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Directory:Mythbusters Dec.2004

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In December, 2004, the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" program did a segment designed to debunk "free energy." It included a replication of one of John Bedini's circuits by someone from MIT. This page is designed to provide relevant links and commentary on this airing.

Show Particulars

Next Airing Times - Discovery Channel: Ming Dynasty Astronaut: "Adam and Jamie play mad scientists in the quest for free energy."

- Dec 15 9:00 PM ET

- Dec 16 12:00 AM ET

- Dec 19 03:00 PM ET

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Show Announcement

Discovery Channel MythBusters Taking on FE - "They proved a Bedini motor does not work, the Mento wheel develops no power...just barely moves with no torque, and the free oscillator charging battery charging circuit is just a ring oscillator and does no work." (ZPEnergy Dec. 13)

FE targeted by Discovery Channel Mythbusters, hits Bedini hard - notice sent to Bedini SG discussion list Dec. 14.

Comments from others who watched the segment

John Bedini Comments

Hall Switching Dec. 16, 2004 comment to Bedini SG discussion list, included comment about the Discovery Channel airing.

: "You will also find there the motor Mythbusters tried to build. Watched the program no magnets on the flywheel for the energizer, bad work, real bad science by the MIT expert."


"The person [from Alaska] who saw the show said that Discovery Channel's coverage of this was shoddy." (ref Dec. 7)

"It is pretty insulting to see such shoddy work on TV. I used to like to watch that show........"

-- Susan (ref Dec. 16)

Negative Press Better than Nothing

"If they say they can't even get it to move, they have done something seriously wrong, since at least a dozen people Directory:Bedini SG:Replications have gotten the motor to at least turn, if nothing else.

"Rather than feeling insulted, I actually think this is exciting, like we're privvy to something that many people say can't be true, although I'm sure John and others have been tired of this for many years." -- Jim (ref Dec. 14)

What a Joke

Dec. 16, 2004

I caught the Mythbusters show that "busted" a handful of free energy devices, one being the Bedini motor. Another was the "Minto" wheel that was a wheel made out of propane tanks.

In short, it was a joke.

They didn't spend any time to show how the Bedini motor was constructed (other than a quick once over with the camera), but it was recognizable as a Bedini design. It was SUPPOSED to be one of Bedini's earlier motor designs (not the SG motor) where an electric motor turned a disc of magnets over several coils, with a flywheel attached to the axle of the motor, with mechanical switching to alternate pulses of energy to the motor and back to the battery.

However, the way it was explained on the show (indirect quote):

"The electric motor spins a flywheel which charges coils, which in turn charges the battery that runs the motor"

Well, a slight problem with their "replication" was that it appeared that they built it exactly how they explained it. They actually had the flywheel spinning right next to the coils. No mention of magnets anywhere in the segment, and from what I could tell, there weren't any

magnets in the flywheel.

Since it is pretty darn hard to charge a coil by spinning a flywheel next to it, their "replication" failed miserably. When they turned it on, the way the segment was filmed it seemed like the battery was discharged running the motor after only a few seconds. Their comment

was that they could easily hear the rotation of the motor slowing and they didn't even need to slap a meter on it to test it.

Here are all of the problems I noted with their "build":

1. NO MAGNETS to charge the coils. DUH!

: [Not that this would have made the slightest difference -- PRK] ( Dec. 17)

: [REPLY TO PRK: In your world, it would be like trying to run a combustion engine without a spark -- Sterling, who has successfully replicated Bedini with positive results.] (Dec. 17)

2. Coils were air core

3. 12V motor they were using looked like it was salvaged from WWII


4. They were running the mecahnical switch off a separate small

electric motor that looked like it was hooked up to two small


5. I didn't see any capacitors connected anywhere in the circuit. The

design they were attempting to replicate uses a very large capacitor

off the energizer to store the energy to feed back into the battery

and motor.

6. All errors and gross oversights aside, I would think any decent

battery could run a 12V motor for more than a half minute.

If you didn't know anything about the Bedini motor, you could have

easily trusted the "experts" on the segment, especially the engineer

from MIT who helped build the device. All those wires, coils and

motors looked convincing enough, too bad they didnt have a clue what

they were doing.


Didn't do what it takes

Comment by Sterling Allan, Dec. 17, 2004

The MIT consultants for Discovery Channel's Mythbusters were way off base in saying that there is nothing to the Bedini circuit. They didn't even build their replication per spec. They certainly didn't take time to condition their batteries, which could not happen until they at least got the thing to spin. And they didn't even begin to characterize the performance of the device to find the windows where it operates best.

I have done these things, and I have achieved Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data that give evidence for free energy being tapped.

To Jamie and Adam about Bedini coverage - Mention of his recent experimental results as discrediting their Discovery Channel Mythbusters claim that Bedini science is bogus.

Cheniere/Craddock Energy From The Vacuum discrepancy

On 18th February 2007 the "" page claimed that:

::"John explains why the timing of the Discovery Channel “Mythbusters? debunking was so important, and how the M.I.T. PhD on the show deliberately omitted the magnets when he built their so-called Bedini motor."

On 19th February 2007, the "" page has been replaced with this below-picture-comment:

::"John explains how the Monopole motor behind him can charge all the batteries necessary to power a house."

Minto Wheel

Dec 15, 2004

They mentioned the Minto Wheel -- a type of heat engine (obeying all

the laws of thermodynamics) that runs off of small temperature

differences. Since it runs off small temperature differences, its

Carnot efficiency is quite low. But then again, these small

temperature differentials are very common in nature, 24 hours a day.

No one has investigated it enough to know for sure if it might still

find practical niche applications. Anyone interested in this

technology (and the related "Drinking Bird" toy) should take a look

at the Minto Wheel yahoo group:


Leo C.


Be sure to contact Discover Channel with your remarks.

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