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Directory:Nazi Bell

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Directory of resources related to the Nazi Bell, an anti-gravity technology worked on by the Germans during the second world war.

During WWII, this technology was classified more secret than the Nazi atomic research. At the end of the war, the scientists who worked on it were ordered to be killed to keep the secret.

Nazi Bell on MIT Radio


(YouTube by AlienScientist Dec. 29, 2009)

This is an excerpt taken from MIT Student Radio WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge/Boston featuring AlienScientist on suppressed technology.

Joseph Farrell Interview with Project Camelot (YouTube)

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Image:Truth about Wunderwaffe 95x95.jpg

Defense contractor's anti-gravity discovery disclosed - A fabled top secret World War II technology, never fully developed by the Nazis, although many individuals were allegedly killed in the process of its testing, apparently has been replicated in part by a mainstream Californian defense contractor, SARA, showing anti-gravity and propulsion effects. (PESN Nov. 16, 2005)

Einstein's AntiGravity and Unified Field Theory - An overview of Einstein's Unified Field Theory and historical connections linking the Nazi Bell, Philadelphia Experiment, and Hutchison Effects. This was a breakthrough article on publication in 2005, revealing a wealth of technical knowledge on how these esoteric devices may have worked. American Gravity.

The New Nazi Bell - A follow-up to the original "Einstein's Antigravity" story by Tim Ventura, including additional details regarding the experiment not published in the initial story. American Gravity.

Einstein's AntiGravity Legacy - A technical article by defense-scientist John Dering that describes the history of Einstein's Unified Field Theory and it's ramifications on the Nazi Bell. American Gravity.

Secrets of the Nazi Bell - An in-depth interview with Joseph Farrell including detailed descriptions of the Bell and perspectives on secret Axis physics research in World War 2. American Gravity.

Nazi-Bell Photo Gallery - Closeup photos of 'The Henge' at Wenceslas Mine, as well as never-before-seen photos from the top of the Henge by an inquisitive researcher in 2006. American Gravity.


The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa's Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12 by Joseph P. Farrell

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