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Directory:Perendev Permanent Magnet Patent Application

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Patent application (not awarded) for "Permanent Magnet Machine" awarded to Mike Brady of Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd), May 4, 2006.

International Patent, PCT, application number WO2006045333A1.

The document does not imply award.

Image:Perendev patent fig9 full assembly.gif

Patent Application

Download Patent WO2006045333A1 (PDF, 23 pp.)

Not Awarded

Note by Mark Goldes of Directory:Magnetic Power Inc, May 22, 2006

Patents are issued by individual countries. The PCT is a way of applying to several countries at once.

All such patents are published 18 months following filing.

This is merely the publication of his application.

There is no approval implied.

The documents at the end indicate his application has been challenged as being a perpetual motion machine, which no patent office in the world will patent.

The name of his firm does not help his case in this regard.

I wish him every success. The world needs this technology urgently.


The invention provides a magnetic repellant motor which comprises: a shaft (26) rotatable about its longitudinal axis, a first set (16) of magnetics (14) arranged about the shaft (26) in a rotor (10) for rotation with the shaft (26), and a second set (42) of magnets (40) arranged in a stator (32) surrounding the rotor (10), wherein the second set (42) of magnetics (40) is in interaction with the first set (16) of magnetics (14), wherein the magnetics (14,40) of the first and second sets (16,42) of magnetics are at least partially magnetically screened so as to concentrate their magnetic field strength in the direction of the gap between rotor (10) and stator (32).

Patent Figures

Image:Perendev patent fig1 300.gif



Image:Perendev patent fig2 3rotor.gif

Three rotors offset from each other on the common shaft.


Image:Perendev patent fig3 stator.gif

One stator arm.


Image:Perendev patent fig4 stator.gif

The other stator arm.


Image:Perendev patent fig5 3stator.gif

Combined stator assembly, with three sets opening on a clam-shell arrangement.


Image:Perendev patent fig6 magnet holder.gif

"Perspective view showing a socket lining of a stator or a rotor."


Image:Perendev patent fig7 magnet shielding.gif

"Perspecive view showing a magnetic source."


Image:Perendev patent fig9 full assembly.gif

Full assembly, with magnet motor attached to electric generator by belts.

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