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PESWiki Directory of Clean Energy Technologies

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Image:Go-N-Motion site screen shot 95x95.jpg

(BEWARE) Directory:N-Motion The Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company - Snazzy-looking website gives an appearance similar to Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc. (a legitimate electric car company), but with no supporting technology. A "perpetual motion" company with no "perpetual motion" working technology.

Image:NanosolarRollPrintedSolar95x95 byKevn.jpg

Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Thin Film Solar > Directory:Nanosolar Inc - Nanosolar has developed proprietary technology that makes it possible to simply roll-print solar cells with performance and durability similar to silicon-wafer cells, while cutting the costs, making solar affordable. The long-term limitation will be the growing scarcity of Indium.

Directory:Nanotechnology - Index created to compile applications of nanotechnology that can aid in more efficient energy generation.

Image:Nanoflex before-after 95X95.jpg

Directory:Lighting:Nanoflex - The nano optical coating on Nanoflex™ provides ideal diffusive and reflective surface to capture light rays from any light source including fluorescent lamps to enhance illumination by 50% on average, both for retrofits as well as new fixtures, enabling the reduction of the number of fixtures.

Image:Joel Schindall MIT 95x95.jpg

Directory:MIT Nanotube Super Capacitor - MIT researchers are developing a battery based on capacitors that utilize nanotubes for high surface area, enabling near instantaneous charging and no degradation. Estimating ~5 years to commercialization.

Image:Nansulate paint application 95x95.jpg

Directory:Industrial Nanotech Inc:Nansulate - Industrial Nanotech, Inc has a line of non-toxic paint products that integrate nanotechnology to provide insulative properties, corrosion resistance, mold resistance. They are also engineering a method to generate electricity from the thermal gradient to which the coating is exposed.

Image:Nazi Bell blueprint 95x95.jpg
Directory:Anti-Gravity > Directory:Nazi Bell > Directory:Nazi Bell - Excerpt from MIT Student Radio WMBR Cambridge/Boston featuring AlienScientist on Anti-Gravity and suppressed technologies, with visual supplementation to the audio file. Continuing the quest for scientific disclosure of these technologies that could transform society. (PESWiki Jan. 1, 2010)
Image:Neo-AeroDynamic 95x95.gif

Directory:Neo-AeroDynamic - The patent-pending turbine for wind and water, invented by Phi Tran, employs lift on the leeward edge, harnessing the turbulence that usually impedes efficiency. The price point is expected to be better than fossil-fuel-generated electricity, even in low wind areas, making it ideal for city/urban roof top and back yard settings.

Image:Nielson Scientific 95x95.jpg

Directory:Nelson Scientific - Developing commercial method for capturing electrons for electricity. Device catches free electrons in a vacuum, where they are redirected to conductors, yielding electricity.

Directory:Nikola Tesla - The man who invented the twentieth century is now shaping the twenty-first century as the "Father of Free Energy."

Image:NineSigma registered affiliate 95x95.jpg

Classifieds:Energy RFPs:NineSigma Requests For Proposals - NineSigma specializes in matching technology capabilities with industry needs, including clean energy solutions.

Image:Noblefuse plasma reaction 95x95.jpg

Directory:Noblefuse Electromagnetic Fusion - Solomon Azar has built a proof of concept demonstration device involving a Tesla coil and underwater plasma that allegedly gives off gamma radiation, a sign of nuclear combination. He also professes that he is the Messiah.

Image:MIT Nocera Electrolysis Catalyst 95x95anim byKevn.gif

Directory:MIT:Daniel Nocera:Catalytic Electrolysis - MIT researchers have combined a liquid catalyst with photovoltaic cells to achieve nearly a 100% efficient electrolysis in a simple set-up, which could make solar energy more affordable and practical -- excess capacity during the day could be stored as hydrogen and oxygen, then used in fuel cells at night when needed.

Directory:Norman Wootan - Norman Wootan gave a presentation on the Directory:EV Gray motor at the 2001 Tesla Tech conference.

Directory:North American Oil Fields

Image:NuVinci hub breakout 95x95.jpg

Directory:NuVinci CVP - Continuously variable gear technology is introduced in a bicycle hub application, from there to then be applied elsewhere. Provides an infinite number of gear ratios. Allows shifting while at a stop, using simple controls.

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