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Directory:Ocean or Marine Power

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"Ocean energy" is a term used to describe all forms of renewable energy derived from the sea including wave energy, tidal energy, ocean current energy, offshore wind, salinity gradient energy and ocean thermal gradient energy.


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Directory:Zero Point Energy / Directory:Cold Fusion / Directory:Fusion / Directory:Ocean or Marine Power > 5 big alt-energy letdowns: Ideas that sounded good but... - As the call for a clean-energy savior—to wash away our fossil-fuel sins—grows louder, the number of questionable candidates swells. Should we be looking to photovoltaic or fusion? Turbines or tides? The five "duds" include Zero-point energy cold fusion, passive collection, hot fusion, sea movement. (Scientific American Mar 18, 2009) [Let 'em know what YOU think.]
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Ocean Renewable Energy Has Huge Potential But Not Without Giant Hurdles - Today’s marine renewable energy industry is commonly compared to the wind industry of the 1980's and early 1990's. At that time, there were many competing technologies being developed and thousands of turbines were broken during the testing process but it won't take 15 years to catch up. (Renewable Energy World June 24, 2009)

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Directory:Ocean Wave Energy / Directory:Tidal Power / Directory:Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion > Ocean Energy Potential - Ocean energy is mostly in an experimental stage but some of its component technologies have the potential to become mainstream energy sources and are now being trialed. Elementary primer on three basic ways to tap the ocean for its energy. We can use the ocean's waves, we can use the ocean's high and low tides, or we can use temperature differences in the water. (Directory:Energy Business Reports June 25, 2007) [Don't forget Directory:Ocean Current and Directory:Mixing Sea and River Water.]

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13 Startups Energized by Waves and Tides - A powerful and consistent sources of energy is lapping at our shorelines: the ocean. A number of startups are looking to harness its power. The British, Scottish and American governments have all offered up money for research and development in hydrokinetic energy generation, and slowly but surely startups are getting their feet wet in the world of wave and tidal energy. (Earth2Tech'' Sept. 18, 2008)

Ocean Energy Web Page by the Electric Power Research Institute.

Ocean Energy