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Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews

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A directory of resources providing an overview of Directory:Nikola Tesla's life and technologies.

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Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Directory:Coast to Coast AM > Tesla's Inventions on Coast to Coast AM with Professor W. Bernard Carlson - Professor at the University of Virginia, W. Bernard Carlson discussed how Nikola Tesla was one of America's first celebrity scientists. He also contemplated wireless power, with the idea that electrical energy could be pumped into the earth to make the earth resonate... (News:Pure Energy Blog July 17, 2013)
Image:Patrick Flanagan 2011 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Tesla, Energy & Reincarnation: Coast to Coast AM 7-10-2012 - Listen to the recording of my interview last night on Coast with host George Noory, introducing the brilliant and engaging 68-year-old Patrick Flanagan for the first time to the Coast audience as the probable reincarnation of Nikola Tesla. It's sure to be a Coast classic. (PESN July 11, 2012)
Image:Patrick Flanagan Stephanie Sutton coils 2011 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Did Tesla Reincarnate as Patrick Flanagan? - I consider Gillis Patrick Flanagan to be the most likely candidate for the reincarnation of Telsa, born a little over a year after Tesla died, with full recollection of his previous life, building a Tesla coil at 8, and literally shocking the neighborhood at 9.5 years of age with his 14 MHz coil that created 6-foot arcs. (PESN July 10, 2012)
Image:IMG 6019 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Karl Palsness and Bringing Tesla Technologies to Market - Decade funded Tesla researcher, Directory:Karl Palsness, talks about the key principles behind the exotic energy technologies Nikola Tesla developed in the latter half of his life, which would enable a device to harness power from the environment and how close researchers are at today to bringing this to market -- possibly as soon as 12 months. (PESN July 9, 2012)
Image:Bust-of-Tesla photo C2C Noory sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Coast to Coast AM / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Tesla Coverage on Coast to Coast AM - Since 2003, the topic of Nikola Tesla has been featured in in the title of at least nine shows on the world's largest night-time radio show. Here's a compilation of those programs for your consideration in preparation for the tenth show which I'll be doing this coming July 10, his birthday. (PESN July 4, 2012)
Image:Infinite energy 89 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Interview: The Electrical Genius of Nikola Tesla andTesla’s Elecromagnetic Healing Devices - On Jan. 31, 2010, Directory:Thomas Valone, Ph.D., was interviewed on 21st Century Radio, reviewing the then latest issue 89 of Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine magazine, which was devoted to the subject of Nikola Tesla.
Image:Tesla drop play sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:U.S. Government and Energy / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Tesla (brief video) - I missed this video by HowStuffWorks that was uploaded a year a half ago. It's quite intriguing in its speculation about the U.S. government's sequestering of advanced technologies. (YouTube March 23, 2010)

PBS Special on Tesla - PBS ran a special on Tesla in 2000, which took a comprehensive look at the life, work and legacy of this controversial electrical genius. Reprint of original press release. (PESN February 25, 2005)

Tesla: Life and Legacy PBS

Image:Tesla TheOatmeal sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - Humorous, insightful, concise presentation of the history and accomplishments of Tesla from the perspective of geeks, includes entertaining text and images. (TheOatmeal May 1, 2012)
Image:Infinite energy 89 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magazines > Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Infinite Energy: Issue 89: The Electrical Genius of Nikola Tesla - The Fight to Preserve Tesla’s Wardenclyffe • Tesla’s Wireless Energy • Tesla vs. Einstein: Transcending the Speed of Light • Tesla’s Accomplishments in the Niagara Falls Region • Tesla’s Atmospheric Research as Related to Pyramids • Tesla’s Electromagnetic Healing Devices • High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic Purposes • Clean Fusion Energy from Colliding High Density Spheromaks • The Unique Nature of a Room-Temperature Superconductor (Jan/Feb 2010)
Image:Eric Dollard 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wireless Transmission of Electricity > PowerPedia:Scalar field theory > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Eric Dollard's Talk on Longitudinal Wave Energy - In 1996 Eric Dollard gave a talk about Tesla's Longitudinal Wave Energy at a gathering of HAM radio operators. A video recording of the event has been posted on Youtube. As one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world on the topic, such a rare talk is something to pay attention to! (PESN May 9, 2011)
Image:Monkey mouth-suppression 95x95.jpg
Directory:Suppression / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla Overviews > Breaking the Chains of Suppression - Tesla was a white hat that took us beyond Maxwell’s law of thermodynamics that says you can only get the energy out that you put in by pointing out that we live in an electric universe and that electric universe can be tapped into. 2012 is all about raising the level of consciousness on this planet and breaking the chains of suppression… and in this we must persist. (PPJG May 26, 2012)
Image:Tesla 3327 NewYorker 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)


(YouTube / shrunkensimon Feb. 14, 2009)

Image:Michael Riversong holdingMoe Joe Cell 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Classifieds:Riversong's Anthology of Tesla Research and Environmental Resources - Template: 605, a member of the New Energy Congress and founder and director of the Tesla Academy, is making available two CDs with collections of Tesla and other exotic technology research he has compiled over the past 25 years of involvement in the field. (PESWiki Oct. 10, 2008)
Image:Whitley Strieber Hybrids sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Nikola Tesla > PESN Plugged by Ralph Steiner on Coast to Coast AM - In an interview with Whitley Strieber, guest hosting Coast to Coast AM, Ralph Steiner plugged PESN as a top source for exotic energy news. The fascinating conversation included information about Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and other suppressed inventors. [BREAKING: Sterling to be on C2C this Saturday 11pm-2am PST.] (PESN and BeforeItsNews January 17, 2012)

Nikola Tesla: A Brief Bio: (1856-1943) - by Frank Germano

Nikola Tesla Timeline (1856-current) - The Tesla timeline is a graphical representation of important or significant dates throughout Nikola Tesla's life and beyond.


" The life story and work of Nikola Tesla. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things." (YouTube October 28, 2007)

Image:BBC--shock and awe story of electricity sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Nikola Tesla > BBC Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - This BBC documentary does an excellent job of reviewing the fascinating history of electricity and its many key players of the past two centuries. It is astonishing how rapidly the technology unfolded and how radically it changed how we live. So will it be with Free Energy. (PESN March 31, 2012)
Image:Tesla w shining hats SDA-edit 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla / Donate to PES Network > Passing the hat on Tesla's B-day - On the 154th anniversary of the birth of the father of free energy, we honor the memory of the man who is finally beginning to get the attention he deserves in the mainstream and we pass the hat to keep the news, directory, and networking service we provide going. (PESN July 10, 2010)

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