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Image:Air Car 95x95.jpg

The MDI Air Car uses compressed air to push its engine’s pistons, can hit 68 mph, has a range of 125 miles, and can be refuelled in a few minutes with custom air compressors at a cost of around $2. Tata Motors of India is planning to produce these zero-emissions cars in 2008.


Official Website (Français - Site official MDI)

English Site (Portugués)

Latest Developments

March 2009

Guy Negre and son talk prices of Air Car models to be launched in 2010.

All less than 7000 Euro.

Various Airports and Municipalities have bought or are in the process of buying the AirPod.

Auto Channel Youtube video

3rd February 2008

The following notice is posted at

Following serious commercial misconducts from Mr. Miguel Celades, MDI had to officially stop all relationships with him since 3rd February 2008.

Any reference by Mr Miguel CELADES and/or his companies " Motor de Aire Comprimido S.L. " and "Air Cars Factories SL" and/or his websites "motordeaire . com" and "theaircar . com" , whether directly or indirectly to construction or sales of compressed air engines and/or vehicles using this technology in relation with MDI (Motor Development International constitutes serious charges of unfair competition and fraud.

Mr Miguel CELADES, former MDI agent in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, is attempting to use the goodwill and success of MDI in order to mislead potential investors for his own benefit.

March 2007

The first commercial compressed air car is on the verge of production with a recently signed partnership with Tata Motors, India’s largest automotive manufacturer.

How it Works

Image:MDI Compress Air motor 200.jpg

How Compressed Air Technology works.


This engine was developed between the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002. It uses an innovative system to control the movement of the 2nd generation pistons and one single crankshaft. The pistons work in two stages: one motor stage and one intermediate stage of compression/expansion.

The engine has 4 two-stage pistons, i.e. 8 compression and/or expansion chambers. They have two functions: to compress ambient air and refill the storage tanks and to make successive expansions (reheating air with ambient thermal energy) thereby approaching isothermic expansion.

Its flywheel is equipped with a 5kW electric moto-alternator. This motor is simultaneously:

the motor to compress air

the starting motor

the alternator for recharging the battery

an electric moderator/brake

a temporary power supply (e.g. for parking)

No clutch is necessary. The engine is idle when the car is stationary and the vehicle is started by the magnetic plate which re-engages the compressed air. Parking manoeuvres are powered by the electric motor.

Energy Storage
Image:MDI compressed air storage 95x95.jpg

The CAT´s engines can be equipped with and run on dual energies - fossil fuels and compressed air - and incorporate a reheating mechanism (a continuous combustion system, easily controlled to minimize pollution) between the storage tank and the engine.

This mechanism allows the engine to run exclusively on fossil fuel which permits compatible autonomy on the road.

While the car is running on fossil fuel, the compressor refills the compressed air tanks. The control system maintains a zero-pollution emission in the city at speeds up to 60 km/h.


Air Car video at their web page


(3 minutes)

Video seen at MDI main web page (YouTube Date ?)

Cars can be run on air - right now - Video

Several air car videos - (EcoGeek Jan. 4, 2008)

A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air


(YouTube January 06, 2008)

The Air Car


(9 minutes)

The Air Car - Beyond Tomorrow 2005. (YouTube July 2007)


In the single energy mode MDI cars consume less than one euro every 100Km. (around 0.75 Euros) that is to say, 10 times less than gasoline powered cars.


When there is no combustion, there is no pollution.

The vehicle's driving range is close to twice that of the most advanced electric cars (from 200 to 300 km or 8 hours of circulation)

The recharging of the car will be done at gas stations, once the market is developed. To fill the tanks it will take about to 2 to 3 minutes at a price of 1.5 euros. After refilling the car will be ready to driver 200 kilometres. The car also has a small compressor that can be connected to an electrical network (220V or 380V) and will recharge the tanks completely in 4 hours.

Because the engine does not burn any fuel the car's oil(a litre of vegetable oil) only needs to be changed every 50,000Km.


RexResearch - US Patents issued to Guy Negre



MDI - Moteur Developpement International

The MDI group is headed by the MDI holding company, based in Luxemburg, which has patents registered in more than 120 countries. The MDI headquarters are located in Luxembourg while the prototype factory is in the south of France, where 60 people are employed.

At the moment the construction of the first serial production factory is being completed, at the same location. MDI also has a Department of International Commercial Expansion in Barcelona.


Guy Nègre, creator of the compressed air engine, is no newcomer to the world of automobiles. In the 1980s he was making airplane engines for passenger planes. After that he moved into Formula 1 and in collaboration with IFP (French Petroleum Institute) developed a revolutionary 12-cylinder W-engine with a rotating valve admission system for competition cars. In spite of its success, the engineers were not sufficiently impressed to look for investment.

Guy Nègre created the MDI (Motor Dévelopment International) society in 1991, based in Luxembourg. The capital came from about 160 investors. To continue the development of the compressed air engine, Guy Negre enlisted the help of CQFD Air Solution, a society he himself created. This society invests in advanced technology systems and includes a team of thirty engineers, amongst whom is his son Cyril, recently returned from a season at the Italian Bugatti camp.

Image:Zero Pollution Motors 95x95.jpg

Zero Pollution Motors - ZPM is introducing the “Air car??? to North America. The vehicle runs on the Compressed air technology (C.a.t.) developed by Motor Development International (MDI), a 15-year old company based in Nice, France, and headed by inventor and Formula One race car engineer, Guy Negre. ZPM is the exclusive representative for MDI in the United States.

ZEVCAT, INC. stands for Zero-Emission Vehicle with Compressed Air Technology. This California company intends to sell the MDI air car.

IT MDI-ENERGY - introducing the air car technology to Australia and New-Zealand

CATECAR - for Switzerland


In the News

Image:MDI air cars Karl-Slym sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Engines > Directory:Air Cars > Directory:MDI Air Car > Tata Motors Managing Director, Karl Slym, suicided wife framed? - Just prior to release of a new air car, Karl Slym's body was found on the balcony of 4th floor, having fallen from the 22nd floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok where he had been staying. It turns out his wife wrote the suicide note. Why are the officials still ruling this a suicide? (PESN February 3, 2014)
Image:MDI air car yellow 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Air Cars > Directory:MDI Air Car > $10,000 Car Runs On Air - On October 9 MDI unveiled its answer to the need for clean air and urban mobility - the AIRPod. With its low price, zero pollution, high range and playful and futuristic design, the AIRPod marks a turning point in the nexus of automobile and urban transportation. And it will cost less than a Euro per 200 km to operate and will leave no one stuck in traffic jam. (CNN / (via BIN) Oct. 27, 2010)

An Air Car You Could See in 2009: ZPM’s 106 MPG Compressed-Air Hybrid - Compressed-Air Powered cars could take you over 800 miles on a single fill-up, at speeds of up to 96 mph. They should refuel in less than 3 minutes, and at speeds over 35 mph emit about half the CO2 of a Toyota Prius. Best part? You could see them in the US at the end of next year. (Gas2 July 15th, 2008)

Image:Zero Pollution Motors 95x95.jpg

Air Car coming to America - The Air Car will arrive in the US by 2009 or 2010, courtesy of Zero Pollution Motors. The quirky alt-propulsion vehicle's anticipated $17,800 price tag includes standard safety equipment like airbags and ABS, along with the 75-horsepower compressed-air six-cylinder that gives the car its name. (AutoblogGreen Feb. 21, 2008)

Image:MDI redcar 95x95.jpg

Air Car will be released this year thanks to $30 million from Tata - According to Climate Change Corp, the Air Car will be released this year thanks to a $30,000,000 investment from Tata. Fears concerning a delay were stated a release this year was dependent on investment. That money has now been promised. (AutoblogGreen Feb. 14, 2008)

The Air Car Preps for Market - A French-designed car that's propelled by compressed air and claims speeds of more than 60 miles per hour is expected to go into commercial production as early as this summer, although skeptics of the technology aren't holding their breath. (MIT Technology Review Jan. 16, 2008)

Image:Air Car 95x95.jpg

Air Car out - The BBC confirms the Air Car will be released by the "end of year" in Europe and India at a cost of just 3,500 Euros for the "cheapest model". The car will go 124 miles on a fill-up that will cost 1.5 Euros and will take just a few minutes, with a top speed of 68 MPH. (AutoblogGreen Jan. 5, 2008)

Air Cars in Australia next year - MDI-Energy is demonstrating the compressed air powered car technology in Australia and plans to make and sell cars there next year. The cars can go 68 MPH with a range of 93 miles, would sell for $8,000, and have operating costs 80% less than a regular car. (AutoblogGreen Dec. 3, 2007)

Image:MDI compressed-air taxi 95x95.jpg

World's First Air-Powered Car by Next Summer - India’s largest automaker is set to produce 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars, which use compressed air to push its engine’s pistons, by August of 2008. The $12,700 CityCAT can hit 68 mph, has a range of 125 miles, and can be refuelled in a few minutes with custom air compressors at a cost of around $2. (Popular Mechanics June 2007)

The Air Car - partnership with Tata Motors - The first commercial compressed air car is on the verge of production with a recently signed partnership with Tata Motors, India’s largest automotive manufacturer. It costs less than one Euro per 100Km to run (about a tenth that of a petrol car). Its range is 200 to 300 km and the top speed is 68 mph. (Gizmag Mar. 19, 2007)

Air Car Tantalisingly Close - The MDI Air Car runs on compressed air, emits only air, refills in 3 minutes for about 1.5 Euros, to go another 200 kilometres. The 110 kph commuter vehicle is slated for release later in 2007. There are plans for a hybrid version with a range of 4,500 km. (Celsias Feb. 23, 2007)

Other Coverage - information, pictures, videos, links and news


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Image:EngineAir anim 95x95.gif

Directory:EngineAir - Elegant minimalist design eliminates most of the working parts traditionally associated with internal combustion engine offers close to 100% energy efficiency for a variety of transport and stationary applications. (

Energine - Korean company that delivers fully-assembled cars running on a hybrid compressed air and electric engine. These cars are more precisely named pneumatic-hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

K'Airmobiles - a set of projects relating to "VPA" (Vehicles with Pneumatic Assistance) and "VPP" (Vehicles with Pneumatic Propulsion), aiming to escape the constraints from thermodynamics.

Image:Air Car Factories 95x95.jpg

Air Car Factories working on compressed-air vehicles - Air Car Factories is working with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya to have a air car prototype ready in the next few months. Their goal is to develop and manufacture a vehicle driven by a compressed air engine with a marketable level of performance. (AutoblogGreen Feb. 27, 2008)


Offical Representatives for UK, Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Canada.

Miguel Celades Rex Travessera de Gràcia, 15

08023 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel: +34 93 362 37 00

Fax: +34 93 362 37 01

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