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Directory:N-Motion The Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company

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Overview : N-Motion The Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company has a snazzy-looking website that gives the appearance similar to Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc. (a legitimate electric car company), but with no supporting technology.

Solicitation : Site solitics a $200 membership fee to help finance technology development.

Flawed Logic: The technology proposed on Kevin Pandil's Go-N-Motion website is not scientifically sound. His concept is to capture typically wasted energy as the initial energy source, which is a grossly flawed idea thermodynamically. Initial energy is required in the first place to get the vehicle moving.


Official Website

Models - "We here at N-Motion the Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company would like to build a car that you would want to drive. If you decide to become a member you will be able to vote on styles that our design team comes up with. Of course we will be making other styles of cars and trucks. But we are concentrating on the prototype right now."

Become a Member - $200.00 is said to get you a discount card puts you in line to buy enables you to vote on car style, interior, colors, and accessories monthly newsletter T-Shirt with Company Logo...

About Us

Executive Summar (pdf 2pp) - "N-Motion is a start-up company making the Perpetual Motion Vehicle. This vehicle will be able to drive across the country without stopping. With quite, clean running motors, and able to have the power and travel the speeds we are use to. The first objective is to design, build and test the prototype. The second objective is the patents on all of the new technology that is going into this new car. Next is the need to secure a place to build the prototype...."

Latest Developments

Jan. 30, 2007

A PES Network Inc. associate, Mary-Sue Haliburton, noticed this Google AdWord ad at American Free Press (

Image:Go-N-Motion Google ad hj85.jpg
Aug. 30, 2006

The domain name "" was first registered, with expiration term in one year. (Source:


None. First they have to come up with a technology.

Company Profile

Quoting from

: N-Motion the Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company is just starting and located in Aurora, Colorado. Right now we are trying to fund the prototype of this state-of-the-art car.

: The first thing we need to do is design the car. [...] As this is being done we will be working on the propulsion system to get this up and running. All of this takes a boatload of money because there is going to have be some new technology that has to be made. That’s where you can help us, with your membership and or donation we can start to get things done.[...]

: [...] With Perpetual Motion technology we could have a car that has unlimited range with no fuel of any kind. [...]

: Thanks

: Kevin Pandil

Proposed Concept

Quoting from Go-N-Motion home page:

: "The over all-principal behind Perpetual Motion technology, is it starts with the forward motion of the vehicle. This is power that is being wasted. Let me explain, if you get a 2-ton car moving forward at 5 mph and jump out in front of that car you might be able to stop it. As you are trying to stop it, the power that you are feeling is the power that is being wasted. If you get a car moving forward at 35 mph and you jump out in front of it you won’t be able to stop it. In fact it will knock you over and keep on going. This is great power that is being wasted. If you get the car going 65 mph and jump out in front of the car it will just run you over without even slowing 1 mph. This is non-stoppable power that can be used to power the car. The next time that you are out driving around you can feel this power being generated. What a waste of this awesome power, even at 35 to 45 mph the speed we drive at the most. This power can be used to power the car and is over looked by everyone. We here at N-Motion plan to use this power to our advantage. There is so much of this power it could power you across the country without stopping."

In the News

Google News > N-Motion Perpetual - null as of Jan. 30, 2007

Action Regarding Mercedes Image

On Jan. 31, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

I have been in email communication with Kevin Pandil today. He does not think what he is doing with his site is unethical in any way.

He said:

: "I bought the web site from vodahost at: I have full rights to all pictures and use of the website. It is a Mercedes car that is under the cover."

I phoned Mercedes at the contant number listed at and spoke with Justin, who took down the information and thanked me for bringing it to his attention.

My point was that while most uses of the Mercedes image would probably be fine, in this instance the site crosses a line by portraying itself as a motor vehicle company -- which immediately leads one to believe that the image they are seeing is a model produced by that company, not another company. Justin agreed, and said he would be forwarding the information to the necessary legal department.


Open Letter to Kevin Pundil

On Jan. 30, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

Dear Kevin,

While you might be applauded for wanting to do something to help the environment, you have things completely backwards. The first step is to have a technology that works, then you build a company, then you work on applications of that technology -- not the other way around.

Won't Work

On Aug. 4, 2007, NEC member, Congress:Member:Noah Seidman wrote:

Although there is a sense of good intention, traditional scientific principles, in this instance, cannot be ignored. The concept is simply not viable.

Technically, the concept presented is simply a regenerative braking system, which

is currently utilized in the Toyota Prius Hybrid, the Ford Escape

Hybrid, and most likely all other Hybrids. Don't get me wrong, a

regenerative braking system is a great way to capture typically waste

energy, but in no way can you achieve what is proposed here. The energy

recovered will always be less than the energy required to achieve a

particular velocity. You must consider efficiency, and specifically with

regard to your envisioned application, the energy recovered will always

be less than the input energy.

You must utilize energy stored in the batteries to build up your forward momentum. Lets say you utilize 10 Kilo Joules of energy and are now traveling at 60 MPH. Lets say friction will eat about 5-10% (it is much higher in the real world) of your energy, therefore given the 90% efficiency of your motors and generators, and the 5-10% energy lost due to friction, the maximum amount of energy that can be applied to your generators will be:

10 Kilo Joules minus (point one times 10,000) = 9,000 Joules 9,000 Joules minus (point one times 9,000) = 8,100 Joules

Then that 8,100 Joules must be converted into electricity at a 90% efficiency therefore that 8,100 Joules becomes 7,290 Joules.

So you have utilized 10 Kilo Joules of energy to attain a speed of 60 MPH, and you have the potential to recover 7,290 Joules. Bare in mind that to recover the 7,290 Joules you will have to change your speed from 60 MPH to 0 MPH. The energy of the forward momentum can only be converted into electricity if the forward momentum is consumed!


N-Motion the Perpetual Motion Vehicle Co.

PO Box 472141

Aurora, Colorado 80047 USA

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