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Michelle Murphy holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). She currently owns her own company, Murphy & Nicole LLC, in support of arc flash tables, providing an alternate method to meet the requirements for the arc flash hazard while still utilizing the IEEE 1584 arc flash equations. Michelle served on the IEEE 1584 Committee from 2005-2008. Michelle is a board associate of PESN. Michelle spent 11 years in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) industry and has worked in the following sectors:

Commercial and government sector


Waste treatment

Chemical projects

Energy projects

Michelle is a political activist, mental health advocate, Christian and speaks on the subject of advanced technology and the rule of law. She has been interviewed on Caravan to Midnight, Agenda 21 Radio and has articles that have been published at various websites. Michelle maintains a blog receiving over 1,500 views on her post, The Gross Abuse of Advanced Technology. She also authors short science fiction stories, poetry, meditations and music.

Michelle has served on the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council in two states (Nevada and Washington), was elected State Committee Woman of the Benton County Republicans (WA) as a Ron Paul supporter, served as 4th Congressional District Leader for the grassroots organization of the RP Presidential campaign in 2008 and served as Campaign Manager for WA State Representative Brad Klippert in 2010.


My Black Box: Flights of Bipolar and Is It Just My Genes? (two non-fiction books on mental health)

How to Form a Bounding Arc Flash Study for Your Site (IEEE paper, 2005).

The link between the Arc Flash Phenomenon, Emerging Plasma Science and Exotic Energy Technologies accepted for presentation at the IEEE IAS 2015 Electrical Safety Workshop.


In the News


Radio interview on Caravan to Midnight with Michelle Murphy and N.O.O.N.E (one hour into show)

Radio interview on Agenda 21 Radio (two hours into show)

Online Video Media

Addressing Mental Health Concerns at Sandy Hook School Shooting (18 mins, 16 secs into video)

Mental Health Video One -

Mental Health Video Two -

Mental Health Video Three -