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Page first featured February 1, 2009

Image:Magnevex motor concept jp70.jpg

The Magnevex Research Project

:"Looking into the magnetic/electric nature of things how and why they work the way they do."

Based on the research and writings of Ernest L. Norman, the Magnevex magnet motor / generator uses neodymium magnets passing coils of wire to generate electricity.

Though a battery is used to run the motor side of the magnetic vortex at this time, the experimenter's goal is to do away with batteries.

Status : Early R&D, basic objective concept not yet proven.

Official Website


Video: MagVII update


Video: Magnevex doing work



In the News

Image:Michael Leas wireless devices sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wireless Transmission of Electricity > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Magnevex > Directory:Michael Leas of Magnevex: 'Exploring the Force' Series - Michael Leas has posted three new videos showing various of his Tesla wireless transmission coils (with a single wire between them) running in resonance. Some power lights, others power motors, fans. He also demonstrates transmission through the dirt of a plant. (PESWiki March 9, 2012)

Other Coverage

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The Cosmic Plasma Universe And the Nature of Physical Reality

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - The organization purports to advance a new interdimensional science of life based upon fourth dimensional physics principles. Free energy Free thinking


Company:The Magnevex Research Project

address: Central Coast California

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