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Directory:Perpetual Motion Machines

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: See also: PowerPedia:Perpetual motion

We at PESWiki do not believe that energy can be created from nothing, but that it can be transformed from one form to another, including from exotic sources such as magnets or gravity or the zero point.

Often times unimaginative scientists will lable something as "perpetual motion" because they can't imagine that a non-visible source of energy might exist, or that there might be an aspect of conventional forces that they don't yet comprehend.

Sometimes inventors might label their inventions as "perpetual motion" because they don't yet know where the energy is coming from.

We usually post energy technologies into various classifications, such as magnet motors, electromagnetic overunity, where models are being developed to describe where that energy is coming from.

Thus this directory page is sparce.


Image:Popular Science gravity machine Rockwell art 95x95.jpg

Could Exotic Matter Provide an Infinite Source of Energy? - Physicist Pavel Ivanov has investigated speculation that an exotic fluid with unusual properties could cause energy to flow continuously between different regions of space, resulting in a runaway transfer of energy. If an advanced civilization were able to construct a device to capture this energy, it might finally possess its own "perpetuum mobile" -- or perpetual motion. (PhysOrg Sept. 15, 2009)

Technologies often considered

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