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Directory of media covering exotic free energy technologies.

Dedicated Television - The YouTube of Free Energy

Directory:TV:Ultimate Energy Showdown - emerging

Directory:Free Energy Quest - backburner

Supportive Television

Image:David-Icke ThePeoplesVoice studio large sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Media > Directory:The People's Voice TV - November 18, 2013 will be the public launch of David Icke's new 24-hour alternative television broadcast network, which will cover things mainstream media ignores or spins in favor of the corrupt powers that be. Exotic free energy will be among the myriad of topics covered. (PESN October 20, 2013)

Directory:Gaiam TV

Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones

Dedicated Radio


This Week in Free Energy™

Directory:SmartScarecrow Broadcast

Supportive Radio

Directory:Red Ice Creations / Radio

Directory:Coast to Coast AM

Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones

Antagonistic Media

News:Appropriate Slogans for Mainstream News

Image:Media-bias coal sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Media > Insights Into Anti-FE Media Bias - While this story by Washington's Blog is focused on the topic of the pro-war bias of the major media, many of the principles it describes also apply the the anti-exotic-free-energy bias of the major media. (News:Pure Energy Blog February 9, 2015)