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Directory:Matt Imber

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I’m very new to the clean energy field, which started a few years ago when my interests in renewable energy inspired me to write a manifesto about clean energy generation and decentralized energy as a means for a new U.S. economic infrastructure and source for green jobs and addressing air & water pollution & global warming. This manifesto, known as “Matt’s Plan” was published on my friend Chere’s Sustainable Albuquerque website:

In my little plan, I put forth an argument backed up by schematics and milestone deadlines to deal with pollution and solve big problems like energy independence and doing this in a green, eco-friendly way to help build a vision for the future. I wrote this letter mainly out of frustration and the lack of action from government to respond to the crises the world is facing from the destructive force of industrialization and consumerism, driven by fossil fuels - which are driving the downfall of planet earth in ecologic terms.

My recent 12 year professional experience was as a graphic artist working in marketing for a large (3000+) environmental engineering firm, whose main clients are cities and municipalities, which hire the engineering firms to design and build primarily water and wastewater upgrades and related facilities to meet the client’s needs, usually involving the upgrade of a water or wastewater treatment plant. Prior to this I worked for 13 years as a graphic designer at Arts & Letters, a vector-based graphic design & clip art multimedia software distributer, doing CAD, designing (tracing clip art and type faces) and later R&D for CD ROM encyclopedic titles such as Space Age and Apollo 13 A Race Against Time. Plug:

Since I was a kid I’ve had interests in things like electronics, space exploration and how things worked. I watched the moon landings as a kid and remembered watching Nixon resign and my parents instilling me the significance of the times we were, and are living in. My parents left the big city of Dayton for the suburbs west, where they raised six kids, and built a new life in the country, made bread, etc. My dad worked for GM/Delco for most of these years, but later retired and sought a simpler life on a new farmhouse, and remarried. In the 70’s, my parents were really into Edgar Cayce, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and the whole hippy counter culture going on. During this time, I witnessed 2 UFO sightings in this area when I was around 10 and 15 years old (~1974 & 1979). I was only partially into UFOs a while ago near the time of my experiences (one a mass sighting in Farmersville, the other an apparent single sighting by me, in Liberty, Ohio). Now, this issue has surfaced again as a secondary interest that is closely related – the existence of free energy. The relation of these two issues became quickly apparent to me after listening to an interview Sterling Allan had with Steven Greer about the cover-up of such breakthrough technology.

I recently moved back to Ohio, and I’m neck deep in mostly the promotion and commercialization of clean and/or free energy, and will continue to make business relationships that will work to bring such technology out to the masses. I am currently self employed as a distributor of HHO Home Heating Units (, and am working on acquiring grant money for a multifaceted neighborhood sustainable farming and water treatment pilot study that uses HHO as a primary means of water treatment. I also am working for a California based company and investment group to research emerging clean energy products for use in base load power for over 700 small buildings used for restaurants and other commercial uses. I have found many such products, and hopefully soon the investors will pick one or more energy products and run with it.

Besides general interest in all things free energy, I'm also pursuing some farm applications of the Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems technology.

Contact me via email at:

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