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No Merit : Until the scientific portion of this information can be separated out to stand on its own, and verified as substantial by peers, we advise that this inventor's work appears to be high on religious rants and low on science. We advise Whitney to separate his science into a stand-alone presentation for the sake of those who don't want to wade through his religious and political views. If such documents exist, please link to them below. -- SilverThunder 11:19, 24 Aug 2006 (EDT)


In response to SilverThunder, I am an integrationist. I don't care about human imposed dualism. I understand my website is a mish mash...but its a convoluted universe to begin with. What you call "science" is another religion, plagued by dogma and agendas, I'm interested in the truth:

To say my invention has no merit because I haven't separated it from spirit is not valid, Isn't Sterling a professed Christian? Doesn't Frank Germano have a little fish at the bottom of his web pages? Did you know the true archetypal symbol of the holy spirit is a spiral? To say the CLIT has no merit is to say tornadoes and hurricanes never killed anybody. How dare you dismiss the power of a vortex, especially a vortex in a closed loop that can constructively interfere with its own kinetic energy! Schauberger himself said science was wrong, Jesus condemned his "contemporaries", how much more outrageous are my claims?

The Closed Loop Implosion Turbine is based on Schauberger, The Auto-Inductive Rectenna (AIR) is based on Tesla. See thread at, link below.


Image:Matthew Whitney vortex device 250.jpg

Matthew G. Whitney says his inventions are based on work of Nikola Tesla and Victor Schauberger. "The CLIT is a geomimetic system -- one that mimics nature, such as tornadoes and other vortices."

A look at his website, however, shows a lot of religious rant with nearly zero science.

If he has legitimate science, perhaps this index page could be used to summarize it and link to the relevant documentation.

Official Website,3682.0.html

= Viktor Schauberger


Video Presentation: Just Another Free Energy Messiah (8:15 mins) ( Aug. 21, 2006)


Matthew G. Whitney

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