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Directory:Meerut Gravitational Energy Claim

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Image:Meerut three inventors gravity generator.jpg

Three Meerut, India students claim to have come up with a method of harnessing gravitational energy for electricity generation. Alleged working prototype shown in video.


Official Website

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How it works

The concept's working is said to be based on three basic principles

gravitational pull on Earth

Archimedes principle of floating

the magnetic force

Gravidational energy is said to be the main source in this system, which doesn't need water or air. Gravitational energy is allegedly converted into electrical energy.

Video Stills

The following are screen shots from an ANI news video, June 22, 2006. They are blurry because the shots are taken by camera of the computer screen image, since the screengrab function pulls a blank image.

New Source of Energy - Video version of the above story by ANI briefly shows machine spinning, as well as diagram of concept. (Snoop News / ANI June 22, 2006)

Image:Meerut gravity wheel end view 150.jpg
Image:Meerut gravity wheel inventors 150.jpg
Image:Meerut gravity wheel presentation 150.jpg
Image:Meerut gravity diagram 150.jpg
Image:Meerut gravity diagram middle close-up 150.jpg
Image:Meerut gravity diagram bottom close-up 150.jpg


The following is claimed:

It runs automatically

possible anywhere and at any time, since gravitational force is present everywhere

almost no cost

eco-friendly: the environment is not affected in any way by this system

No large space is needed to assemble this system

Prototype Status

While facing a lot of problems in arranging material and input of their choice, initially, the trio could not produce a complete working unit. But later, they proved their theoretical principle by making suitable changes in the assembly of their pilot project with the available sources.


All from Meerut, India

Pradeep Kumar Singh, a student pursuing Masters in Bio Technology from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani.

Vivek Kumar Bhutani

Upendra Chaudry

In the News

Meerut youngsters claim to have invented new source of energy - (Yahoo News / ANI June 24, 2006)

New Source of Energy - Video version of the above story by ANI briefly shows machine spinning, as well as diagram of concept. (Snoop News / ANI June 22, 2006) thread with video to download - Video download discussion about the thechnolgy. ( / ANI June 27, 2006)




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