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Pure Energy Systems News

December 16, 2015

NuEnergy has a good dozen technologies they are involved with, including using graphene to turn heat into electron flow, both for thermal electric conversion as well as solar panels that are an astonishing 57% efficient, compared to the standard PV panels that are 17% efficient at best. But what is even more impressive is one of their water purification technologies that involve cavitation, which brings about an LENR (aka cold fusion) effect to generate heat (which can be used to generate electricity). So they use salt water as fuel, and their products are 1) desalinated water and 2) electricity. Brilliant.

NuEnergy is headed by Hector M. Guevara, the man responsible for installing a solar system in the WhiteHouse in 1979. He's been a leader in renewable energy and scientific achievement for over 35 years and holds multiple patents. He's also a successful business owner and leader of multiple ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances, receiving Entrepreneur of the Year award.

NuEnergy has developed a significant array of astonishing products that push the envelope of technology to extremes that sometimes enter into our area that we call "extreme." As they say, "He who is one step ahead is a genius he who is two steps ahead is a crackpot." But because NuEnergy Technologies Corp has a solid portfolio within the establish science arena, their credibility quotient is well-established.

Their HeatSeeker solar panels us graphene and achieve record-breaking 57% minimum heat conversion efficiencies, while being up to 50% less expensive than standard high-end PV panels. But here's the kicker, unlike traditional PV products that require light, Heatseeker3 can work 24hrs in the in light or dark, requiring only a conductive, convective or radiant heat source.

They also have a MagLev (magnetically levitated) vertical axis wind turbine.

Their AQ3 is a "Toilet-to-Tap" water purification system and they also have mobile systems that convert Septic-To-Water. They call this "Liquid Gold" fertilizer, made from septic.

They also have an air-to-water distillation system. And our audience is likely to take a particular interest in their cavitation system for purifying water.

They have biomass gassifiers to turn biomass into electricity and biochar.

They also have mobile Waste-to-Energy systems.

They are even involved in transportation using suspended light rail.

And they have LED lighting.

They have a KINMO [kinetic motion] Flywheel Energy system.

But what I find most intriguing, myself, is their ThermalElectric Generator (TEG) that captures and transforms waste heat from motors into electricity.

They're also involved in Tesla's boundary layer turbine technology.

They're also involved in off-grid building designs.

Oh, and they have an aquaponics food production system.

Official Websites


Boundary Layer Turbine (BLT) by NuEnergy Technologies (Tesla Turbine)


(YouTube December 17, 2015)

Waste to Energy BRAVO Unit


Description of portable waste to energy gasification unit - producing electricity, syn gas and fertilizer mulch (YouTube July 21, 2015) [unlisted video linked with permission]

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