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Directory:Micro QMoGen

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'Preface, from email received from Robert Banting, July 21, 2015'

: Hi Sterling,

: As far as I know the original poster of the micro QMoGen videos goes by the youtube name deirones. A quick review of his videos is enough to realise he is just making fun of free energy.

: The website referred to in the video is [which is full of viruses I'd stay away]. It remains to be seen if the website actually belongs to deirones.

: He is either a weirdo who likes to make fake free energy videos for fun or he is being paid by the PTB to sow doubt and confusion into the free energy world.

: Regards,

: Robert

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

July 15, 2015

David Puchta of Directory: David A. Puchta of Proton Spin Technologies, Inc. sent me a link to the second video listed below, wondering if it is real.

Of course, on YouTube, the chance that something like this is a hoax or fraud is high, but in this case, because of how closely it resembles a Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over, I’m thinking that it deserves a serious look.

The first video below, which I found by trying to find the original poster of that second video, provides a detailed explanation of the components used. It should be easy to replicate. He gives the motor specs as 220V 50 Hz, pointing out that it needs to less than the generator, which is 240V 50 Hz. He also gives the capacitor specs as PA684, 0.68 uF, 275V…. I would guess that the output to the light bulb is in the range of 20-50 Watts.

On the cautionary side, the guy’s voice in the first video is very familiar. It seems he has posted a number of hoax videos. Gets his jollies that way, I guess. I could be wrong.

Let me know if any of you are able to replicate this – or if you try but are unsuccessful. Also, if you are able to track down any of the people who have posted these videos, that would be much appreciated information as well. Thx.

Official Websites

Looking. Probably non-existent.


Magnetic induction generator of free energy

This person explains the components he used and how they are arranged. It seems to me like this would be easy to replicate and verify that it does work, or not.

Caution: Be very careful when you go to the website listed at the end of the video. Do not download any of the suggested programs that pop up, as they are virus-laden. They are very aggressive -- perhaps the worst site I’ve ever encountered along those lines.


(YouTube October 29, 2012)

Micro Motor Generator

Posted by YouTube user ThePowersThatBe who posts free energy videos he finds from around the web. I sent him a message to see if he knows where that video came from so we can contact the person who first posted it.


(YouTube January 21, 2015)


(Click on images for enlargement.)


Image:Motor 220V 50Hz crop rd.jpg


Image:Generator 240V-50Hz crop rd.jpg


Image:Pa684-capacitor 0.6uF,275V crop rd.jpg

Replication Attempts

Peter L. Taylor

: From: Peter L. Taylor

: To: Allan Sterling

: Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 4:17 PM [MDT]

: Subject: Looped fan motor generator

: Dear Mr Sterling [is first name],

: I have tried to replicated the looped motor generator that uses the small fan motors and it didn't work. The small shaded pole fan motors will not produce electricity when they are spun. Either with one motor or with two and the capacitor. I did some test with powering them with 120V 60 hz and they will make the sound you hear in the videos with the capacitor in place. Once the power is removed they spin down and to not product voltage.

: I do not know if this is a fake or not. I found some posts that show pictures that there are magnets in the rotors. I did not try to put magnets in the rotor so I do not know.

: Attached is what I found online about it.

: Peter

: - - - -

:: Shaped pole motor generator

:: Hi, everyone

:: well,someone talked to that chinese replicator yesterday and he posted some pics about the shaded pole motors self-looping device.

:: As the pics show,the rotors of the shaded pole motors have been modified.He added a ferrite ring magnet to each of the rotors.

:: So as it spins,the coils generates electricity.

:: As it comes to why he chose shaded pole motors to modify,I think it's because of their high mass rotors,which could act as flywheels.

:: That chinese replicator said "I'm not claiming any free energy."Maybe he is afraid of FE suppression or something else.[...]

:: regards,

:: steadyfield

(click on images for enlargement)

Image:Micro-QMoGen take-apart rd.jpg
Image:212541dia7sz7hnligbgyn rd.jpg
Image:Shaded pole motor secret rd.jpg

In the News

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Image:Micro-QMoGen sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Template: 973 > HOAX (7/21): Directory:Micro QMoGen - Two separate videos of a similar set up in the ~20-50 Watt output range. One provides a detailed explanation of the components used. It should be easy to replicate, if it’s not a hoax. (PESWiki July 15, 2015)



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