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Directory:Norman Wootan

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Norman Wootan


Focus on EV Gray Motors, and any other Free Energy Related Work

Note, the purpose of this entry is not to track down Mr. Wootan. He deserves the level of privacy that he may desire.

Let's keep the focus of any information here on Mr. Wootan's "Free Energy" related work and especially with a focus on the recovered Directory:EV Gray motors and the ultimate fate of his project to restore them to operation. If Mr. Wootan himself finds this entry, he can add any biographical info that he sees fit.

Please add any information you may have.

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Norman Wootan has issued some comments on the Rotoverter

Here is a summary of Norms results quoted from his internet disclosure on Mon, 25 Feb 2002 – on the Keely net forum.


:I loaded the DC generator with 160-watt incandescent lamp load. Since I have two independent systems here, one being driven with 120VAC line input and the other system a belt driven DC generator being loaded with pure resistive load. Here are the numbers: Motor was retuned for minimum current draw which required 45 mfd, 370V oil filled cap with a resulting current draw of .15 amps @ 120VAC input.

:The independent generator put out .75 amps @ 74 VDC into a resistive load. The only thing that needs to be looked at on the input side of the equation is the power factor of the AC input. I need to look at the current/ voltage phase relationship. I'm satisfied with the figures that I calculate which shows roughly

:18 watts AC input

:with a DC output of 55.5 watts.

:What I find most interesting is the fact that the more load you put on the 3-phase motor the lower the input current draw and the motor gets colder. The belt driven DC generator gets quite hot after about 30 minutes of running time. Go figure it out. I believe there is a lot to be learned about revolving magnetic fields in 3 phase motors and tuning the output via capacitors. This experiment is so easy to do everyone should seriously look at this phenomenon.

-End quote


Magnetic Resonance Amplifier of Norman Wootan and Joel McClain

:With low-level ultrasonic input signals, the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA) produces usable direct current power at levels above unity. This circuit is based upon the work and theories of John Ernst Worrell Keely, and is offered into the public domain in his memory.

EV Gray Motor Presentation / Video

Norman Wootan gave a presentation on the "The History of The Directory:EV Gray Motor" at the 2001 Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference conference.

The video of this presentation is available at Directory:Peter Lindemann website.

In the presentation, Mr. Wootan puts on display before the audience actual recovered parts from the E.V. Gray motor (primarily the motor parts, and notably missing the "conversion tube"), and claims that with the assistance of E.V. Gray's former Lawyer, and investment from an unidentified German investor, that Mr. Wootan was going to build a machine shop and begin to restore / replicate the operation of the E.V. Gray motor technology.

This page seeks to document what happened to this effort, and any other interesting contributions Mr. Wootan has made to the New Energy field.

Gray Motors Sold to Alan Francoeur?

According to members of the email list maintained by Jerry Decker at

the people who actually owned the E.V. Gray motors sold them to someone in Canada.

Another mailing list member said the unnamed person in Canada is PowerPedia:Alan Francoeur . Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan confirms that Alan Francoeur received a Gray motor from someone.

Mr. Wootan is said to be "still busy and living on his ranch."


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