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"Mylow" is the pseudonym of an inventor from Chicago, Illinois, USA, who is the first person to publicly announce a successful replication of PowerPedia:Howard Johnson's magnet motors.

He is approximatley 45 years old, works as a truck driver within Chicago as a partner in a business there. Though he has a lot of money, he is satisfied to live simply. He and his wife live in an apartment.

Below is a collage of screenshots from a video he shot on May 13, 2009 with his twin brother, demonstrating Mylow's all-magnet motor using off-the-shelf components, rotating with just 6 bar magnets in the rotor -- an astonishing feat.

Mylow is on the left, his identical twin brother, Tony, who is an engineer, is on the right.

Image:Mylow n Tony collage 090513 600.jpg

After pushing the rotor magnets past an initial cog, they show the rotor pulling past the stator magnets with enough force to spin around and push through again, then again, picking up speed with each turn, before reaching an equilibrium speed.


M2U00207 – video # 4 part 5. 6 bar magnet configuration (working smot device ) ???? next video will show all magnets on the rotor disk remember gaps are not the same on the rotor magnets. (YouTube by magneticmotor1 May 13, 2000)

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