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"Coal" : There is actually no coal in ECO Clean Coal. It is called ECO Clean Coal because of the industry it is intended to serve.

Image:NewEarth ECO Clean Coal pellet burning 200.jpg

Biomass-based "Coal" Makes Coal Plants Renewable and Clean

NewEarth Renewable Energy, Inc. produces a "coal" equivalent from 100% biomass sources. The pellets do not smoke, are odorless, and produce virtually no pollution yet they have the same BTU content as coal, and are available at a lower price, when all the costs of coal are factored in.

The company says it was specifically designed for coal-burning power plants to immediately reduce their CO2 and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. It is a renewable alternative fuel to coal, and is CO2 and Greenhouse Gas neutral. ECO Clean Coal can be either co-fired with coal or totally replace coal at any coal-fired power plant worldwide, without any retrofitting, loss of productivity, or service to customer. It is a pound per pound replacement for coal. It is the most compatible biomass fuel to burn with coal.

: "In just one day, any coal-burning electric power generation station could switch out completely its coal load, and burn NewEarth ECO Fuels and become green house gas neutral, and never pollute the air again, earning the station massive carbon credits."


Official Website - Site just has home page for now will be upgraded later.


Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif

Download (13 Mb mp3) - On Feb. 11, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a live, 1-hour interview with Ahava Amen, founder of New Earth Renewable Energy, Inc., as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.


Download ECO Clean Coal brochure (pdf 600 kb)


Image:Ahava amen 95x95.jpg

Powering the Planet: Renewable Energy - A look at e-coal, coal without the pollution that costs less, with CNBC's Melissa Francis 1.08 Minutes. (CNBC Oct. 23, 2008)


(1:24 minutes)

Smoke Detector Test - The pellets burn without emitting smoke, as shown here with a smoke detector, which is set off by a burning wood pellet but not the burning ECO Clean Coal pellet. (YouTube Feb. 7, 2008)

Comment: "Ionization detectors dont sense smouldering fires." -- pioneerz450 (Nov. 22, 2009)


Email a copy of the above brochure to your local coal power utility, along with a link to this feature page. Encourage them to consider ECO Clean Coal for replacing their coal, drastically reducing their emissions, becoming renewable, all while boosting their bottom line.

Latest Developments

February 4, 2008

This PESWiki feature page is created by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan. Thanks Congress:Member:Stephen Kaplan.

How it Works

Image:NewEarth ECO Clean Coal pellets in hand 250.jpg

Quoting from company brochure

"Through the process of our natural 'ECO Torrefaction and ECO Densification' the energy properties of the biomass are augmented and refined for clean burning electric power generation. During the ECO Torrefaction process the molecular structure of the wood is transformed into a more refined fuel, similar to the energy nature of coal but with out any pollution side effect because all pollutants have been removed. After it has been processed, only the energy component remains in the wood, the natural smoke forming volatiles have been removed, and the moisture and ash content is reduce to less that 1%. Through ECO densification a higher heat value/energy content is achieved, it is then pelletized for transportation.

"ECO Torrefaction is the natural process of improving the overall properties in biomass to become a higher energy output and cleaner burning fuel in a truly environmentally friendly / sustainable way. During ECO Torrefaction, a rearrangement and decomposition of the biomass structure occurs rendering it completely dry, and free of its tenacious and fibrous structure. The grind ability of the biomass is improved greatly, while the BTU or calorific value also increases sharply. The biomass fuel becomes completely moisture resistant. Through this natural process very energy dense fuel pellets are created, and the biomass looses its various types of smoke-causing volatiles. More mass than energy is lost, which results in an amazing process of energy densification. An increase in the calorific value is achieved from 17-19 MJ/kg to 19 to 29 MJ/kg, and 90% of original energy content remains.

"It is now a renewable fuel that resembles the energy component in coal but whereas coal has many other pollutants still trapped inside of it, ECO Clean Coal has been liberated of all pollutants. Therefore, when the ECO Clean Coal is burned it is smokeless and odorless. You can burn it indoors and outdoors. There will be no smoke only heat.

"Is made from 100% certified energy crops that we grow. Our crops consist of short rotation coppice

wood crops. We do not destroy old growth forests or compete with food crops.

Natural Gas

Quoting from company brochure

"Through gasification technology NewEarth ECO Clean Coal can be gasified to replace natural gas at natural gas burning electric power plants. Because ECO Clean Coal is CO2 and GHG neutral, your company will also generate revenue from carbon credits, and reduce its fuel cost enormously.

Comparison to Coal

Quoting from company brochure

Coal is just biomass from millions of years ago that has undergone a lengthy transformation process in which the pollutants where not separated out of it. The pollutants remained inside and crystallized along with the energy component of the biomass. Once the biomass has become coal, the pollutants can no longer be completely removed before it is burned. These pollutants remained inside. When coal is burned, these pollutants are released along with the energy. This is the main reason why coal is bad for the environment.


Quoting from company brochure (Feb. 2008)

The company says ECO Clean Coal contains all the energy but half the total price of coal (from 9,500-14,500 BTU’s).

The current price of ECO Clean Coal per ton is $68 USD from NewEarth’s Surplus Stock. To receive this price a company must order a minimum of 100,000 tons per year. When your company calculates all the financial benefits from all the carbon credits, plus other offsets and reductions, you will see that ECO Clean Coal is cheaper than the total cost of coal.

: "Your company’s ECO Clean Coal fuel cost will always be cheaper than the total cost of coal."

Total Cost of Coal

Quoting from company brochure (Feb. 2008)

The following worksheet shows those costs that must be factored in to determine the total cost of coal. Some economists looking at the question have concluded that for every ton of coal that is burned a company pays a minimum of $100 per ton.

Emissions cost $__________

Fines $__________

Retrofitting/tooling scrubbers and components lime/limestone/ammonia $_________

Landfills and disposal cost $__________

Installation of pollution control equipment and pollution control cost $__________

Air quality permit cost $__________

NOx, SO2, Mercury emissions permit cost $__________

Blending cost $__________

CO2 capture equipment $__________

Cost of electric to run the pollution control equipment $________

D Rate $__________

Sample and Analysis cost $__________

Other regulatory cost $__________

Permitting cost for new coal power plants $__________


Image:NewEarth ECO Clean Coal v coal costs bf12.gif

With ECO Clean Coal the calculation of offsets brings the price down below $30 and as low as ZERO in some markets.


Image:NewEarth ECO Clean Coal emissions chart bf8.gif

Quoting from company brochure

Is CHEAPER, CLEANER, and SAFER than the TOTAL COST of COAL and all fossil fuels.

Is moisture resistant, will not reabsorb moisture and is less than 1% moisture and ash.

Eliminates the need for expensive scrubbers and pollution control technology for total biomass fuel projects.

Will earn any company massive carbon credits.

Solves any company’s environmental challenges.


infinite supply

we do not cut down any old growth forest we do not compete with food crops or use land that could have been used to grow food

very low ash can be used as fertilizer

Reliable: capable of providing base load power generation, and or constant electric power generation.


Eliminates bad press and legal issues

Restores land and environment

Increases your company’s profits


Image:Coal 200.jpg

Quoting from company brochure

The company expects that their biomass-based "coal" can replace all coal applications, producing the same BTU output, but with barely any emissions, at a cumulative price comparable to coal. "Is the best fuel to co-fire with coal for maximum results, and can be co-fired in any ratio."

ECO Clean Coal is produced in any range of energy content/value, from 9,500 to 14,500 BTU’s.

NewEarth offers ECO Clean Coal in the following 4 types of coal classifications:

lignite coal

sub bituminous coal

bituminous coal

anthracite coal

Target industries include:

electric power industry

metal industry (because of its high heat value like anthracite coal)

Independent Testing




Company: NewEarth Renewable Energy, Inc.

NewEarth says they can "provide a company with any supply quantity/amount" of the ECO Clean Coal.

Having recently commenced production, they have only produced 20,000 tons so far. (as of Feb. 4, 2008)

Job Opportunities

On Feb. 5, 2008, NewEarth President, Ahava Amen wrote:

[We are looking for] an engineer that worked for a coal or biomass burning power plant in operations. We are looking for people with engineering skills and experience in this field. We are also looking for scientists, engineers, environmentalist, foresters, ecologist, etc. We are growing rapidly and we need to keep pace with our demand.


In the News

Image:NewEarth eco clean coal display WIREC 08 95x95.jpg

Peering into energy's future - Biomass, which is burned for heating and electricity generation, is attracting more attention. It was featured in many talks at the WIREC conference. NewEarth is making what it calls E-Coal, made from a variety of materials, including seaweed, algae, agricultural waste, animal waste, coconut hulls, bamboo, and switch grass. The product is designed as a replacement for coal burned in power plants. The company claims that E-Coal is greenhouse gas-neutral or -negative, and that it eliminates sulfur and mercury emissions. (Frame 9 of c|net 20-frame photo essay March 7, 2008)


Image:Newearth ecoclean coal thumbnail 300.jpg
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ECO Clean Coal was exhibited at the Congress:Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies Exhibited at the Chicago Hall of Fame, 2008


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Inventor Develops


NewEarth Renewable Energy, Inc.

Seattle | Berkeley | Los Angeles | Washington D.C. | London | Vancouver B.C.

phone: +1-206-446-4731

email: []

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