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Image:NuVinci hub breakout 95x95.jpg

NuVinci CVP by Fallbrook Technologies

The NuVinci transmission uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission that tilt to vary the speed of the transmission, which changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. As a result, the NuVinci CVP offers seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range, thus maximizing overall powertrain efficiency, improving acceleration, performance and overall vehicle efficiency.

Provides an infinite number of gear ratios. Allows shifting while at a stop, using simple controls.

The technology is being introduced in a bicycle hub application, and from there it will then be applied elsewhere, eventually wherever gears are used.

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Image:NuVinci hub breakout 95x95.jpg

Fallbrook to Develop CVT for Outdoor Power Equipment - Fallbrook Technologies and Aftermarket Technology Corp. will develop a continuously variable planetary (CVP) drivetrain for ATVs, garden tractors, and utility vehicles, based on Fallbrook's NuVinci technology. It is more efficient, produces less heat and noise, performs better on hills, and is much easier to package. (The Auto Channel May 1, 2007)

The Ellsworth Ride with NuVinci CVP Hub - The Ellsworth Ride is the first bike to use the gearless NuVinci™ Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) drive. It uses a set of rotating balls between the input and output components of a transmission, that tilt and vary the output speed by changing their contact diameters with the discs. NuVinci can be scaled up to work on electric vehicles, agricultural equipment and wind turbines. (TreeHugger Mar. 28, 2007)

Currie to build LEVs using Fallbrook’s NuVinci™ CVP - Currie Technologies will expand its IZIP™ product line to include hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters combining the Currie Electro-Drive™ with the NuVinci CVP continuously variable planetary transmission . As a result, a new vehicle category will be created – a family of light electric vehicles whose enhanced performance makes them a practical alternative to gas-powered vehicles. (Fallbrook Technologies September 12, 2006)

the NuVinci code - "At last, a tranny with some balls" (Motor Trend, September 2006)

Company switches gears with transmission device (Bike Europe)

Best of Interbike picks - one of three picked. (Cyclingnews)

Pedaling NuVinci™ (EV World 20 April 2005)


Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

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San Diego, CA 92121

Tel: 1 858 623-9557 or 1 888-688-4624 (1 888-NuVinci) / Fax: 1 858-623-9563

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