

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Quoting from

The Polyflow process reduces the disposal costs for industrial and commercial polymer waste.

Polyflow can recycle all polymer waste, the market is not limited to the 20% regrind rate that constrains most plastic recyclers.

Polyflow brings raw material cost stability to the polymer industry. Because Polyflow's production is not dependent on crude oil and natural gas to produce monomers, Polyflow does not experience price fluctuations common in the industry today.

Polyflow produces chemical feedstock at a cost significantly less than the price of conventional production methods. Using the Polyflow process at full scale, one half of the nation's mixed polymer waste will meet 100% of the market demand for feedstock for engineering polymers.

Independent Testing

"The quality of the gasoline, diesel fuel and chemical feedstock (aromatic monomer) products produced by the Polyflow process has been verified by NIST certified laboratories." by Crysital Lab.


One Patent issued on equipment PCT filed for process.


Company: Polyflow LLC


In the News

Google News > Polyflow

Interview with CEO of Polyflow, Joe Hensel - recycling candy wrappers. ( May 18, 2009)

Polyflow as a (Packaging Digest January 15, 2009)

Polyflow was recognized with the Most Promising Technology Award at the Cleantech Innovation Forum held in Washington D.C. (September 17, 2008)

Akron company says it's solved the recycling of plastic and rubber trash (story and video) - Just think of how much plastic we throw away or even recycle every day. The bottles, bags, and packaging. Now imagine every bit of it mixed together and turned into a product that reduces our dependence on oil. (WKYC August 14, 2008)

Akron company's technology could keep plastic out of landfills - It wouldn't be the first time a business from Akron shook the world. After all, it is the Rubber Capital. PolyFlow has a different solution, one that gets around the hassle of recycling. Its patented technology breaks down all manner of plastics into their base chemicals, which can then be processed back into plastic. (The Plain Dealer August 11, 2008)

Polyflow presents a paper at the Clean Technologies and Sustainable Industries (CTSI) Conference in Boston, MA (June 2008)

Paper presented at Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) Suppliers Council Meeting in Phoenix, AZ (March 2008)

Other Coverage

Google > Polyflow


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