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Directory:Patrick J. Kelly

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Patrick J. Kelly is one of the pillars of the international, exotic free energy

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The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices - Patrick J Kelly published the book titled "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" and keeps it up-to-date. It is a huge PDF book, weighing in at 1,637 pages!

Individual chapters:

Introduction: Free-Energy explained

Chapter 1: Magnet Power

Chapter 2: Moving Pulsed Systems

Chapter 3: Motionless Pulsed Systems

Chapter 4: Gravitational Pulsed Systems

Chapter 5: Energy-Tapping Pulsed Systems

Chapter 6: Battery-Charging Pulsed Systems

Chapter 7: Aerial Systems and Electrostatic Generators

Chapter 8: Fuel-less Engines

Chapter 9: Passive Systems

Chapter 10: Vehicle Systems

Chapter 11: Other Devices

Chapter 12: Beginner's Electronics Tutorial

Chapter 13: Doubtful Devices

Chapter 14: Renewable-Energy Devices

Chapter 15: The Current Situation

Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

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In the News

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:13 - "It might be worth pointing out that as John Bedini open-sourced a design of that type in 1984 (if I remember the date correctly) that the McQueen patent is void, John having provided 'prior art' covering the principle." Other interesting comments about the patent system in general, and free energy patents. (Free Energy Blog December 13, 2013)