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Directory:Oscillating Water Column

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Technology for harnessing the motion of ocean/sea waves as they push an air pocket up and down behind a breakwater. Wells Turbine inside generates electricity from rotation in the same direction, whether the air is moving forward or backward.



Embedded Shoreline Devices and Uses as Power Generation Sources - Document examines the two major embedded shoreline devices used for ocean energy. Following a systematic description of each device there is a list of merits and drawbacks to each configuration. Furthermore the operation of the Wells turbine is examined in order to give a full explanation of the inner workings of an oscillating water column (By Kelly J. Kimball 11-15-03)


NPower Renewables: Wavegen Project

Wavegen - Limpet (Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer) is a shoreline energy converter that uses the principle of an oscillating water column (OWC). The current Limpet device – Limpet 500 sited on the island of Islay, off Scotland’s west coast – was installed in 2000 and produces power for the national grid.

In the News

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First Commercial Wavegen marine energy plant - Wavegen's Oscillating Water Column (OWC) technology, which has been successfully field tested in Scotland for seven years, is to be built on the Spanish Atlantic coast. An opening in the front of the breakwater allows the sea to rise and fall within a chamber, compressing air which drives a turbine and generator to produce electricity. (Inside Greentech Jul. 3, 2007)

UK Continues Energy Efforts into the Ocean - UK is planning installation of an oscillating water column prototype to demonstrate the potentail energy generating capabilities and savings from harnessing the ubiquitous tidal energy available. (Renewable Energy Access June 27, 2006)


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