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Northern lights solar solutions is a leader in providing pre-packages and pre-engineered solar water heating systems both for home and commercial applications. The pre-packaged water heaters make it easy to install and are pre-engineered to provide the maximum cost savings right out of the box. All systems come standards with a 2nd heating zone option so that home owners can quickly add a space heating option or a pool or hot tubs heater to their domestic water heating system.

Latest Developments

Dec 2012

Northern Lights Solar Solutions receives CSA certification for SWH-1 Supplemental solar water heating package

Later Dates

How it Works

(diagram, if available)


Image:Finished graphic comp pre packaged solar water.jpg



Solar Water Heating Systems Solar Heating is one of the best ways to harness the suns green energy. ([url YouTube] Date)

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Solar Water Heaters Pre packages solar heating systems make allow users to qucikly install a solar water heater with out the need of specialty contractors. ([url YouTube] Date

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How Solar Vacuum Tubes work Find out more on how solar vacuum tubes work. ([url YouTube] Dat


Unit costs por a complete SWH-1 Solar Water heater is $5400 US. More water heating packages can be found at


Only one water heating tank required

Ideal for new home designs

provides both hot water and home heat in one combined system


Primary Water Heater

Back up Water Heater

Hybrid Solar Water Heater & Solar Space Heater

Independent Testing

Northern Lights Pr-Engineered Solar Water Heating Packages have been tested by LabTest under the CSA requirements of F379 for solar water heating packaged system. Specifically under the category of Supplemental Solar Water Heaters.



Northern Lights Solar Solutions was founding in 2006 and has been a leader in pre-engineered solar Heating systems in North America and the Caribbean. For more information please contact us at 1 800 317 9054