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Directory:Plurion Systems Inc

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Plurion Ltd was established to develop, market and distribute a new technology for High Capacity Electricity Storage (HCES) batteries.

The battery technology consists of Zinc/Cerium Redox technology for renewable or grid electrical storage provides the highest power density of any battery on the market. The environmentally benign organic electrolyte is maintenance-free, making it possible to engineer sealed battery modules in the range of 250kW - 5MW, which can be connected to meet larger power requirements.


Official Website




Latest Developments

How it Works


Plurion's technology is similar to other Redox systems in that all these batteries are based on the combination of two electrochemical half-cells (the negative half-cell and the positive half-cell). These are separated by a membrane (known as the separator) and arranged in a "bipolar" cell stack of alternating negative and positive half-cells. Plurion is unique by using Zinc and Cerium as the electolyzer materials.

Image:Plurion Redox diagram.gif


Maintenance-Free Batteries

Plurion uses a unique electrolyte that cannot be degraded by cross membrane migration. All competing Redox systems require some significant level of ongoing electrolyte management. This major advance makes it possible to engineer sealed, maintenance free batteries. The chemistry is such that the negative and positive electrolytes are harmless to each other.


Modules can be manufactured in the range of 250kW - 5MW.

Multiple modules can be connected to meet larger power requirements.


NEC Review

On Nov. 19, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen said:

This is the kind of breakthrough needed to make

wind and solar more doable on large scales. This is a

type of fuel cell. Fuel cells do not have to be

hydrogen or combustible fuel based. What a fuel cell

really is is an electrochemical battery with

replenishable reactants. In this case, the chemicals

are stored outside the electrode area, instead of in

the electrodes or between the electrodes like all

common batteries.

Company Profile

"Plurion's technical team includes the world's foremost authorities on the chemistry of our positive and negative half-cells, membranes and electrodes. This includes substantial experience in the engineering and operation of very high power devices."

"Plurion's Zinc/Cerium Redox technology is based on a completely new class of transition metal and positive half-cell. The half-cell was developed by Plurion's founders more than 10 years ago and has been operated successfully at a very large scale and at current densities of 4,000A/m2. This half-cell has the highest possible half-cell voltage. Outside of Plurion and its founders, it has never been considered as a candidate for Redox couple."

Plurion System Inc was established: March 15, 2002

Outside equity investment to date: $16,400,000 USD

In the News

Google News > Plurion

Big UPS – the megawatts of uninterruptible power supplies - Plurion Systems has developed a new class of Redox technology for large capacity electrical storage solutions that provide the highest power density of any battery on the market. (Power Engineer Magazine, UK - Nov 14, 2006)


David Hodgson :

Plurion Systems Inc.

5190 Neil Road, Suite 430

Reno, Nevada 89502

Telephone (510) 239-0025 Facsimile (775) 329-0852

email: []

Owned by Applied Intellectual Capital, Inc. (AIC Properties, Ltd.)

2450 Mariner Square Loop

Alameda, CA 94501


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