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Directory:Milkovic Witness:Klemencic

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The following comment was sent to Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan from Gorazd Klemencic by email on May 02, 2007 in relation to Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator.

Gorazd Klemencic and his wife visited Veljko Milkovic and describe their experience. "The excess of energy according to the input is very impressive."

Subject: The Veljko Milkovic's two-stage oscillator's amazing power


: "I just couldn't stop it! Once in motion, by minimum power input, you cannot stop it. I wonder how many man would need to hold the other end of the device in motion, to make it stop?!"  

By the end of the last year, Mr. Schneider, The NET-Journal editor, has sent a note about invention the Serbian inventor Mr. Veljko Milkovic. His double oscillator is a device, which gives the overunity.  

Image:Klemencic with Veljko Milkovic 400.jpg

On the 16th of April this year we visited him in his laboratory in Novi Sad (Serbia). We encountered a very kind man, who, besides technology also is interested in archeology, history and other border science areas. The main purpose of our visit was to test his double oscillator.  

We could see it and touch it. It really works. Unbelievable power, that arises, in other words, the excess of energy according to the input are very impressive.  

The pumping of the water is child easy, the device is also appropriate for production of the electric energy and many more. Mr. Milkovic has idea, to use the device in fitness centers to produce electric energy.  

Oscilator is so inspiring, that we sent a note to both slovenian Faculties for mechanics. They are being kindly asked to test the devices. The inovation of Mr. Veljko Milkovic is worth every attention, for it produces 12 times more energy than being input, evidently.  

Every approval also to his co-worker Alen, who's Mr.Veljko Milkovic's promoter and the website caretaker .

Greetings from Slovenija

Mr. and Mrs. Klemencic


Gorazd Klemencic