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Directory:Pipe Pressure Power

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Systems that capture untapped energy from piping and transform it into electricity. Surplus energy is available within pipes and systems where gases, liquids or solids exert excess pressure.


Langson Energy, Inc
Image:Gas Letdown Generator thumbnail.jpg

Langson Energy - Langson Energy converts pressure to power utilizing their Gas Letdown GeneratorTM. Helical screw technology overcomes the high capital and operating costs of turbo-expanders and allows for contaminants and impurities to be directly handled through this Total Flow GeneratorTM. Gas pressure reduction stations where energy presently is not being utilized can now make Green Energy from Pressure. Base load green energy from pressure is available today with the Langson Gas Letdown GeneratorTM.

Image:Cryostar 95x95.jpg

Cryostar - At several points in the system, natural gas goes through ‘pressure reduction stations’, that releases energy that is presently not being harnessed. It is possible to generate carbon free electricity, merely by installing a turbine generation system at some of these stations.

Image:2OC geo-pressure 95x95.jpg

2OC - Geo-pressure is used to generate carbon free electricity at natural gas pressure reduction stations by installing a turbine generation system. The gas emerges from the ground under intense pressure which helps to drive it through the distribution network. Before it can be safely distributed to consumers, the pressure must be reduced.

Rentricity - Proprietary Flow-to-Wiresm systems capture untapped energy created by various man-made processes and transform it into electricity. This surplus energy is available within pipes and systems where gases, liquids or solids exert excess pressure.

POOPTRICITY: Want Electricity? Flush Your Turbine Toilet!

Internal Hydro - Energy Commander System uses water, fluid or gas flow from any source where flow pressure is present to create electricity. The system takes the pressure flow into a positive displacement system that creates mechanical forces, which is transferred to a generator creating electricity. The water or gas then moves out of the unit, to its original destination.


ElectraTherm - Gas Pressure Reduction Generator utilizes the energy contained in pressure let-down applications throughout gas transmission and distribution systems as well as geo-pressure of natural gas on offshore oil platforms to produce power or fuel-free electricity.


Rentricity's - Has received contract approval in Rhode Island to implement a "Flow-to-Wire" micro-turbine system that is powered by excess pressure found in piping systems for drinking water. Claims the systems can produce between 30 kW and 200 kW of power. (Renewable Energy Access April. 29, 2005)


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