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Directory:Pacific KVAR Energy Solutions

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The KVAR/KEC system is a simple and effective way to realize monetary, enviormental, and energy conservation benefits, without expensive replacement, retrofit, and new equipment. The KVAR/KEC system will reduce the energy consuption of any residence, business, industrial, munincipality, school district, government or military facility that uses electricity. The KVAR Energy Controller is claimed to be the single most efficient electrical energy saving device on the market today, with the higest return on investment, no facility down time. It is a patented, proven system that will determine exact reduction in energy consumption. KVAR is the ORIGINAL power factor correction device.

Lukewarm Review: "It has been my experience with these units that unless a residence has an unusually large inductive load (e.g. pool pump, koi pond pump), the savings will be marginal becasue the power conditioning unit itself draws a small, continuous amount of current, even when no inductive load is present. Nowadays, most appliances with motors (e.g. refrigerator, AC) come with built in power factor correction, so installing such a unit on the home is not going to be adding much to the overall savings. The KVAR people allegedly will conduct a power survey of a potential customer to see (1) if the home would benefit and (2) which size of unit to apply. Most commercial facilities and/or motor systems would benefit from a Directory:Power Factor Correction unit of some kind." -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Mr. Allen is right in the fact that small residential loads do not benefit from the KVAR system. For Example, if a small residence only operates a fridge, wall AC, T.V. and some lighting, there will be minimal benefit from our system. On the other hand if a residence has a large A.C system, two fridges, a pool and/or pond, and/or a washer/dryer that is used on a daily basis (towels, bedsheets, sport uniforms, etc. for a family of four) then the KVAR system would be a definite benefit. Furthermore, remote Mountain and Desert communities tend to have poor as well as "dirty" energy supplies will benefit from the KVAR unit.

The same applies to business and commercial applications. If a business is a boutique or small retail operation then we would advise the End User to retrofit lighting, and improve insulation and ductwork. However any facility that operates heavy machinery, large cooling systems, large or small inductive electric motors, and so on, will see large (15% to 25%) reduction of electric consuption. Before KVAR sets an appointment for an on site analisis, we do an End User interview to determine if of product is right for the application in question.

The KVAR unit does not draw any electrical energy when no load is present, it stores electrical energy to be released as needed.


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How it Works

How It Works

The KVAR/KEC system reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by eliminating otherwise lost electricity (reactive power) created by inductive loads at any given facility. The KEC (KVAR Energy Controller) unit stores and releases this ractive power thus elimanating this wasted energy. The KVAR/KEC system determines the exact capatance needed to size equipment for installation, whice in turn will stop this loss of reactive power. This process is called Power Factor Optimazation to Unity. When the power factor is optimized to unity, demand is reduced from the electric utility, this results is less energy draw, which slows the electric meter down. This results in reduction of electrical consuption and monetary savings.

Power Factor

Power Factor is a measurement of how efficent electrical energy is converted into physical work.

For AC inductive applications, the formula is volts x amps x power factor = watts (work.)

When Power Factor is low, energy is wasted. Within an inductive single phase A/C motor the current reverses up to 120 times per second, and when this ocillation occurs, the magnetic field within the inductive motor collapses, thereby radiating (up to) half the metered energy as waste. Furthermore, energy can be classified as reactive, inductive, capacitance, real and apperent power. Please see our website for further information.



The KVAR system will reduce energy consuption (guarenteed) and can usally pay for itself in as little as ten months. The basic premise of the KVAR system it that it should be the first step for an individual, corporation, or organization to install in order to achive energy and monetary savings. Since the KVAR has such a quick return on investment, it converts into a long term money saving machine. Savings on utility bills is tax free.

It has been estimated that 16 billion dollars per year is wasted by poor power factor. The KVAR/KEC system alone, is an important factor in Americas quest for Energy Independence by saving this country and populace billions of dollars in wasted energy.

Independent Testing

UL listed, CSA listed, Directive on the Restricion of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ROHS) Compliant, and Cleaner and Greener Certified.

Member and/or affiliats of, in no particular order: U.S Green Building Council, The Royal Institution of Great Britan, Women's Envionmental Council, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, Alliance to Save Energy, Energy Central, Export Council for Energy Efficiency, Enviormental Action Network, Energy Renewable Network and Rebuild America.


The KVAR/KEC system is the only patented system that can measure and determine exacly what type of Power Factor Correction Equipment that would be necessary to Optimize Power Factor. We are the original developers of self contained Power Factor Correction Equipment. Our procedure is thus: After a phone interview, a KVAR/KEC technician will complete an on-site analysis. This analisis tests and records the facility draw at main or sub panels (amps, watts, volts, etc.) before the addition of the KEC unit. Then the patented KVAR sizing equipment is attached to the circit or panel, whereby multiple variations of capacitance is introduced to raise the power factor to optimazation and unity. The technician then records the reduction in consuption (amp, watts, volts) and power factor. This information is then used to create a spreadsheet that will dertermine the short and long term monetary gains for the consumer by appling a custom made KEC unit. This procedure is called "Sizing a System." Each commercial or industrial KEC unit is then custom made for the End User's application, and installed by a licenced, bonded and insured electrician.


Company: KVAR Energy Savings, Inc
Inventor: Greg Taylor

Mr. Gregory Taylor started working on this idea of Power Factor Correction in 1976. Moving into the 80's the vision for the KVAR/KEC system was realized, resulting in the award patent in 1995 for the method and apparatus to determine amount of capacity required to optimize power factor of electrcity to unity. Furthermore, Mr. Taylor is an electrical management consultant (Enery Manager) and has taught several classas on electrical energy conservation at various local universities.

Mr. Taylor, born in Winter Haven, Florida in 1952, is the founder and inventor of the KVAR Energy Controller (KEC) and KVAR Energy Systems, Inc.

His educational background includes Vol-Tech in Florida and Georgia Institute of Standards and Technology. He is an also an electrical management consultant and has taught classes on electrical energy conservation at local universities. He has been performing research and development on electrical conservation products for twenty four years.

Mr. Taylor is actively involved in the day to day operations of the company. He leads research and development and continues to develop energy conservation products and projects that will ensure the success of KVAR's future. His efforts have changed the way electricity is sold and used throughout the world.


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Pacific KVAR Energy Solutions

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Port Orange, FL 32129

Phone: 386-767-0048

Toll Free: 888-899-KVAR (5827)

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