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Free Energy Updates (FE_updates) - newsletter by PESNetwork Inc, based on the content at, since Sept. 2002.

Free Energy Weekly News (FE_weekly)- weekly version of FE_updates, commenced Feb. 2006.

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Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Directory:Newsletters / Directory:Investment Resources > Cutting-Edge, Clean Energy Market Research Newsletter - There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] and the New Energy Congress are launching a periodic newsletter (1-4 posts/month) to keep you abreast of some of the most promising developments in the extreme cutting edge of renewable energy advancement, to help you find the best financial and business opportunities. (NEC Oct. 20, 2008)


Alter-NRG Newsletter - Filled with breaking news, the latest technological advances, changes to our site and special offers as they become available.

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Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Newsletters > Lindemann's Free Energy > Peter Lindemann's December free energy newsletter - The DVD from Directory:Peter Lindemann excellent presentation at the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2, is now available. "This is the first time I have laid out the complete methodology for building a fully self-running machine, basically from 'off-the-shelf' parts." ( December 3, 2010)

Alternate Energy Institute Newsletter - since May 1999.

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Directory:Future Emergy eNews - by Directory:Thomas Valone Integrity Research Institute, since Spring 2000. Future Energy Enews keeps futurists abreast of energy trends.

EV World - re: electric vehicles & related, since Jan, 2002.

Greener Design News - "This one focuses on green product innovation and design -- how companies are rethinking how they design, manufacture, and market products for both consumer and business markets."

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Directory:Newsletters >Directory:New Energy Times - New Energy Times(tm) is the premier journal covering Cold Fusion research. It is a project of New Energy Institute, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which provides information and educational services to help bring about the clean-energy revolution.

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Directory:Newsletters > Panacea Newsletter 11 (pdf) - Ashtweth Palise has posted his most recent 31-page newsletter, addressing a wide range of issues, including what he considers to be three presently-available free energy devices, and his recent test results from e-Orbo, and his results from testing the Gadgetman Groove. He also comments regarding political threats to freedom. (Panacea-Bocaf December 3, 2010)

Solar Thermal World Newsletter

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Energy Updates by MIT Technology Review (Mondays) - "From solar technology and biofuels to more efficient ways of burning fossil fuels and building nuclear power plants, we bring you the most promising energy technologies--many of them ready now."

World of Renewables - The World Renewable Energy Association (WREA) promotes the use and viability of Renewable energy Worldwide.