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Directory:Perpetual Pendulum by VEProject1

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: June 29 NOTICE: I've had it pointed out to me that All of the VEProject1 gizmos are fakes, and they're quite upfront about that. From "Please, be advised: These Videos are of motorized versions that were built to illustrate how these machines were supposed to work in the minds of Inventors." See Directory:Visual Education Project

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 28, 2014

I got an interesting link today for a promotional video showing these Ball-Pendulum devices replacing wind farms. At first I would have disregarded it but when I clicked on the channel page and saw a video of an actual prototype running, based on this principle, I was less skeptical, though I realize there would be plenty of ways to fake a video like this.

I've seen a number of videos from this channel before, and I had kind of written it off as just a bunch of hoaxes. But given their persistence and growth of prototypes, I can't help but wonder if maybe at least some of them might actually work. It seems to me that this one in particular would be easy to replicate and validate or disprove, though getting the ratios of weights and distances might be a bit tricky.

It makes me want to go see their collection. If any of you know how to contact these people, please let us know. Thx.

Official Websites


Ball & Pendulum


(YouTube May 3, 2014)

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Just a Dream...


(YouTube June 26, 2014)

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Perpetual Pendulum

They say the above design is a variation of this one.


(YouTube April 26, 2014)

In the News

Google > v86IfvrY1C4 - sites and forums linking to the "Ball & Pendulum" video

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Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:Perpetual Pendulum by VEProject1 - As a pendulum swings, the top portion of it contains a curved channel with a ball in it that counter-weighs the swinging pendulum, appearing to keep it in motion. Does this really work, or is there trickery involved? (PESWiki June 28, 2014)


Simple Pendulum ( April 26, 2014)


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