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Directory:Miscellaneous Inspirational Stuff

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A directory of various inspirational items that may not be directly related to Free Energy, but which will be of interest and benefit to the community.

Page commenced Oct. 24, 2010

Image:Biosphere RSA 95x95.jpg
Directory:Miscellaneous Inspirational Stuff > Evolution of empathy and the ways that it has shaped our society (video) - An well-presented concept using voice, text, and art-on-the-fly in a very original way, making some excellent points for consideration as we mature as a civilization. (
Image:Gabe Adams 95x95.jpg
Directory:Miscellaneous Inspirational Stuff > Gabe Adams gets by without arms or legs - Inspirational story about a little boy from Brazil being raised in Utah. "I can do it" is his motto, as he learns to be independent, getting around, writing, swimming, and even maneuvering up and down stairs. [People in this kind of situation would especially appreciate free energy technologies that increase/restore mobility.] (B-Roll Nov. 25, 2007)