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Directory:Magratten Electromagnetic Motor

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Permanent Magnet, Pulsed DC Electromagnet Motor by Gary Magratten

Image:Magratten motors collage 300.jpg

Gary Magratten says that he has achieved 200% over unity, as measured by an oscilloscope, and that he will make copies of this motor available for sale for around $2,000 USD, for research purposes. The motor is not ready for commercial applications.

He has another circuit that he is not disclosing or selling, that he says achieves a much higher output:input ratio, but the amount is proprietary at this time.

Official Websites - site established Oct. 1, 2006 (former location, now taken over by spam squatter) copies of site

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PM_PEM_MG (Former) Open Sourcing Project - Housed at


Gary Magratten and one of his prototypes.

Image:Gary Magratten with motor 250.jpg
Image:Magratten motor edge view 250.jpg

Motor for Sale

Gary says that he will make replications of a 200% OU motor for research purposes, for around $2,000 USD.

"If anyone is not happy for any reason with the motor or the plans, then they get their money back, minus the shipping or postage, as long as the device is not damaged."

Definition of

From: Gary Magratten


Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 4:26 PM

Subject: Re: I want to buy one of your over unity motors

Dear ,

Let me clarify exactly what the motor is and can do.

The motor is a pulsed DC electromagnet, permanent magnet motor. The input is one unit of power in the form of a pulse from a battery driven circuit, and one unit of power from the opposing neodynium magnets. This gives two units of mecahnical power out, minus some friction losses. [alarm bells]

The motor in its present form is intended for others doing

research and developement in the area of alternative energy that are

gualified to build the circuit. We can only sell the motor as the motor

is motor circuit is not UL approved. Nor is the motor UL approved.

If you are still interested, you can purchase the plans for the

motor and have a machine shop fabricate the motor for you.

The motor and / or plans are guaranteed but you need to fully understand

what you are buying.

Please watch the website

When the motor and / or plans are offered for sale, and when you sign an agreement

that you understand what you are buying. Then we can do business.

Thank you,

Gary Magratten

- - - -

On Oct. 27, 2006, Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:

His same logic makes his motor indistinguishable from all other, conventional permanent magnet motors.


Gary says he is in process of filing a patent on the circuit, and until that is secured, he will not be disclosing it, nor including it in the motors he is making available for sale for research purposes.

Paper: Cold Electricity

Cold Electricity, Electron Avalanche and Electron-Positron Annihilation - by Gary Magratten, Oct. 12, 2006. (Gary is still process of completing the paper, in which he is consulting a masters in mathematics to double check his equations.)


"Cold Electricity is a process that involves electron avalanche in an open air, high voltage, spark gap with electron - positron annihilation. My research and experimentation has let me through an investigation of the work of Leonard B. Loeb, John M. Meek, P.A.M. Dirac, Paramahamsa Tewari, Edwin Gray, Nikola Tesla and Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

"The background research will be explained in detail with proper credit to these gentlemen's work. The theoretical explanation of Cold Electricity will then be addressed. The theoretical explanation and working mathematical models of avalanche and electron-positron annihilation, and the subsequent implosion of radiant energy will then be examined. Experimental evidence will then be presented with an overview of apparatus necessary to produce Cold Electricity.

"It is the purpose of this engineering report to solve two electrical engineering problems essential to the design of a Cold Electricity circuit. The first is how many electrons are introduced into a circuit by the process of electron avalanche from a spark gap exposed to open air given the surface area of the anode and cathode, the volume of air in the gap, and the voltage connected to the cathode. The second engineering problem is what is the net effect of the annihilation of electron-positron pairs on the magnetic field surrounding the conductor from the cathode to the positive potential plate of the capacitor, given the diameter of the conductor, the are of the surface of the positive plate of the capacitor, and the voltage."


On Oct. 19, 2006, Gary Magratten provided the following responses:

How much OU? : The input is one unit of power from the pulse of the electromagnet, plus one unit of power from the neodynium permanent magnet. The out put is two units of power , theoretical and the actual output is slightly less due to friction losses and other mechanical inefficiencies.

How are you measuring it? : We run it connected to a low rpm generator that consist of neodynium magnets and air core coils. I estimate the efficiency of the generator [as we have not confirmed the new generator's actual efficiency by scientific method]. So it is watts in vs. watts out. We do comparison braking horse power based upon 720 watts per HP.

Has it been tested independently? : I have no official test results from a testing lab. The labs I contacted are quite expensive. The OUoutput is very obvious and the motor is actually very easy to build.

Have you achieved a self run+ extra out put scenario? : In the larger picture, the PEM UNIT is a battery charging unit that consist of the Motor, the Motor Circuit, the Generator and Battery Charging controls.

What is for sale? : The Motor is intended for industry, scientists, university and college physics labs. If a " do-it-yourselfer" wants to build it in his garage. The plans are $30.+shipping for part drawings. If someone is energetic he can determine the design from a photo. This is a simple motor, nothing hidden. The physics as very basic an so is the engineering.

Any patents? : There is a lot of stuff showing up on the USPTO of a similar nature. This motor has been played with by several researchers and would be considered public domain. It was just the final twist of the neodynium magnets on the rotor that produced OU. After researching patent law and the USPTO application process, an attempt to patent the motor is a waste of time. The USPTO basically is a government agency that is there to protect the patent rights of large corporations, not small individual researchers. I do plan to apply for a patent on the circuit that employs cold electricity just for self entertainment purposes as an exercise in futility. We all have only so much time to accomplish something useful. Filling out government forms and reviewing thousands of pages of patent law is not my thing.

Why do you call it a magnet motor? : My mistake, or A. Frolov's mistake. The proper name is PEM for permanent magnet, pulsed DC electromagnet motor . I call The battery charging unit the PEM UNIT.

How long has the unit ran? : Indefinitely. The limiting factor seem to be the the transistor that pulses the power to the electromagnets. Even with the heat sink, the transient currents seem to be hard on semiconductors.

Do you have a company wrapped around the technology? : For now IMM is doing the manufacture of the motor and generator. Mechanical work only. The circuits [especially] cold electricity ciruits will go outside the US because of product liability laws. I have no real interest other than R&D. Just trying to get through the theoretical paper on CE with the equations and calculus keeps me fully occupied.

About Gary Magratten

Gary had a massive heart attack last year. He has now sufficiently recovered to be able to resume his work.

See: About Gary Magratten (at

In the News

Image:Magratten pemm lab 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Magratten Electromagnetic Motor > PEMM Motor Harnesses Anti-matter and Electron-Avalanche - Gary Magrattan's PEMM Electric motor is said to harness the phenomenon of electron avalanche across a spark gap to boost current, voltage, and power. A unique method of harnessing back EMF adds to it's novelty as it nears production. (PESN and BeforeItsNews March 22, 2011)


See Talk:Directory:Magratten Electromagnetic Motor


Mr. Gary Magratten

26901 Ridge Rd.

Willits, CA 95490 USA

phone: 1-707-459-1435

email: []


Efficient Power Supply Suitable For Inductive Loads Engineering Report Gray Pat. no. 4,595,975

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