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Directory:McGreg's Self-Sustaining QMoGen Generator

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

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October 7, 2013

McGreg from Spain has posted a video and a blog page about a self-looped motor-generator system (Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over with flywheel) that he is working on, that puts out far more energy than it consumes. It's still got some bugs in it, and he is looking for people willing to help him work these out.

This is the 29th QMoGen I've come across (the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] turned out to not be self-looped).

Here is the blog text translated by Google from Spanish:

: GENERATOR self-sustaining

: Request help.

: "Knowledge is everything". Do not know who wrote it but he was right. I'm stuck and trapped in the enclave of ignorance, at the crossroads of not knowing where to go. I need to be an expert in certain areas and be effective immediately. I need to know electronics, electricity, engineering, etc. If you want to see the work that caused a few fanatics and I decided at the time a final finish.

: To all who can advise me on what I ask then, we appreciate your technical help. The tips, although thank too, are not what make me so lacking, so it is best if you put me in touch with who does have what you requested.

: The generator can power up to 5500w, 336w that subtracting to the motor and not assuming the theoretical, I like room "real and credible" about 4000w or 4500w max. (Which already is more than what I was hired in my apt with the mains)

: After this "win" desired was to continue trying to improve the system by changing the initial engine comprising a magnetic rotor with neodymium magnets repulsive enough capacity to give traction to the system that now drives the motor.

: Problems:

: The motor is too small and does not support any increase in force defendant to connect electrical plugs in the box. If given, because I've tested, the equivalent of the network we have in our homes. 230 - 240v, 50hz, and besides that, it does and rectified to prevent voltage spikes from damaging sensitive equipment such as computers, etc..

: The iron frame is one designed, cut and welded by me, and of course, has its flaws. I think that's the cause of noticeable vibration from the 110 - 130v generating alternator and if it is true that disappear on the threshold of revolution in need of such alternator to generate this voltage, but until that point shake in such manner and with such violence that the team would not surprise me if at some point bankrupt or machines come loose from their mountings.

: The axis of inertia, formed by a bar and a disc both solid and heavy (25 kgs) is cut and machined by professionals, and tested by them and for myself. Unless it is too long and / or heavy do not think here is the cause of so much vibration.

: The axle tractor at 1.5 times the generator shaft, has a 0.5cv force, and therefore little torque, so I put the axis of inertia, to help drag the axis remaining slack. It overheats enough, but I can not see whether or not more than they should, and had to switch the transistors that came factory in a first step without trimmer I tried, as it melted, apparently, for running laps.

: The trimmer put devised because of the incident and to change the transistors with new ones and the like, since I could not find the same. The device with a controller regulates the progressive rise in engine speed is somewhat crude and manual delayed because no noticeable immediacy. Also expensive (€ 120) and do not know if sold rush shake it off the dealer at my lack of knowledge.

: The generator shaft moves very smoothly and has built an electronic control that prevents harmful power surges, and also regulates the taking and the cessation of production of electricity to stabilize the current between 230 - 240v, 50hz. Although expensive (800 €), is quite profitable versus time of use offered guaranteed. Man, not unlimited, but nothing lasts forever.

: The frame is equipped with a fuse box and plugs which connect future devices and divided into two, two and one. I mean, two plugs on a switch, another well, and a separate, and all under one general switch off all at once.

: Another hole I left in anticipation of a battery needed to move the boot, charged by the very power generated from the alternator. Logically, since a DC battery and requires alternating, incorporate an apparatus for converting from one to another.

: Solutions:

: Fit a more powerful engine. But I have to wait to have cash and still detracting free to consume energy produced.

: Other solutions??? It's what I hope to find.

: Thank you.

Deggory brought this one to my attention. He found it linked up on Directory:ValyEnergiStar Self-Looped Motor-Generator System YouTube channel.

Official Websites

Translated to English by Google


Generator Project


[Translated by Google] Project self-sustaining generator. Motor + moving inertia axis shaft alternator to produce more energy [than] consumed. With the difference between them, have free energy to consume. Theoretically, the engine could change after a magnetic rotor with neodymium magnets that power this alternator. (YouTube July 5, 2013)

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory:McGreg's Self-Sustaining QMoGen Generator - An inventor in Spain seeks help in working out the bugs in his alleged self-sustaining generator with flywheel that produces far more energy than it consumes, enough to keep itself running with extra left over to use. (PESWiki October 7, 2013)



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